TOMOLOO Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

tomoloo electric scooter review image 2

The lithium battery pack allows you to go further on a single charge to cover 18.6 miles without any hassle along with the accessibility of a free mobile app. The app aims for controlling the motor of this e-scooter, changing the colors of the LED light, and recording the ride statistics. Tomoloo is offering you … Read more

Segway Ninebot ES1 Electric Scooter Review

Segway Ninebot ES1 Electric Scooter Image 1

This Ninebot e-scooter can cover a maximum speed of 12.4 mph. The 8-Inch front and 7.5-Inch back tires provide a smoother ride even in rainy weather. It has an anti braking, cruise control, and well-working shock absorption system.  Segway Ninebot ES1 e-scooter has even introduced the updated version (ES2) for its users. The modified version … Read more

GOTRAX GXL G2 Electric Scooter Review

GOTRAX GXL G2 Commuting Electric Scooter – Version 2

The Gotrax GXL e-scooter owns an ergonomic design, making it more efficient, and safer to use. Thus, a design like this is one offers the safe and comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the e-scooter can bare up to 220 lbs weight, which is a fair enough weight limit for the current e-scooter industry.   The durable tires … Read more

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review Images 1

That bamboo deck indeed is the center of attention for Razor EcoSmart Metro e-scooter.  The overwhelming little rake at the back side of the e-scooter is enough to keep your fluffy cat while riding.  There are multiple reasons to become attached with the Razor Ecosmart Metro e-bike. It owns a very cozy ultra padded seat … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Image 2

Forget about charging it multiple times as it has a long-lasting charging time. The bright flashing lights of Xiaomi e-scooter in a price like $499 is considerably amazing. Apart from bright lights, it offers a speed of 15.5 mph with a 12 months warranty. Summary Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is not less than an extravagant … Read more

NANROBOT D5+ Electric Scooter Review

NANROBOT D5 Electric Scooter Image 1

NANROBOT D5+ e-scooter is capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 330 lbs. It features two independent electric motors, one for each wheel that can accelerate it up to a top speed of 40mph. The battery offers an exceptional range of up to 50 miles. Front and rear disc brakes provide a very strong … Read more

NANROBOT D3 Electric Scooter Review

NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter Image 1

This e-scooter has a short warranty of 2 months. To extend the warranty time, a 1-year warranty can be bought for $99, and for extending it to 2 years, $189 warranty can be preferred. This e-scooter consumes, 6-10 hours to fully charge. Amazingly, in per charge it can cover 43 miles. We are not done … Read more

NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter Review

NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter Image 1

This one is a new version of the D3+ e-scooter. Some new features it adds up are emergency brakes, better damping system, and faster speed. It owns not one, not two, and not even three but, 6 shock absorbers. Moreover, it offers to cover 43 miles range per charge!  The tires size is the same … Read more

TopMate Foldable Mini Electric Tricycle Review

TopMate Mini Electric Tricycle Review

Topmate is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic tricycles which are helping transform not only the way we commute, but commute in style. The unique patented design introduced in the E-Tricycle is something that truly stands out making it one of the top-sellers on Amazon. For those looking to ride the lap of luxury … Read more

Razor E300 24 Volt Motorized Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Blue 24 Volt Motorized Kids Electric Scooter Review - 13113640

One of the original electric scooters is still one of the best and has achieved nearly 400 all-positive reviews on Amazon. With their huge lineup of e-scooters they’ve quickly become the most recognized manufacturer in the industry. Over the years we’ve seen a huge push from manual kick scooters to battery-operated models which are much … Read more


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