Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters

Are you looking for a dual motor e-scooter? Are you tired of your regular single motor scooter and need one with more power?

It makes a lot of sense to upgrade from a single motor scooter to a dual one after falling in love with electric scooter rides. The adrenaline rush and adventure can be quite intriguing!

But with the number of options out there, finding your fit is a bit confusing. So, here’s a detailed review of the best dual motor electric scooters on the market. We’ll also provide a buying guide that’d help you choose your vehicle. 

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Comparison Table

ScooterMotor Power (combined)Battery CapacityMax RangeMax Speed
Dualtron Ultra5400 W32 Ah75 miles50 mph
Speedway 53600 W23.1 Ah75 miles40 mph
Apollo Ghost1600 W18.2 Ah39 miles34 mph
Unagi Model One500 W9.0 Ah15.5 miles17 mph
Wolf King3000 W28 Ah50 miles60 mph
Mantis 8 Pro1600 W24.5 Ah40 miles33 mph
Zero 11X3200 W32 Ah90 miles62 mph

The 7 Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters in 2022

You’ve seen a summary of our top picks for the best dual motor electric scooters. Now, let’s dive into the details of each and tell you why we picked them.

1. Dualtron Ultra – Best Overall

The Dualtron Ultra is an electric scooter with a handlebar that presents itself with a daring design. This design makes it capable of captivating the most adventurous rides.

Moreover, the speeds it reaches are almost unimaginable. This is because it has been equipped with two motors of 2700 W each, and they’re located on both wheels.

Being able to guarantee a total power of 5400 W, it can cover a range of 75 miles. And it can reach a top speed of 50 mph in dual-wheel drive mode, which is impressive.

Furthermore, the scooter comes with a completely black frame, which gives it a sober and regal touch. Also, it has a pair of 11-inch wheels, which are an inflatable off-road type that helps with shock absorption. In addition, it’s made of resistant rubber that’s capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxHxW): 123.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 60 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxHxW): 123.5 cm x 121.9 cm x 60 cm
  • Motor: 5,400 W Brushless DC dual hub
  • Weight: 82 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 17+ hours


  • Suitable for use in rough terrains
  • High motor power
  • Fast charging 
  • Sturdy


  • Quite heavy

Our Take

The Dualtron Ultra is one of the best dual motor electric scooters money can buy. It’s sturdy and fit for high speeds with incredibly high motor power.

2. Speedway 5 – Runner Up

The Speedway 5 promises to reach a maximum range of 75 miles, and it’s equipped with a high capacity 23 Ah lithium-ion battery. Also, it comes with a double 1800 W Brushless motor, which can deploy a maximum power of 3600 W. This is why it comes second on our list!

In addition to the traditional electric brake, this scooter also has a disc brake on the front and rear wheels, improving braking quality. Moreover, it’s equipped with 10-inch tubeless tires and has “Dual Air Spring” suspensions at the front and rear. These features make for a stress-free, comfy ride!

When it comes to speed, our opinion of the Speedway 5 is pretty positive. The model has proven to be fast and can easily reach 40 mph, which isn’t at all surprising, given the great power provided by its twin motors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxHxW): 125 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxHxW): 122 cm x 57.5 cm x 118 cm
  • Motor: 3600 W Brushless DC Dual Hub Motor
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 13+ hours


  • Front and rear suspension system
  • High range
  • Comfortable 


  • Bulky

Our Take

The Speedway 5 is an ideal electric scooter to move quickly, stress-free, and with maximum comfort. And with its top speed and double motor power, it’ll give you an excellent driving experience.

3. Apollo Ghost – User-Friendly Pick 

The Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter boasts two 800 W motors and has a maximum speed of 34 mph, which isn’t the highest, but it’s definitely still in the game. Also, it’s quite affordable. 

In addition, it weighs 64 lbs. So, it certainly isn’t light, but it fits well on the rather low end of the spectrum. Plus, it has beautiful folding handlebars and a built-in lock mechanism that makes it highly portable! 

What’s more, it has a great braking performance, thanks to its two-disc brakes and the regenerative hand brake. Also, the hand brake recharges the battery within the process. So while you’re slowing down, your battery is recharged!

And lastly, it has easy-to-use control features that enable you to effortlessly switch between modes and enjoy your ride! So with a click of a button, you’re the boss!

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxHxW): 128 cm x 24 cm x 53 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxHxW): 128 cm x 24 cm x 127 cm
  • Motor: Dual 800 W continuous motors (1,600 W total)
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 12 hours (6 hours with fast charger upgrade or two regular chargers)


  • Adjustable dual-suspension
  • Foldable handle and stem
  • Easy to use


  • Not enough range
  • The deck doesn’t offer enough grip 

Our Take

Overall, the Apollo Ghost is an extremely good electric scooter. It’s one of the most easy-to-use dual motor electric scooters out there. 

4. Unagi Model One – Lightweight Pick

The Unagi Model One E500 has many exciting features. It’s fast and comfortable, lightweight, and elegant in design. The scooter is ideal if you want to ride at the maximum speed of 17 mph.

Interestingly, it’s made using Toray carbon fiber, which is a resistant and light material used in Elon Musk’s Space-X rockets.

The scooter’s maximum power is 500 W, which is decent for a scooter of its price category. Using this power, you can commute on uphill terrain and difficult trails. However, this motor power is considered low in comparison to other scooters.

And when it comes to safety, this scooter checks the boxes. This is because of the ergonomic lever, the two electronic anti-lock brakes, the anti-puncture tires, and the LED light. And it weighs just 26 lbs, which is pretty lightweight.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxWxH): 96 cm x 42 cm x 38 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxWxH): 96 cm x 42 cm x 110 cm
  • Motor: Dual 250 W motors (500 W total)
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Elegant build
  • Quite affordable


  • Low motor power

Our Take

Overall, the Unagi Model One is a stylish, dual motor electric scooter suitable for riders looking for an affordable, light, and portable scooter.

5. Wolf King – Most Versatile

The Wolf King is equipped with two brushless motors of 1500W each (60V), which are directly integrated into the wheels. These motors allow the scooter to reach a maximum speed of 60 mph. So you’ll love it if you’re a speed enthusiast! 

Furthermore, the Wolf King houses a 28 Ah lithium-ion battery, which powers the scooter for a max range of 50 miles. So you’ll cover good ground. 

What’s more, you can choose between two riding modes to control your driving: eco mode and turbo mode. Also, you can decide to ride with one engine or both. 

The Wolf King scooter is also designed for the ultimate off-road experience. Its motorcycle-grade front hydraulic shock absorbers and rear spring brake allow you to ride on all terrains. 

In addition, the two powerful 1500 W motors combined with two 40 Amp controllers provide a peak power of 3000 W and easily climb up to 45% of slopes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxHxW): 149.86 cm x 62.48 cm x 48.26 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxHxW): 124.97 cm x 62.48 cm x 127 cm
  • Motor: Dual 1500 W (3000 W total)
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 5 hours 


  • Has a suspension system 
  • Powerful
  • Comfortable driving
  • Great speed
  • Ideal for climbing hills


  • Quite pricey
  • Heavyweight

Our Take

The Wolf King is a high-speed, all-terrain dual motor electric scooter with impressive performance. 

6. Mantis 8 Pro – Best for Balance

The Mantis 8 Pro Electric Scooter is designed for riders who want it all: Fast inner-city commutes, excellent trail performance for fun weekend rides, and a large battery that lasts up to 40 miles between charges.

At 60 lbs, this scooter is one of the lightest in its class. And it folds easily and is still portable despite its powerful performance. Also, the two 800 W brushless motors ensure fun acceleration and effortless hill climbing up to 35%. 

In addition, the front and rear extended swing suspensions ensure a balanced, smooth ride on any terrain. In addition, this 33 mph electric scooter can handle any reasonable surface condition.

Furthermore, it has two fully-hydraulic brakes that ensure full control while driving. And the advanced gauge and throttle combination allow configuration of the speed limit, cruise control, and regenerative braking strength. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxHxW): 114.3 cm x 60.96 cm x 48.26 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxHxW): 114.3 cm x 60.96 cm x 121.92 cm
  • Motor: Dual 800 W (1,600 W total)
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 12 to 14 hours with the included charger, 5 to 6 hours with optional fast charger


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Regenerative brake
  • Convenient


  • A bit pricey

Our Take

The Mantis 8 Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a fully balanced scooter. It’s convenient to ride on and off-road. The range is great, and you can even use it to commute up to 40 miles.

7. Zero 11X – Speedy Pick

The Zero 11X is equipped with two 1600 W brushless motors that can produce a maximum speed of 62 mph. This makes it one of the fastest e-scooters on the market today.

And never worry about running out of battery again. The high-capacity 32 Ah lithium-ion battery offers an amazing range, allowing users to drive up to 90 miles.

Moreover, the 11X comes with one of the strongest suspensions you can find on an electric scooter. This enables it to withstand bumpy roads easily. Also, the suspension is medium-firm, which makes sense as the scooter can go pretty fast, and at speeds of 62 mph, you don’t want a soft suspension.

 In addition, it has double Nutt hydraulic brakes with 160 mm discs that provide high stopping power.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Size (LxWxH): 142 cm x 60 cm x 72 cm
  • Unfolded Size (LxWxH): 142 cm x 132.5 cm x 72 cm
  • Motor: 2 X 1600 W
  • Weight: 131 lbs
  • Full Charging Time: 15 hours (Standard Charger), 7 hours (Dual Charging)


  • Can reach high speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Strong suspension system


  • Heavyweight
  • Quite expensive

Our Take

The Zero 11X is one of the most powerful dual motor electric scooters you’ll find. It’s suitable for speedsters who want all the benefits a fast scooter can offer.

Buying Considerations for a Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Before stepping into the market to get a scooter with double motors, you should consider a number of factors. So, here are the factors that’ll help you get the ideal dual motor scooter!

Battery Life

After the price, this will be the next deciding factor for many. A good dual motor electric scooter should have a long-lasting battery. After all, what’s the essence of getting two motors when there isn’t enough juice to fire them up?

However, it’s a bit difficult to give an accurate estimate of battery life and range because it depends on various factors. Such factors include the rider’s weight, temperature, and terrain. And if you ride on flat surfaces, you’ll be able to go much farther than if you’re cycling up and down hills.

Tires and Suspension

There’s nothing worse than a screeching turn as you hit potholes and cracks in the road. To solve this problem, most electric scooters are equipped with air-filled (pneumatic) tires, which help cushion things. Others have front or rear suspension (or both), making driving even more comfortable.

For a dual motor electric scooter, you need as much balance as you can get when riding at high speed. Hence, it’s great to ensure the tires are large enough (at least 10 inches) and have a suspension system. In addition, large pneumatic tires can be enough in the absence of a suspension system.


One of the main things to watch out for is lightweight materials, such as plastic and carbon fiber, as they’ll reduce the weight of your scooter when transporting it from place to place. But if you’re using your electric scooter for more than just play, avoid plastic components as they’re more likely to deteriorate and break.

When going for a dual motor electric scooter, you’re likely interested in using the full potential of the two motors. Therefore, we recommend getting a scooter with better quality materials such as aluminum and titanium. These materials are more durable and can withstand the test of time.

Braking System

The braking system of dual motor electric scooters is an equally important factor. The braking system can be of different types. We find disc brakes, drum brakes, and foot brakes among the most common. At the same time, the braking system can be electronic or mechanical and regenerative.

The highest performance brakes (especially on wet roads) are usually disc brakes, followed by drum brakes. The regenerative system has enviable pros (the battery recharges when braking, according to the same principle as electric cars). Still, it’s usually less performing than the brakes mentioned above and more susceptible to battery issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Maintenance Does a Dual Motor Electric Scooter Require?

In general, electric scooters require little maintenance. Above all, it’s important to check that no water enters the battery compartment. Also, you should periodically check the condition of the wheels, brakes, screws, and the lubrication of the moving parts.

What’s the Range of a Dual Motor Electric Scooter?

In general, a good electric scooter should allow a range of about 12-18 m. However, more performing dual motor models can travel 24-37 m on a single charge. 

However, it depends on the capacity and quality of the battery. Also, it’s affected by the riding conditions, the weight of the rider, the speed, and the terrain conditions. 

What Type of Battery Do Dual Motor Scooters Use?

Lithium batteries. In general, there are two types of batteries for electric scooters: lithium-ion and lead-acid. However, lithium-ion batteries are mostly used today. This is because they withstand more than 500 charging cycles. 

Final Words

Now that you know our picks of the best dual motor electric scooters, it’s probably easier to decide which scooter to buy. But let’s help you with a recap on some of our picks.

The overall best on our list is the Dualtron Ultra. It has the largest motor power and does pretty well in reality. So it’s good for riders who want max speed. Also, the Zero 11X is the fastest, even though it has lesser motor power than the Dualtron Ultra.

In addition, the Unagi Model One is a good choice for riders looking for a stylish, elegant, and lightweight scooter. 


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