Can Two People Ride an Electric Scooter? Is Double Riding Allowed?

The use of electric scooters for commuting short distances or riding for fun is on the rise. And even if you don’t own one, you can rent and ride an e-scooter for few hours.

But for certain reason, some people are tempted to board as a passenger on electric scooters. Maybe at one time, the idea has crossed your mind also.

But is it possible, and how safe is double riding electric scooters?

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That’s what we want to look into deeply.

Take Away

Yes, there are motorcycle-shaped scooters with seats that seemingly may contain two people at ago. And perhaps you have spotted some people doing so. Even some brands of scooters make claims of producing electric scooters that accommodate double riding.

The quick answer to can two people ride an electric scooter is-it isn’t impossible. However, double riding exposes you and your passenger to a high risk of an accident. Besides, the machine might also malfunction.

And if you ask those who have tried double riding scooters, they’ll tell you it’s more demanding. Your expertise is pushed to the limit.

Why It Isn’t Advisable for Two People to Ride an Electric Scooter

Limited Space on the Seat

One of the main reasons against more than one person riding an electric scooter is the limited space on the seat. Usually, an ordinary electric scooter with a seat provision has an allowance for the driver only.

The manufactures design the seat to accommodate only one person. Therefore, squeezing to fit two people will introduce discomfort.

Besides, the discomfort of accommodating a passenger on an ordinary e-scooter robs the driver the chance of smooth riding. Hence that puts the two lives at more risk. Even e-scooter models with no seats have a small base targeting just a lone driver.

Limit on the Suspension

The suspension on an electric scooter usually has limited capacities. Most e-scooters have the design to accommodate payload of around 220lb. A good example is the Segway Ninebot MAX.

Therefore when two or more persons border such a scooter, the suspension travel distance won’t accommodate the excess weight. Accordingly, it most likely will malfunction and thus not offering any shock absorption.

Tire Size and the Possibility of Skidding 

When you compare the tire of e-scooters and motorcycles, electric scooters have thin and small tires. The manufacturers make them in such a design to correspond to the weight limit they carry.

So accommodating an extra person on the scooter exerts excessive weight and strain on the tires. Accordingly, that increases the danger of the tires skidding, especially when negotiating a turn.

Besides, the excessive pressure on the tires increases the likelihood of getting frequent punctures.

Motor Overload

When determining the size of the motor to fit on a scooter, several factors come into mind, payload included. Thus double riding risks overloading the engine. As such, the e-scooter may not perform to its full potential. But worse, the strain may cause burn out of the motor or tripping overload safety circuitry.

Besides the motor overload, the strain may cause damage to the frame and other mechanical parts. In the end, the overall repair for the same scooter may be very costly.

Throwing You off Balance

It is easy to balance on a scooter as a lone rider. That’s because your hand grips the handlebar, and the feet spread out comfortably on the base. Your weight thus distributes evenly on the scooter.

The introduction of a passenger changes all that. The passenger won’t have where to hold onto, so any jerky movement is likely to throw him off balance. Besides, most likely, it may put more weight on the rear end of the scooter.

The uneven weight distribution makes it difficult to control the scooter. Further, it increases the chances of the scooter toppling over on a bend or incline.

Render your Insurance Ineffective

You never know when an accident may occur, that’s why you need to be cautious at all times. Bordering a scooter as two persons increases the chances of an accident in different ways.

And in the event of an accident, you won’t be able to make claims from your insurance provider owing to overload.

And Seated Scooters?

Well, as highlighted before, the argument against double riding goes beyond the space inconvenience. It’s all about the safety of riders, the e-scooter, and other traffic users. The fact that your scooter has enough room for two doesn’t make it fit for carrying more than one person.


So can two people ride an electric scooter? It’s possible, but it isn’t worth the risk! Doing so predisposes you and the passenger to the likelihood of an accident. Further undue strain on your e-scooter shortens its lifespan.

Scooter-related accidents are on the rise, statistics indicate. It is therefore wise to exercise caution and safety precautions when riding e-scooters. That includes avoiding double riding. Further, consider whether riding a scooter is prohibited or legal in your area.

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