Best Gloves for Electric Scooter To Protect Your Hands

When riding an electric scooter it’s vital to put on the right protective gear. And that includes gloves. The snug-fitting gloves protect your hands. One of the body parts prone to sustaining injuries in scooter accidents is the knuckles and palm.

The best gloves for electric scooters thus shield the hands from bruises cuts, and cold and also boost your grip on the handlebar. But choosing the correct gloves that offer such services without compromising the flexibility and comfort of the fingers isn’t easy.

That’s why we wish to help. And here are our best picks:

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Our Top Three

Best Gloves for Electric Scooter

COFIT Electric Scooter Gloves

The Cofit gloves offer complete cover for the knuckle and palm region. Besides the pads at the knuckles offers great cushioning in case of an accident. At the wrist, it features an easy-to-adjust Velcro closure.

Although it covers the entire fingers, it has a metal fiber on the index and thumb fingers. Therefore you can access your touch screen without taking off the gloves.

At the palm area, the gloves present wear-resistant gel and a decorative design. Hence when you hold onto the scooter handle, it boosts your grip. So that makes controlling the scooter trouble-free.

Once you slip it on, the gloves feel comfortable to the skin. In hot weather, its breathable design helps keep the hands cool. Though the palm is padded, it doesn’t compromise your grip on the handlebar.

What We Like About It
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Breathable
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Available in various colors
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Not waterproof

NICEWIN Gloves for Electric Scooter

Both male and female e-scooter riders can benefit from the Nicewin gloves. Its multiple color options ensure that you can get a glove that blends with your e-scooter. And in a poorly lit environment, the reflective stripes boost your visibility and safety.

Its construction blends an elastic suede material and breathable spandex at the back. So, it ensures your hands remain cool in both summer and spring. And when sweat threatens to trickle into your eyes, the fleece lining on the thumb comes in handy.

To answer phone calls, you don’t have to remove the gloves, thanks to the touchscreen-friendly microfiber material on the thumb and index finger.

At the same time, it has an elongated wrist region and an easy-to hook and loop closure. That makes it easy to wear and also keeps your hands warm.  Its palm has unique pads that absorb shock and minimizes numbness.

The Nicewin gloves also find ideal use in cycling, motorcycle, and other outdoor sports activities. You can find the gloves in different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large.

What We Like About It
  • Warm and breathable
  • Looks stylish
  • Boosts your safety using the reflective stripes
  • Easy to adjust the fit
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Only two fingers are touch screen responsive

FIRELION Gloves for Electric Scooters

When you need full finger protection, the Firelion gloves make a viable choice. It features the micromatrix synthetic leather on the palm area. And since the faux leather is flexible, the gloves don’t hinder the natural folding and movement of the fingers when gripping the handlebar.

In all the key pressure zones of the hands, the gloves feature adequate gel foam padding. It thus promises ample protection, comfort and keeps away calluses. Owing to ample padding long scooter rides won’t cause numbness and fatigue on the hands.

On the other hand, the soft and absorbent microfiber material on the thumb doubles as a sweat towel. Its multi-material design combines lycra, spandex, mesh, and terry cloth.  That gives it good breathability, especially on a hot day.

And when you chose the right size it fits snugly, feels breathable and comfortable. Without taking off the pair of gloves, you can access your smartphone using your thumb and index finger.

What We Like About It
  • Offers full finger protection
  • Available in diverse colors and sizes
  • Offers adequate protection yet is still comfortable
  • Help prevent calluses
  • Easy to use hook and loop closure
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Choosing the right size is slightly demanding. However previous users recommend a size higher

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Gloves for Electric Scooter

By composition, the gloves comprise 30% synthetic leather, 30% polyamide, 15% neoprene, 15% polyvinyl, and 10 percent polyurethane. Further, the gloves are available in diverse colors, and hence easy to find a color that complements your e-scooter or attire.

Its TPR hook and look closure is easy to use yet reliable. The back and the knuckle area are some of the injury-prone zones. So the Seibertron Dirtpaw gloves employ direct injection rubber on those areas to provide extra protection.

Unlike many gloves that require you to operate the touch screen from the belly of your finger, the Seibertron has its touch recognition feature at the index fingertip. However, across the finger set, it uses light padded lycra material. Hence that increases your grip on the scooter handle.

What We Like About It
  • Sufficient backhand and knuckle protection
  • Snug fit if you choose the size well
  • Fingertip blends with touch screen well
  • Attractive in color
  • It supports versatile use
  • Machine wash and line dry compatible
What We Didn't Like About It
  • At times the Velcro strap sticks on the red cloth thus causing some fraying effect

Aegend Lightweight Gloves for Electric Scooters

The Aegend full finger glove is lightweight and employs a top-notch design. As such it supports maximum finger flexibility thus providing easy grip on the scooter handle. For diversity, it’s available in 4 different sizes and 5 color options.

Even while on the move, its hook and loop closure is easy to fit. Besides it provides for high adjustability. On the palm, the Aegend gloves feature unique pads that absorb shock and thus minimizes fatigue on the hands.

The backhand region features a blend of spandex, terry cloth, mesh, and lycra. So that gives it enhanced durability and breathability. Further, the palm employs an anti-slip silica gel that enhances your gripping ability.

Besides boasting touch-sensitive fingers, it also has a towel-like cloth for wiping off sweat from the face. When cold strikes, the elastic band at the wrist region helps keep the hands warm.

What We Like About It
  • Notch design that enhances flexibility and easy pulling of braking
  • Doubles as towel for wiping off sweat
  • Easy to wear on, off or adjust the fit
  • Adequately padded; neither bulky nor too little
  • Reinforced pad joint for extra durability
  • Fits all season use
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Slightly thick stitches around the fingers

Tanluhu Gloves for Electric Scooters

Most half-finger gloves aren’t easy to pull out. So, the Tanluhu employs the pull-up flap to ease the task. The half finger gloves present a breathable and sturdy blend of elastic lycra and knitted mesh. Besides the back material wicks away moisture too.

From the sticky buckle closure, you can easily adjust the fit of the glove and hence achieve a snug fit. When scooting over bumpy terrain, it offers superior shock absorption of road vibrations.

Still, the palm features SBR anti-slip pad with double stitches. Therefore it can withstand regular use.

What We Like About It
  • Its moisture-wicking soft terry cloth
  • Breathable and has good moisture wicking ability
  • Easy to pull out
  • Supports enhanced grip of the scooter handlebar
  • Available in over 8 colors
What We Didn't Like About It
  • An improvement of the gel padding could have made it much better

Souke Gloves

Designed in a half finger, the Souke also boasts an ability to stretch in 4 directions.   For that reason, it provides a snug fit for the hand anatomy. Its back surface blends nylon and spandex. That gives it high breathability and moisture-wicking ability. So during the hot day, your hands remain cool.

Its palm that combines nylon and polyurethane has 13/64 inch thick memory foam padding. The optimized padding thus promises better shock and impact resistance yet still permitting free finger movement.

It also uses synthetic material on the palm to offer outstanding grip and anti-abrasion ability. Thus even in wet weather, your grip on the scooter handle is sure.  Even on constant use and washing, the Souke gloves don’t tear easily since it has double stitches.

What We Like About It
  • Dual loops for easy pulling
  • Visibility enhancing strips
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Double stitches thus durable
  • Strategically located pads
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Sweat wiping microfiber drenches easily

GEARONIC Goves for Electric Gloves

Though it minimizes the numbness and fatigue on the palm, it still leaves you with bare fingertips. Thus you can easily manage your smartphone and clasp on the handle effortlessly.  Further a breathable mesh back and stretchy microfiber inject more flexibility.

In case of an accident, the abrasion-resistant material and shock-proof padding on the palm prove helpful. When you wear the gloves, it gives a comfortable compression, support for the fingers and palm region.

What We Like About It
  • They support versatile use
  • Available in sizes that fits all ages and sexes
  • Diverse colors
  • Breathable and snug fit ability
  • Simple to use hook and loop closure
What We Didn't Like About It
  • The size runs somehow small

Grebarley Breathable and Anti-Slip Gloves for Electric Scooters

At the wrist region, the Grebarley gloves employ a Velcro strap that uses a stretching fabric patch. As such it’s highly adjustable and promises a comfortable fit. Furthermore, its palm area is made of a sturdy anti-slip micro suede. That means it boosts your grip.

When commuting over a long distance the three-piece silicone gel SBR pads with an anti-slip feature minimizes the discomfort and fatigue on the hands. The elastic lycra microfiber and the perforated center of the three gel pads inject vital breathability into your hands.

Besides having reflective strips that enhance your visibility at night, you can also use the thumb region to clear the sweat from the face.

What We Like About It
  • Conforms to the shape of the hand
  • Strategically placed pads of different shapes
  • Double stitches enhance durability
  • A flexible strap that’s easy to adjust at the wrist area
  • Easy to take off using the finger loops
What We Didn't Like About It
  • Extra-large hands may not get their choices easily

Luxobike Gloves for Electric Scooter

Presenting the half-finger design, the Luxobike gloves boast 4 strategically placed shock-absorbing pads. Therefore it promises you a comfortable numb free ride on your scooter. Being half finger it gives you complete access to your smartphone and feel of the handlebar.

Furthermore, the supple micro-suede palm and the stretchable backhand also boost the flexibility of the glove. Considering that it incorporates lycra mesh, it’s breathable and keeps the fingers cool even on a hot day.

The thumb also has a soft and absorbent towel that aids in wiping off sweat from the eyebrows. And since it’s lightweight it dries quickly.

What We Like About It
  • A functional pull out strings
  • Helps relieve numbness and fatigue, therefore, making long rides comfortable
  • Adequate padding on palm region
  • Breathable material
What We Didn't Like About It
  • They run size small

How to Choose Good Electric Gloves for Electric Scooters

Snug Fit

The gloves must fit all your fingers snugly. An ill-fitting glove (too tight or too big) negatively affects your feel of the handlebar and even concentration level.

So take the right measurement of your dominant hand. Take a measuring tape or string and wrap it around the palm, just below the knuckles.

Lightweight and Breathable

Besides, the pair of gloves should be made of lightweight, breathable material. A meshed fabric on the back of the hand and perforations on the palm region help keep the hands cool even in hot weather.

Flexible and Durable

Most gloves incorporate a stretchy material on the outer surface and thus allowing for flexibility of fingers. Moreover, a notch design and gel pads of different shapes also boost flexibility. The suppleness should be accompanied by durability. Therefore take note of double stitching.

Good Grip of the Handle Bar

The padding on the palm should neither hinder flexibility nor make it too bulky to hold on to the handlebar. Moreover, it’s necessary that the padding is at strategic places. For example, extra protection is necessary on the base of the palm and the knuckle region.


Riding an e-scooter with bare hands isn’t a wise idea. It exposes your hands to biting cold.  When they get wet, your grip on the handlebar is compromised. And in case of an accident you are almost certain to sustain injuries on the hands. That’s why you need the best gloves for electric scooters.


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