Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

Looking for an eco-friendly scooter that satisfies the adrenaline junkie in you? You’re in luck as off-road scooter manufacturers are fully adopting the all-electric initiative that the entire automotive industry has been steadily heading towards for years now.

Off-road scooters allow you to conquer the harshest terrains to reach the perfect camping or hunting spots deep in the woods. They also allow you to take shortcuts and skip any traffic jam while commuting to work.

Once you start using an off-road scooter, you’ll find it hard to go back to how bland your life used to be without it. Instead, the most mundane trips turn out into unforgettable adventures as you venture across different surfaces and terrains to discover hidden gems in your neighborhood that have always been concealed in plain sight.

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But to get the ultimate off-road experience, you need to pick the right scooter to give you a smooth ride no matter how unforgiving the terrain is, in addition to delivering excellent battery life and a portable enough form factor. Luckily, we’re here to streamline the purchase decision for you and help you find the best off-road electric scooter that’s suitable for you.

Comparison Table

NameMaximum SpeedMaximum RangeLoad CapacityWeight
Razor RX20012 mph9 miles154 lbs46 lbs
Mantis 8 Pro – Fluid Edition40 mph45 miles265 lbs65 lbs
Dualtron Ultra50 mph80 miles330 lbs81 lbs
Apollo Explore31 mph35 miles265 lbs52 lbs
MegaWheels Electric Scooter14 mph8 miles160 lbs18 lbs
Varla Eagle One40 mph40+ miles330 lbs77 lbs
Wolf King60 mph50 miles330 lbs105 lbs

The 7 Best Off-Road Electric Scooters in 2022

Buckle up as we walk you through some of the most popular off-road electric scooters! 

1. Razor RX200 – Kid-Friendly

When Razor announced that they were working on an off-road version of their beloved E200 electric scooter, everyone was intrigued to see whether the company could replicate the same success in the off-road space, and oh boy, did they deliver!

The RX200 nails all the basics that made the E200 stand the test of time. The scooter retains the same high torque as its predecessor, which can be a game-changer while climbing steep hills. It also features a hand-operated disc brake system, comfortable rubber grips, and of course, a set of all-terrain tires.

This makes it a true off-road beast right out of the box, without needing to slap in extra accessories or do complex mods. Such attention to accessibility also shows in the inclusion of a retractable stand, cementing it as a viable kid-friendly option.

We’ve already touched on how the RX200 favors torque over speed, which should give you peace of mind as a parent, knowing that your kid won’t isn’t driving recklessly out there and crashing at high speeds.

The electric scooter can reach a speed of 12 mph and covers a distance of 9 miles on one charge. In other words, you can squeeze around 40 minutes out of your off-road electric scooter without having to stop for a recharge break.

This should be fine as the RX200 was never intended as a commuter. Instead, it was designed as a family-friendly dirt scooter that people of all ages can enjoy riding in their leisure.


  • Excellent choice for children aged 13 years and over
  • Implements a retractable kickstand for convenience
  • Offers responsive rear disc brake
  • Delivers a decent usage time on a one charge


  • Not the first pick for commuters
  • The speed is capped at 12 mph

Bottom Line

The Razor RX200 isn’t trying to be among the most powerful electric scooters out there. Instead, the terrain scooter is built with accessibility in mind, allowing kids to enjoy off-road riding without compromising on safety features. This is made possible by the implementation of a top-notch braking system, solid tires, and a retractable kickstand.

2. Mantis 8 Pro – Fluid Edition – Most Versatile

Looking for a commuter scooter that doubles down as a reliable companion on off-road terrain? Mantis has managed to strike the right balance and deliver an electric scooter that’s excellent for both city streets and tough terrain strolls. When you opt for the Mantis 8, you’re signing up for a heavy-duty electric scooter that won’t disappoint!

What makes the Mantis 8 lineup stand out from the company’s previous models is that the newer e-scooters pack powerful dual motors in a smaller, more portable package. Such design philosophy encourages users to rely on their electric scooters in increasingly diverse situations without being dragged down by a heavy, bulky vehicle.

Depending on what you’re expecting from your off-road vehicle, you can pick between the baseline or the Pro models. The Mantis 8 Pro pushes the limits for what an e-scooter can achieve in terms of range, speed, battery span, and braking system.

The Pro uses a 60v 24.5 Ah lithium-ion battery instead of the baseline’s 60V 17.5 Ah battery. This extends the scooter’s range from 30 miles to a whopping 45 miles on a single charge.

That’s not all; the Pro adopts fully hydraulic disc brakes instead of the semi hydraulic system used in its baseline variant. Such a seemingly minor change delivers a day and night difference in terms of responsiveness and handling, giving you a smoother riding experience.

Furthermore, the innovative front and rear suspension system, together with the heavy-duty tires, allow for a top speed of 40 mph while making the off-road scooter feel like it’s floating off the harsh terrains. Compare this to the 12 mph top speed seen with the Razor RX200, and you’ll understand why the former scooter is more suitable for children.


  • Implements pneumatic knobby tires and fully hydraulic brakes
  • Achieves maximum speed of 40 mph
  • Offers excellent range
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • The Fluid Edition comes in a stylish, all-black finish


  • The handlebars aren’t foldable

Bottom Line

Mantle delivers an all-terrain electric scooter with exceptional handling on both city streets and harsh terrains. The pneumatic tires act as excellent shock absorbers and deliver uncompromising stopping power when coupled with hydraulic brakes. This makes the Mantis 8 Pro perfect for commuters who want their e-scooter to double as a mountain bike on the weekends!

3. Dualtron Ultra – Our Uncompromising Pick

If the thrill-seeker in you is still not satisfied with the speed and range you’re getting with the Mantis 8 Pro, you’re in luck as we’ve got an off-road juggernaut just for you. The Dualtron Ultra knocks it out of the park in terms of motor power compared to similarly priced scooters. You get dual motors capable of delivering a collective power of 5400W.

You’ll need an equally badass battery to power such an engine, and the Dualtron Ultra doesn’t disappoint. The 60V 35 Ah lithium battery is up to the task and gives you an impressive range of 80 miles on one charge.

You’d imagine that you’ll have to go through lengthy charging times to get such a battery all juiced up, but this shouldn’t be the case. Upon using a 2A charger, you can get the battery fully charged up in a matter of 20 hours. You can even cut the charging time by half when using dual chargers. 

Furthermore, the Dualtron Ultra also supports fast charging, making it possible to hit the road in around 5 hours starting from a completely dead battery.

In terms of off-road road performance, the offroad electric scooter uses knobby tires with impressive grip on the most challenging surfaces. This makes the Dualtron Ultra the perfect candidate for going through dirt trails without skipping a beat.

Finally, the Dualtron Ultra adds some extra bells and whistles like front and rear suspension that powers the barking system giving you full control while drifting across rough terrain. The icing on top is the inclusion of a Mini-motors display, a wireless phone charger, and dual-LED lights to make your life off-roads much easier.


  • Provides a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • The handlebars are foldable, adding to the portability factor
  • Implements dual fully hydraulic braking system
  • Offers excellent battery life, allowing for an 80 miles range


  • On the pricey side
  • Heavy form factor

Bottom Line

Dualtron Ultra delivers a well-tuned off-road scooter experience that doesn’t come with the usual limitations of electric-powered vehicles. In addition, not all electric scooters deliver a range comparable to their fuel-powered counterparts, making the Dualtron Ultra an uncompromising pick for eco-conscious riders.

4. Apollo Explore – Most Portable

Looking for a lightweight scooter that folds into a compact package? Apollo comes swinging with its Explore lineup, allowing you to effortlessly fold your scooter, hop on the next train, then quickly throw your offroad electric scooter back into action once you’ve reached your stop.

This makes your commuting experience much more dynamic and allows you to take shortcuts when it matters to reach your destination as soon as possible. This is made possible by Apollo Explore’s design which allows the stem and handlebars to fold. The portable scooter is also conveniently lightweight as the entire package is under 53 lbs.

In terms of performance, you get a 35 mph top speed while maintaining a smooth off-road riding experience thanks to the dual spring suspension system. In addition, the 10″ pneumatic tires add to the comfort factor, giving you a bump-less driving experience.

In terms of range, the Apollo Explore is rated at 35 miles, which is more than enough for the average commuter.

It’s also worth mentioning that Apollo offers an optional fast charger that further enhances your overall off-road scooter experience. You get a charging time of 4 hours, which is inventive enough to consider adding such an optional accessory to your cart before checking out.

Furthermore, Apollo scooters implement innovative techniques in their braking architecture that extend the battery life even more. You get regenerative brakes that adjust the hydraulic system based on your speed, battery capacity, and driving surface.


  • Excellent in terms of portability
  • Implements innovative measures to save battery life
  • Uses two dual disc brakes, giving you more control


  • Needs an extra headlight for safer night driving

Bottom Line

Apollo Explore is built from the ground up to give riders a portable off-road electric scooter that adapts to how they choose to navigate the city. The foldable form factor and light weight make for a perfect combination for commuters hopping across trains and looking for a portable vehicle to take them off the beaten path.

5. MegaWheels Electric Scooter – Most Affordable

Many commuters are now looking into ways to cut down their transportation cost, making it unjustifiable to drop tons of money on off-road electric scooters. This is where MegaWheels comes with its affordable rough terrain scooter that speaks to the cost-conscious shoppers out there.

However, there are some caveats that you need to consider before hitting the purchase button. The MegaWheels off-road scooter comes with a weight limit of 160 lbs, making it far from an inclusive pick. 

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best electric scooters you can get for your child, thanks to its easy handling and responsive dual disc braking system

In terms of performance, the MegaWheels electric scooter tops Razor’s RX200. Here, you get a top speed of 14 mph compared to the 12 mph limit seen with the RX200. However, the range comparison favors the RX200 as it covers a distance of 9 miles on a single charge instead of the 5-8 miles rating of its MegaWheels counterpart.

When it comes to portability, the MegaWheels electric scooter sits at only 18 lbs, compared to the 53 lbs of the Apollo Explore. However, the latter still snatched our most portable pick as it’s designed for adults and delivers heavy-duty performance compared to the water-downed package you get with MegaWheels’ offering.

Finally, the MegaWheels scooter has plenty of safety features in place to put parents more at ease when letting their children take a ride around the neighborhood. 

The electric scooter comes in a sturdy, aluminum-alloy body that doesn’t trade off durability for lightweight. Also, the implementation of rear LED lights and front bumpers adds to the safety profile of the scooter.

It helps that the scooter also provides a battery indicator to give you a heads up when you need to stop and recharge your electric vehicle. You’d be pleased to hear that charging times sit at around 3 hours, giving you 30-45 minutes of usage.


  • Comes at an affordable price with an excellent value proposition
  • Comes with an IP54 waterproof rating, making it suitable for rainy cities
  • Intuitive purchase experience, as MegaWheels offers 24 hr consultation services


  • Sets a weight limit of 160 lbs

Bottom Line

If you’re lucky enough to fall in the weight limit set by the MegaWheels electric scooter, you’ll be getting an affordable package that does a decent job of getting you from point A to point B. 

6. Varla Eagle One – Beginner-Friendly

By now, you probably have a decent idea about the basic feature set that makes an electric scooter worthwhile. You’re getting all the features you’d expect here with the Varla Eagle One.

However, what sets it apart from other scooters in the market is that it’s built around accessibility, making it easy for anyone to pick the handles and stir themselves around any rough terrain with no issues.

That’s made possible thanks to implementing dual hydraulic brakes operated by a responsive twist grip throttle. The braking system does an exceptional job at heat dissipation, allowing you to have a safe stop in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, the engine is rated at 1000W, which gives you enough power to conquer different sloping surfaces. Speaking of unforgiving terrains, the Varla Eagle One uses a dual spring suspension system, which sets the industry standards in terms of shock absorption and smooth handling.

Most scooters come with LED lights, and the Varla Eagle One is no different. It offers front lights, which make driving at night much easier, in addition to the rear tail light that makes other vehicles aware of your position on the road for added safety.

Finally, Varla Eagle One ensures that riding off-road doesn’t get messy. You get well-designed front and rear fenders to keep mud splashing in check. Such a feature is a must to have in commuter scooters, as you don’t want to look like you’ve fought a bull on your way to work.


  • One of the most beginner-friendly electric scooters
  • Offers an intuitive LCD display for information like speed, battery life, and more
  • Comes with a 52V battery for a driving distance of 40 miles with eco-mode on
  • Provides two charging ports for fast charging
  • The all-terrain tires make navigating rough terrain as effortless as possible


  • Weighs 77 lbs, which doesn’t fair well enough compared to other offroad electric scooters

Bottom Line

If comfort and accessibility are the key points you’re looking for in your electric scooter, the Varla Eagle One is a steal! You get a well-balanced package that brings meaningful additions to the table, making it the obvious pick for beginners. Pneumatic off-road tires, hydraulic braking power, and rear-wheel suspension just scratch the surface of what this electric scooter offers.

7. Wolf King – “Lightning McQueen”

If you think that off-road scooters can’t get any faster, Wolf King is happy to subvert your expectations with an e-scooter capable of reaching a top speed of 60 mph! The Wolf King is a force to reckon with as it maintains such high speed at a weight limit of 330 lbs, making it even more impressive.

That’s not all, as the Wolf King e-scooter offers a huge 72V 28 Ah dual battery system. This allows for extended off-road rides up to 50 miles on a single charge. Thanks to the dual charging ports and fast charging support, the waiting times for a full charge get as low as 5 hours, allowing you to get back on the road with minimum delays.

It’s also worth noting that Wolf King engineered the power architecture of its offroad electric scooters to allow for both turbo and eco-modes. This gives you full control in how you’d choose to handle different situations, allowing you to favor performance or battery life whenever you see fits.

When the turbo mode is active, your offroad electric scooter can rush through surfaces with 45 degrees inclination without breaking a sweat. Large pneumatic tires, rear-wheel drive suspension system, and hydraulic shock absorbers are only some of the features that make the Wolf King one of the best off-road scooters in the market.

Finally, if you’re an extreme riding adventurer like us, you’ll appreciate the industrial design queues that the Wolf King brings to the table. The bold springs, knobby tires, and heavy-duty hydraulic braking system don’t shy away from taking the “in-your-face” approach and make the scooter instantly recognizable as a serious off-road tank.


  • Uses powerful 1500W two hub motors
  • Allows for a turbo and eco-modes for more control over your off-road driving experience
  • Offers a 1-year warranty period
  • Delivers a top speed of 60 mph


  • On the pricey side
  • Heavy form factor

Bottom Line

With a top speed of 60 mph, the Wolf King e-scooter secures its spot as the champ of racing offroad electric scooters! Also, the 1500W electric motor is built for an off-road enthusiast and makes climbing hills a breeze.

Buying Considerations for Off-Road Electric Scooters

By now, you should have a solid idea about what makes or breaks electric scooters. But here’s a summary of the main features you’d want to bear in mind for the best electric scooter experience!

Tire Type

Off-road tires are necessary for a smooth ride across various rough terrain. It’s worth noting that the bigger the pneumatic tires, the less bumpy your rides will be. Nevertheless, this comes at the expense of more challenging handling, which can be off-putting for the casual commuter.

Weight Capacity

Before finalizing your purchase decision, you need to make sure that the scooter you’ve settled on supports your weight. All the speed, range, and power specs are tested with a specific weight in mind, so you need to double-check the manufacturer’s fine print to ensure you’re getting what you’ve paid for.


The portability of your off-road scooter is a huge plus. You don’t want to be held back by a bulky package that limits your mobility instead of enhancing it. Choosing a model with a lightweight aluminum frame, foldable handlebars, and stem will make your off-road adventures much easier.

Range & Battery Life

Range and battery capacity usually go hand in hand. The best off-road scooters allow you to go on for miles and miles without needing to stop for a recharge. It’s also worth noting that some scooters are better than others regarding charging times. Make sure you pick a model with dual ports and fast charging capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Braking System in Electric Off-Road Scooters?

Most electric scooters use hydraulic disc brakes that vary in their heat dissipation capabilities. You’ll want to pick a model that implements dual drum brakes that does a better job of bringing your scooter to a smooth halt when it’s running at top speed.

How Do 2-Wheel Models Compare to Their 4-Wheel Counterpart?

4-wheel electric scooters offer better stability on rough terrain, giving less-experienced drivers an accessible way to venture into their local forest for a search for the perfect camping spot. On the other hand, 2-wheel e-scooters are the obvious choice for riders looking for top speed and don’t mind a steeper learning curve to climb.

What Difference Does a Suspension System Bring to Your Off-Road Driving Experience?

Trust us; you don’t want to settle for an off-road scooter that doesn’t implement a reliable suspension system no matter what other features it might offer. Front and rear suspension allow your scooter to absorb shocks and take the bumps out of your off-road driving experience.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors at play when choosing the best off-road electric scooter, and unless you know exactly what to look for, your purchase experience can quickly get overwhelming. However, once you set your speed and range expectations, you’ll begin to narrow down your potential picks.

Furthermore, safety features, the braking system’s effectiveness, and the inclusion of suspension springs are among the key points to consider when picking one terrain scooter over another.


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