How much does an electric scooter cost in 2020

Electric scooters allow you to get some wind in your hair while not making any real physical effort! They are a pretty swift and reliable commute to reach from one destination to another in a blink of an eye. Unlike traditional bikes and bicycles, electric scooters don’t leave you sweaty when you arrive. 

Electric scooters are versatile. They are available for multiple age groups, including kids, adults, and girls. They also come under the category of folding electric scooters and seated electric scooters. The ones who travel frequently must prefer foldable e-scooters and those who want a comfortable ride look for the seat quality. 

They are environmentally friendly and are the best way out to reach places five times quicker than walking. Of course, to invest in the quality electric scooters, you have to spend a right amount of money. But don’t worry electric scooters don’t burden your budget, unlike conventional bikes. They are readily available in the market under affordable price tags. 

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Factors of cost an electric scooter

To get yourself a quality electric scooter you should keep to your budget and requirements to buy e scooter. Speed, size, weight, range, durability, and cost are a few of the primary factors you need to take into account before you buy an e-scooter. 

This blog is purposely written to assist you in understanding the extent of essential features to ensure that you pick the best electric scooter for you.

Primary Factors 

There are multiple mandatory and significant factors to take into consideration before buying an electric scooter. Without these factors, it is pointless investing your time and money to buy an electric commute. 

Quality of ride is extensively significant because the low-quality bikes can’t be ridden for more than a mile on anything less than a perfect surface. Such e-scooters look fabulous on a web page, but many people stop using them because they rattle the bones. There are three main factors that affect the ride quality wheel size, solid or filled tires, and suspension. 

Speed is another golden factor to consider. The speed is determined by the motor power, rider’s weight, and the surface you ride on. The standard speeds are generally based on a 70kg person using a flat, smooth surface with correctly inflated tires. It’s better not to chase a maximum e-scooter speed

Brakes offer safety to the riders, and safety always comes first before anything. There are three main types of brakes on electric scooters electric brakes, disc brakes, and foot brakes. Each one of them holds its significance. Then come the front and rear brakes. Having brakes installed both at the front and back side of the e scooter is super useful for safety and control. 

The motor of an electric scooter is the heart of the Electric Scooter, and it is what drives the scooter. Electric Scooter features varying power motors. The kid’s electric scooters own the motors up to 350 watts that offer decent lower average speeds and acceleration. The powerful engine installed in an electric scooter is 500 watts which gives your e-scooter an ability to climb gentle slopes. If you are looking for the powerful electric scooters that having heightened acceleration and can climb comfortably any terrains and steep slopes, then opt for e-scooters installed with 750 watts motor or 1000 watt.

Maximum load capacity is important too because not all electric scooters are built to carry the same load. Scooters designed for Europe are designed for the maximum load capacity of over 100kg. 

Weight. Imagine you are riding your scooter, and something goes wrong while riding. Will you be able to push it in scorching heat with a weight more than your own weight? A big no. Therefore, the importance of electric scooters is another critical factor. Most electric scooters in the market weigh around 15kg, some a bit more, and some a bit less. If you are not so strong, then one weighing 12.5kg or less is recommended.

The size of an electric scooter is equally as important as the weight of the electric scooter. Most scooters fold down to make them small enough to store at home, in the car, or under the desk. Bar height, the width of deck size or foldable or not is another factor to determine the extent of the electric scooter. 

The range is significant to note as well. Be aware that cheaper scooters have low-quality batteries and the amount of charge they can hold diminishes with every charge.

And of course, we can’t neglect the warranty of e scooters either. For considering the guarantee of an e-scooter, you have to look for that will a company be around in the future to honor it? Preferring the well known and established companies should give you peace of mind.

Fakes and cheap Chinese imports are intensely a primary factor to consider. Many cheap scooters are being imported from China. As a result, the scooter fails to operate as it should. The Xiaomi M365 is currently the world’s top selling electric scooter but contrary to a lot of fake versions are available in the market. The fakes are hard to spot when purchasing online. Once you receive them, their quality is a nightmare. 

2. Secondary Factors 

Secondary factors add to the design and the appearance of the e scooters. They are fresh, and the choice varies from person to person. 

Some electric scooters have built-in lights, and some have reflectors. This upgrade is mandatory for the night time riders.

Other spectacular add-ons include the helmet, locks, keychains, phone holders, puncture protection fluid, and extra lights

Customer services are a must-have factor, but it can vary from person to person. There even exists the horror stories of people encountering a minor fault and needing to send their scooter back to China to be fixed. This has taken months and cost a lot of money. 

Cost of an Electric Scooter

Finance options do contribute to making your e-scooter more affordable by allowing the payment methods in for of installments across a specific period. Import duty is another factor in adding or mitigating the costs. 

Reputable retailers are offering free delivery, but this is not always the case, and postage can be costly. Postage is not still mentioned on product pages, be sure to check carefully. 

How much does an adult electric scooter cost?

The average cost of adult electric scooters varies in the range of $100 – $1000+. Electric scooters for adults own a sturdy frame with the maximum load capacity. The more sturdy an electric scooter, the higher the price goes. It is because stronger, more durable materials are used to manufacture such electric scooters. Quite often, these electric scooters will also come with better aesthetics and ergonomic designs.

Depending on the cost, they are faster, equipped with portability features and some of them even have advanced features such as built-in LED headlights, cruise control, and handlebar display screens. As a result, the more advanced the scooter becomes, the more it costs. 

How much does a kid electric scooter cost?

Cost of a kids electric scooter range in between $50 – $500+. Scooters for kids are very different from any other type of electric scooter because kids scooter focuses more on ease of use, safety, and aesthetics. Such features make them great for your child.

Some electric scooters are built for children under 12 and others for over 13. As a result, the price range varies considerably. The scooters that have been designed for younger children are inexpensive as they have less advanced features.

If you are amongst the teenage group, then the price range for the scooter increases as well. These scooters are a bit faster, have a greater mileage, and have more features to offer desirable and energetic rides to the raising teens.

ADULT$100$300 – $600$1000+
KID$50$100 – $200$500+
SEATED $150 $400 – $600 $1000+
FOLDABLE $150 $400 – $600 $1000+

The need for sturdy but eco-friendly vehicles is highly in demand owing to the increasing population. These electric scooters are one of the solutions that can solve the issues of global warming. They are conveniently cheaper than most automobiles in the market with a plus factor that they emit zero emissions in the environment.

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