Apollo Explore vs. Zero 10

Recently, there’s been an increasing demand for e-scooters. Thanks to their simplicity and ease of use, these modern commuting devices have succeeded in winning the hearts of many people.  Moreover, they’re more simple than cars and less exhausting than bikes, which makes our day-to-day rides smooth and hassle-free. However, the decision to purchase one is … Read more

Kaabo Mantis V2 Review

Electric scooters have gained popularity in recent years for being an inexpensive, compact, and environmentally friendly means of transport. For these reasons, they have been widely adopted worldwide as a reliable way to travel around the city. Out of the many available brands, Kaboo has made its mark on the market by producing high-quality e-scooters … Read more

Segway ES1 vs. ES2 Comparison

  Segway Power sports is a minor of the Segway-Ninebot group. It has a big name in the industry of global smart mobility. With three significant business areas in Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe, its items are sold in above 100 countries and districts worldwide. Its products include self-balancing scooters, all-terrain vehicles, kick scooters, go-karts, and … Read more

Razor e90 Vs. e125: Which Electric Scooter is Better for You?

Electric scooters are a fun way of transportation for kids. They are lightweight, age-appropriate vehicles that give the autonomy to kids to ride freely on roads and streets. There are countless electric scooter options available in the market for kids under 10. One of the most popular brands is Razor, a renowned name among electric … Read more

Glion Balto Review: First Look at Glion’s Newest Electric Scooter

Glion Balto

Specifications Scooter Height: 45” Scooter Length: 48” with no rack, 50” with rack Seat Height: 26.5” – 33.5” from ground Foot Deck Dimensions: 17.5” x 9” Seat Dimensions: 12” x 8” Handlebar Width: 24” Folded Depth: 16” Maximum rider weight: 255 lbs/115 kg Weight (with battery): 38 lbs/17 kg Top speed: 17 mph/27Kmh Battery charge … Read more

Razor e300 vs e325 vs e300s: Which Electric Scooter Is Best?

Razor e300 vs e325 vs e300s

Razor make some great options for electric scooters for all ages. In the electric scooter world, Razor is a reputable brand that you can trust and a market leader. They have won multiple awards for their reliable and well-made products. But it isn’t always easy to determine which electric scooter is best for you. If … Read more

UberScoot 1600W Electric Scooter Review

UberScoot 1600W Electric Scooter Review Image 5

Getting an electric scooter for you or your teenage kid is a great yet a mind boggling initiative. It is a significant step in the development of your or your child’s lifestyle. Whether you or your kids have been imploring for an electric skateboard or another rideable whatsoever the UberScoot scooter can be an unforgettable … Read more

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

tomoloo electric scooter review image 2

The lithium battery pack allows you to go further on a single charge to cover 18.6 miles without any hassle along with the accessibility of a free mobile app. The app aims for controlling the motor of this e-scooter, changing the colors of the LED light, and recording the ride statistics. Tomoloo is offering you … Read more


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