Apollo Explore vs. Zero 10

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Recently, there’s been an increasing demand for e-scooters. Thanks to their simplicity and ease of use, these modern commuting devices have succeeded in winning the hearts of many people. 

Moreover, they’re more simple than cars and less exhausting than bikes, which makes our day-to-day rides smooth and hassle-free. However, the decision to purchase one is challenging as there are many e-scooters on the market, some of which are so similar that it makes the choice even harder, like the Apollo Explore and Zero 10 scooters.

In this side-by-side comparison, we’ll help you know which one suits you the most: Apollo Explore or Zero 10. Let’s delve into details now! 

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Apollo Explore vs. Zero 10: Short Answer

Apollo Explore and Zero 10 scooters are almost identical twins. They’ve got similar handlebars, with a QS-S4 throttle and an LCD that displays riding mode, speed, and odometer. They’re high-performance scooters and boast a good range. 

Their lights are sufficient for being seen at night. In addition, the 10-inch pneumatic tires and grip tape on their decks help maintain good traction. However, the Explore’s grip is better than that of the Zero 10’s.

Unlike the Zero 10, the Apollo Explore scooter has a water-resistance rating and a more reliable battery. On top of that, the Explore’s 24-month warranty is an add-on compared to the Zero 10’s 12-month warranty. 


Apollo Explore and Zero 10 have a top speed of 31 mph, which is considered fast. The Apollo Explore has a range of 34 miles, while the Zero 10 has a range of 33 miles, which is a very minor difference.

Moreover, they’re good at hill climbing, but since they’re single-motor scooters, they’re not particularly equipped for climbing steep inclines

Winner: Tie


Apollo Explore and Zero 10 have 10-inch pneumatic tires. These tires perform better on bumpy roads, as they effectively take in the vibration without making you feel it. Thanks to their large sizes, they’re capable of stabilizing the scooter while turning and during riding on rough lands. Also, they move smoothly on wet roads without slipping. 

However, they’re not perfect, since these tires’ nature makes them more susceptible to getting punctured. But you can still avoid this by using tire slime

Winner: Tie


When it comes to deck size, both scooters have large decks that provide enough room for a comfortable ride. 

However, the Apollo Explore provides a better grip as its entirety is taped with grip tape. In comparison, the Zero 10 is only taped with 3 strips of grip tape. That being said, the Apollo Explore offers better traction and a better grip. 

Winner: Apollo Explore


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The Apollo Explore and Zero 10 have foldable handlebars for better portability. Using a telescopic mechanism, their stem height can be adjusted up and down based on your preference.

Moreover, their QS-S4 trigger throttle with an LCD helps you track down speed, distances traveled, riding mode, and battery. Also, it allows you to modify the braking system and acceleration strengths. 

However, the trigger-style throttle can be a bit uncomfortable during long rides and can end up straining your hands. 

While foldable, they ensure safety by using a reliable folding mechanism that makes the stem firmly secured in place to prevent it from unlocking during the ride. However, the handlebars of these scooters tend to loosen after long rides but they can be easily retightened. 

Winner: Tie.  


The Apollo Explore offers a 24-month protection plan, which covers the fenders, inner tubes, tires, and brake pads. However, customers are only granted two brake pad sets every 500 km and two inner tubes and tires per month. This warranty covers the cost of components and labor, while the customers are only charged for shipping costs.

Unlike the Explore, the Zero 10 warranty isn’t as generous and doesn’t cover labor costs. But you can install the components on your scooter yourself using its tutorials. And it has a shorter duration of 12 months.

Winner: Apollo Explore


When it comes to lights, both scooters have a front headlight, two LED strips lined under both sides of the deck, and stem lights. They’re also equally stylish and their light designs easily overtake many other scooters on the market. 

They’re lit enough so you don’t have to worry about being seen by other drivers during your night rides. However, for maximum safety, we suggest buying an additional headlight since the ones on the scooters aren’t placed in an ideal position.

Winner: Tie. 


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High-performance scooters should be able to rely on their brakes to successfully decrease the speed in critical situations. And because of that, Apollo Explore and Zero 10 have front and rear discs with enough stopping power to immediately bring your scooter to a stop.

In addition, their regenerative braking system increases the battery life as it works by returning kinetic energy to the battery. 

Winner: Tie


The Apollo Explore’s Daynavolt battery has a higher capacity and is more reliable. Also, it has a long life span. On the flip side, the Zero 10 uses a Chinese battery, which has a shorter lifespan. 

Because these scooters’ batteries are large, the Explore requires 9 hours to fully charge, while the Zero 10 requires 8 hours. By using a fast charger, you can cut this time shorter. However, if used regularly, it can affect your battery’s health. 

Winner: Apollo Explore

Water Resistance

The Apollo Explore has a water resistance rating of IP-54, which means it can resist small amounts of water. On the other hand, the Zero 10 doesn’t have a rating, so you can’t ride it even during light rain.

Winner: Apollo Explore

Apollo Explore: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
24-month warrantySuitable for night ridesFoldableIP-54 water resistance ratingReliable battery (Daynavolt cells)Telescopic stemNeeds additional headlightsHandlebars loosen after long ridesTrigger-throttle can strain your hands

Zero 10: Pros & Cons

Suitable for night ridesStylish lightsFoldable Telescopic stem Needs additional headlightsDoesn’t have water-resistance ratingLess reliable battery (Chinese cells) 

Apollo Explore vs. Zero 10: Which Should You Choose? 

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As you can see, Apollo Explore and Zero 10 are similar. They’re stylish, with exciting LED lights that make them safe for night rides. Also, their tires are sizable and withstand bumpy roads. 

They’re high-performance scooters, with a top speed of 31 mph. In addition, they have good capacity batteries, an impressive range, and efficient braking systems. On top of that, they offer warranties that guarantee their durability and strength.

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