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Best Scooter Helmets for Kids Riding Electric or Kick Scooters

Head trauma is one of the most common injuries in scooter and bike-related accidents among children. However, putting on a certified helmet can reduce the severity of the head injury by 85%, report indicates. It’s thus wise for your child to wear a helmet when riding a push or electric scooter. But don’t just settle for […]

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TOMOLOO Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

tomoloo electric scooter review image 2

The lithium battery pack allows you to go further on a single charge to cover 18.6 miles without any hassle along with the accessibility of a free mobile app. The app aims for controlling the motor of this e-scooter, changing the colors of the LED light, and recording the ride statistics. Tomoloo is offering you […]

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GOTRAX GXL G2 Electric Scooter Review

GOTRAX GXL G2 Electric Scooter Review Image 1

The Gotrax GXL e-scooter owns an ergonomic design, making it more efficient, and safer to use. Thus, a design like this is one offers the safe and comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the e-scooter can bare up to 220 lbs weight, which is a fair enough weight limit for the current e-scooter industry.   The durable tires […]

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Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review Images 1

That bamboo deck indeed is the center of attention for Razor EcoSmart Metro e-scooter.  The overwhelming little rake at the back side of the e-scooter is enough to keep your fluffy cat while riding.  There are multiple reasons to become attached with the Razor Ecosmart Metro e-bike. It owns a very cozy ultra padded seat […]

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Razor E300 24 Volt Motorized Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Blue 24 Volt Motorized Kids Electric Scooter Review - 13113640

One of the original electric scooters is still one of the best and has achieved nearly 400 all-positive reviews on Amazon. With their huge lineup of e-scooters they’ve quickly become the most recognized manufacturer in the industry. Over the years we’ve seen a huge push from manual kick scooters to battery-operated models which are much […]

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Razor E325 24 Volt Electric Scooter Review

Razor E325 24 Volt Electric Scooter Review - 13116301

For those looking for a variable speed electric scooter you’ve probably already realized there aren’t too many high-quality models out there. When it comes to giving riders more control and top speeds which are faster than most e-scooters it’s clear that Razor is the best. Razor e-scooters are always mentioned among the best which includes […]

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Razor E100 Motorized Electric Scooter Review

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review Image 2

The Razor E100 is a good choice for beginner kids. It will not last for generations but your kids will burst into happiness the moment they’ll ride on it. As a parent, be prepared to monitor charging and perform basic maintenance. This power pack e-scooter is suitable for the thrilling children above 8 years old. […]

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Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter Review

Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter Review - 13112401

Traditional electric scooters are best suited for riding on pavement and other types of hard surfaces and what they lack is the ability to ride off-road. This was before Razor introduced something truly special which quickly garnered the attention of enthusiasts and those new to e-scooters alike. Bringing in a whole new breed of riders […]

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Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review

razor e125 electric scooter review image 1

The Razor E125 is a modified version of the Razor E100. Both of them offer quite similar features and specifications, but the E125 is more compatible for the baby girls.  Unlike Razor E300S, Razor E125 electric scooter requires a manual kick off to 3 miles per hour before starting. The electric motor of this e-bike […]

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Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter Review - 13116214

It is a wonderful combination to have a magnanimous deck and a frame for all size riders installed in Razor E300S. This e-bike can cover up to 15 miles per hour with an ultra-quiet chain drive motor. Razor E300 comes with the charger and required tools, though riders have to encounter assembling the e-scooter. It […]

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