How to Clean Your Electric Scooter

There are many reasons to ride electric scooters. From commuting over short distances to sheer fun, the benefits are many. From navigating streets to trailing paths into the villages, you can go far on an electric scooter. But soon, it gets dusty, and the wheels gather mud. So Can You Wash an Electric Scooter? How? … Read more

Best Electric Scooter Carry Bag

Electric Scooter Bag Storage

An electric scooter is a great way to go across short distances and run quick errands with ease while doing less damage to the environment and your bank account. If you own one of these eco-friendly electric scooters or are planning on buying one, it’s best to get a storage case for it as well. … Read more

Best Gloves for Electric Scooter To Protect Your Hands

best scooter gloves

When riding an electric scooter it’s vital to put on the right protective gear. And that includes gloves. The snug-fitting gloves protect your hands. One of the body parts prone to sustaining injuries in scooter accidents is the knuckles and palm. The best gloves for electric scooters thus shield the hands from bruises cuts, and … Read more

Can You Kick Push an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are commonly known as powered scooters and are made to function by motors without manual effort. Although electric scooters can be pushed forward manually, the process is not very easy or a lot of fun, and the case is different from the usual conventional kick scooters. In fact, that is just not how … Read more


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