Best Scooter Helmets for Kids Riding Electric or Kick Scooters

Head trauma is one of the most common injuries in scooter and bike-related accidents among children. However, putting on a certified helmet can reduce the severity of the head injury by 85%, report indicates.

It’s thus wise for your child to wear a helmet when riding a push or electric scooter. But don’t just settle for any scooter helmet. Go for certified helmets by leading bodies such as CPSC and ASTM.

Here are such reliable helmets to consider:

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Top 10 Scooter Helmets for Kids

Triple Eight Dual Certified Scooter Helmet for Kids 

The Triple eight scooter helmet has the dual certifications of the CPSC and ASTM. Therefore its quality is trustworthy.

Kids of different ages can use the helmet since it comes in three varied sizes. That includes extra small (18.9 to 21.25) inches, medium (21.5 to 22.75 inches), and extra-large size (23.25 to 24 inches).

The equipment combines an ABS shell and an impact-absorbing foam liner. Therefore it promises maximum shield against head injury.

Although it offers cushion against high impact, it has a close fit and low profile design. It also has a set of adjustable chin straps. Therefore you can fine-tune the fit to achieve a desired comfort.

As the heat intensifies, its perforated shell lets in cooling air. Besides, the helmet boasts two sets of removable sweat-saver fit pads. That includes the preinstalled thin liner and an additional thicker liner.

What We Like About It:
  • It’s available in several colors
  • Dual certifications
  • Easy to wear on and off
  • It has cooling vents
  • Multiple sizes
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Additional vents could have made it much better

Razor V-17 Youth Scooter Helmet for Kids

When it comes to the protective equipment, there is no shortcut. That’s why the Razor V-17 scooter helmet offers CPSC-certified quality.

Kids are very selective with colors. But Razor caters to that by providing helmets of six different colors. That means even the choosiest kid gets her favorite.

On a hot day, a poorly designed helmet becomes unbearable to wear. But not so with the Razor V 17 helmet. It has 17 strategically placed vents. So it maximizes the cooling effect on a hot day.

The Razor V 17 helmet fits a head circumference of 22 to 23.5 inches. In other words, it’s likely to fit children of age 8 to 14 years.

But for children of lower age, the Razor V 17 child Scooter helmet makes a viable choice. The child-size helmet fits a head circumference of 21.5 to 22.5 inches.

On either side, it has a quick-to-reach side release buckle. Its design makes it easy to adjust and fasten quickly. The buckle remains secure even under extreme movements.

Also, the ergonomic interior padding delivers comfort and secure fit. But if you need a more snug fit, the package offers you an extra lining material.

What We Like About It:
  • Well aerated from all sides
  • Easy to reach and secure buckle
  • Plenty of colors to fit even the choosiest kid
  • Adjustable size
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Fixing the additional padding material is challenging

OutdoorMaster Scooter Helmet for Kids

When you need the absolute fitting helmet for your child, try the Outdoormaster. It offers a dual adjustment setting. At the back, it gives you the secure adjustment dial. Also, it boasts another adjustment setting via the chin strap.

During an impact, the reinforced ABS shell and the 0.7 inches thick EPS come to your aid. Besides serving as a scooter helmet, it finds similar uses in other outdoor sports.

The package provides you with two removable liners of varying sizes. The thicker padding measures 0.24 inches while the thinner one measures 0.16 inches.

And owing to their difference in thickness, you can use the liner that offers you a comfortable fit without moving about. Also, that means it accommodates heads of different circumferences.

And after multiple uses, you can remove the liners for cleaning. Its chin strap has a padding that makes it comfortable too.

During hot weather, its strategic 12 vents allow smooth airflow and hence bringing a cooling effect. Outdoormaster scooter helmet for kids comes in three different sizes. That includes, small (18.1-21 inches), medium (20-22.8 inches), and large (21.3-23.6 inches).

What We Like About It:
  • 11 colors diversity
  • Dual fit adjustment
  • Comfortable chin straps
  • Double liners of different thicknesses
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Slightly expensive

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Scooter Helmet for Kids

The Pro-Tec scooter helmet blends a high-impact ABS shell and an expanded polystyrene shell. It has 11 perforations spread out on the top, rear, and front.

At the interior, the helmet has heat-sealed premium pads. They thus protect you against the scorching heat. When you factor in the multiple vents, the helmet promises to keep the head cool.

And for quality, the equipment meets the CPSC and ASTM safety standards. For universal fitness, the Pro-Tec helmet is available in multiple sizes.

For example, the extra small size accommodates a circumference of 52-54cm. The small helmet size fits a head size of 56 to 58cm. However, if you still need more room, try the medium size that accommodates a head circumference of 56 to 58cms.

On either side of the face, it gives you a secure buckle and adjustable strap. That straps thus prevent the head protective gear from swaying side to side.

What We Like About It:
  • Stylish appearance
  • Multiple sizes
  • Dual adjustable straps
  • Available in 5 color varieties
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Its replacement liners are costly

XJD Scooter Helmet for Kids

The XJD scooter helmet is available in two sizes. The smaller size fits a head circumference of about 18.89 to 21.26 inches. That is approximately kids of ages 3 to 8 ages.

On the other hand, the medium size fits head sizes of 21.65 to 22.44inches. So children of ages 9 to 12 may find it a viable choice.

At the chin, it has a strap that keeps it fixed on the head. Moreover, it has an adjustable dial at the back. Thus you can modify its fit to suit your head size.

The XJD helmet uses a combination of durable PVC and 0.75 inches thick EPS. Hence that provides optimum impact protection.

It doesn’t disappoint in keeping the head cool. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape and strategic vents. Further, its liners are also breathable, thus letting in plenty of air. After making numerous trips, you can remove and wash the liners.

What We Like About It:
  • The removable liners
  • Thick EPS foam protection
  • Available in 7 bright colors
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • An improvement in the quality of the adjusting knob can make it much better

Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Scooter Helmet for Kids

Talk of a helmet that minds about the safety of your child and comfort, and Joovy Noodle look promising. Its design provides complete protection of the head down to the base of the skull.

Unlike many helmets that pinch at the chin, Joovy gives a comfortable pinch guard strap. Besides, it uses reliable nylon straps.

During the hot day, it minds about your safety. The extended visor offers a cool shade to the face. Also, it has a total of 14 vents at strategic places. Therefore the perforations maximize the cooling of the head.

And each of the vents has bug mesh. So insects won’t sneak through into the helmet to cause discomfort. An adjustable fit dial makes it trouble-free to fine-tune the fit of the helmet.

Joovy scooter helmets for kids are in two sizes. The extra small size fits the circumference of 18.5 to 20.5 inches. On the other hand, the medium size stretches to accommodate a head circumference of 20.5 to 22 inches.

What We Like About It:
  • Dual sizes that accommodate a wide range of children
  • Comfortable chin strap
  • Multiple head vents
  • It’s CPSC certified
  • Lightweight of 0.5lbs
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Some parents claim it doesn’t fit their toddlers well

OUOWER Kids Scooter Helmet for Kids

For promising scooter helmets for kids aged two years and above, the OUWER is a viable candidate. Its helmets use durable ABS shell and EPS foam to offer high-impact protection.

Its smallest size fits a head perimeter of 48 to 54cm. On the other hand, the medium size accommodates the circumference of 54 to 57cm. However, the largest size fits youths with head size of 57 to 61cm.

On the sides and top, the helmet has 11 vents that let in cooling air. For convenience, it has a pair of pads that attaches to the interior walls via Velcro straps.

The pair of liners have thicknesses of 5mm and 8mm, respectively. You can use any of the pads to achieve a close fit of the helmet.

Also, the headgear has an adjustment dial and chin straps. Besides, a quick-release buckle makes it quick to fasten or release the straps.

What We Like About It:
  • Three different sizes
  • Two-way adjustment system
  • Dual sets of pads
  • Multiple color options
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • After a few months, the adhesive holding the foam weakens

JBM Scooter Helmet

When it comes to sports equipment, JBM counts among the reliable brand. So it designs a helmet for your child that’s durable and comfortable.

First, the seven color diversity serves the interest of many kids. Besides functioning as a scooter helmet, it can as well serve in many other outdoor sports.

The JBM scooter helmet uses sturdy PVC and 0.8 inches thick EPS material to achieve optimum impact protection. Its smallest size has an adjustable fitness. So it accommodates a head circumference f 18.1 to 19.7inches. A combination of adjustable strap and adjustment dial gives it the flexible fitness ability.

Also, its aerodynamic design, multiple vents, and breathable liners award it a high cooling effect. Further, it employs triple removable liners. So when it gets dirty on the interior cleaning becomes easy.

What We Like About It:
  • Plethora of colors to consider
  • Ideal for multiple sporting activities
  • Keeps the head sweat-free
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Comfortable chin padding
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Some people claim the dial adjustment is fragile

BELL Sidetrack II Scooter Helmet for Kids

One of the best qualities about the BELL helmet is its lightweight. The largest size for youths weighs 320g only.

But though light, it feels sturdy and promises maximum impact protection. Its sturdiness arises from the fusion mold in polycarbonate shell bonded to the EPS liner.

The Bell scooter helmet comes in three different sizes for toddlers, children, and youths. The toddler size offers a universal fit size of 45 to 52cm, the child size 47 to 54cm and youth size 50 to 57cm.

Besides sleekness, the helmet has large perforations on all sides. Your head thus won’t sweat excessively during a hot weather.

Unlike other head protective gear, you can adjust its fit single-handedly. When sweat threatens to trickle into your eyes, the sweat guard proves helpful.

What We Like About It:
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Large and numerous vents
  • Available in plenty of bright colors
  • CPSC certified
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • It may take a while to get used to its fit adjustment mechanism

Teamobsidian Scooter Helmet for Kids

The Teamobsidian is the helmet that grows along with your child. That’s because it adjusts both horizontally and vertically via a fit dial. Accordingly, it offers a snugger fit than others.

And to further improve its adjustability, it comes with two padded inserts. The preinstalled 10mm pad allows the helmet to fit a head circumference of 48 to 52cm. That’s approximately kids aged 3 to 5 years.

On the other hand, the 5mm pad fit heads with a perimeter of 50 to 54cms (age 5 to 8 years). It blends soft pads and a quick-release chin strap clip. Therefore that adds to its comfort.

It also makes up for hot weather by having 14 vents. Besides, its integrated visor blocks direct sunlight from falling on the face.

Visually it’s also captivating. The manufactures offer four bright color options. Furthermore, each color also bears colorful illustrations.

What We Like About It:
  • Keeps the head cool
  • Two years warranty
  • Comfortable chin strap
  • Durable impact-resistant EPS
  • Easy to use dial fit
What We Didn't Like About It:
  • Older kids may remove the inside liners easily

How to Choose Good Scooter Helmet For Kids


The primary aim of helmets for kids is protection. It’s thus vital to select scooter helmets that have met the safety standards of leading bodies.

Such bodies include the CSPC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM. Look for the certification mark or print inside the helmet.

Size and Fit

Take note of the circumference of the child’s head. Then use that measurement as a guide for choosing a helmet of the right fit.

Besides, it must have an adjustable chin strap or adjustment dial. A two-way adjustment mechanism is better than a single way. The buckle should allow for easy reach and unfastening.

Ideally, the helmet should cover and reach slightly above the eyebrows. The helmet should stay put even if the child shakes his head.

Some helmets have multiple liners of varying thickness. That helps the helmet stay firm and comfortable on the head.


Besides safety, the helmet should offer comfort around the head. Take note of the web-like foam pads. The chin strap should feel comfortable yet not hinder the opening of the mouth.

Also, multiple vents on the front, sides, and top are a must. During the hot weather, they keep the head cool.

Removable Paddings

Sweat causes the liners to grow dirty. So choose the helmet that has removable liners for easy washing.


How Do You Choose the Correct Fitting Scooter Helmet?

Don’t select a helmet based on size or the child’s age. Instead, measure the widest circumference of the head. Wrap a tape measure around the head and use it as a guide.

My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear a Scooter Helmet, What Should I Do?

Try to explain to the child importance of wearing the helmet. Lead by example. Then take a closer inspection of the helmet: it could be ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or not his favorite color.

Ideally, take note of the child’s interest (design, color, or decorations) when selecting the protective headgear for him.

Should Toddlers Put on a Scooter Helmet?

Riding kick start or electric scooter without a helmet is risky. And therefore, even toddlers should wear helmets when riding scooters. A bright-colored helmet is likely to interest toddlers.


Scooter-related accidents are unpredictable. It doesn’t matter whether the child is riding an electric or push-start scooter. It’s thus wise to invest in a certified protective helmet.

Prioritize the safety of the child. And put on your helmet when riding a scooter. That way, you get to encourage the child too.

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