How to Make Electric Scooter Faster

We know that speed is an important aspect when it comes to an electric scooter. So, if you own one, you’re probably looking for ways to increase its speed.  But is it possible to do that? Yes, you can speed your scooter up. However, the real question is, “How can you increase your scooter’s speed?” … Read more

How Fast Does an Electric Scooter Go?

If you’re a beginner, you’re probably asking yourself how fast electric scooters can go. It turns out that it depends on the type of electric scooter and whether you’re riding on public roads, city streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, or any terrain. Either of these places has certain limits depending on the state where you live.  … Read more

How To Ride An Electric Scooter

As the electric scooter becomes the latest technology in the scooter world, more people who have never ridden one are more eager to become e-scooter riders.  So, if you’ve finally bought yourself a fun, fast, environmentally friendly, and lightweight e-scooter, you might be facing the dilemma of how to ride it. Watching other people riding … Read more


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