Electric Scooter vs. Electric Skateboard: What Should You Get?

It’s not uncommon to see electric scooters and skateboards on the busy streets these days. They’re lightweight, easy to maintain and very versatile, making them excellent options for those who don’t like being stuck in traffic inside a car but don’t want to ride a bicycle to work.

But the question now is: which of this new wave of electric vehicles are worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look:

Electric scooter vs. electric skateboard: Definitions

Electric scooters

Manual scooters have been around for many years, but they’ve been given an upgrade today with electric scooters that feature bigger tires, electronics, a battery and an electric motor.

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Many people now use electric scooters as a convenient commute transport because of how easy it is to ride, especially during traffic hours.

Electric skateboards

Like scooters, skateboards have been around for as long as we can remember. But the electric skateboard makes the experience a lot better with its wireless controls and smooth maneuverability.

Since it is considered a personal transporter and not a vehicle, an electric skateboard doesn’t require licensing or registration, which is why it’s very appealing to the younger demographic.

Electric scooter vs. electric skateboard: Comparisons

Both electric scooters and skateboards have proven to be more convenient options for commuting because of their versatility and functionality.

But while both of these commute transports have their own benefits, you will need to consider a few important factors when deciding which one would fit your lifestyle best.


In theory, an electric scooter should be faster than an electric skateboard, but there are no studies to prove it yet. In fact, speed in both these transporters can vary depending on the model, the motor, the driver and the conditions of the road.

But recently, the electric skateboard has recorded its fastest speed of 91.17mph, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

When you compare top electric scooters and electric skateboards, the advantage of speed usually favors scooters because of their larger frame that could accommodate bigger and more powerful motors capable of running up to 60mph.

Electric scooters are also more suited to higher speeds because they have bigger wheels and better braking capabilities. But it’s very important to take extra precautions when driving electric scooters at high speeds, especially when you’re still learning how to ride it properly.


Electric skateboards are clearly lighter than electric scooters making them very easy to carry and pack for trips. If you want something that you can conveniently carry up a flight of stairs, on the airplane when you travel or just going around town, you’ll surely love the electric skateboard because it’s light and small enough to be packed in a skater’s backpack.

But this doesn’t mean that electric scooters fall behind when it comes to portability because a lot of newer models are already light and small enough to be transported easily.

In terms of weight, your choice will depend mostly on your lifestyle. If you commute on buses and trains, for instance, an electric skateboard would be a more convenient option for you.


Like any vehicles out there, you need to consider the risks of riding an electric scooter or electric skateboard. Although both these transporters are deemed safe with proper driving practices, electric scooters usually have the advantage when it comes to safety mostly because of its more advanced braking system.

An electric scooter is equipped with hand brakes that are connected through cable wires or hydraulics and are operated using a lever. This is almost the same mechanism as a bicycle where you can easily apply your braked by pressing the brake handles.

You also have the option to use your foot as a way to slow down the electric scooter. An electric skateboard, on the other hand, relies on its wireless remote control for its brakes to work.

Although connections between the skateboard and remote are pretty stable, you still can’t fully rely on it to work every time, especially after using your skateboard for some time.

In essence, electric scooters are safer, especially for beginners because brakes are intuitive and you always have the option to use the weight of your foot to slow it down.


When it comes to comfort, it will really depend on the specific make and model of the electric scooter or skateboard that you choose to invest on. More advanced scooters and skateboards have additional features that help to increase comfort and maneuverability when driving.

The best way to know what suits you best is to look around for different models and test them if you can. You can also ask for recommendations from friends who have electric scooters or skateboards.


Like most transporters, the cost of an electric scooter or skateboard will depend on its number of features. You will see a wide range of scooters and skateboards in different price points.

For instance, an electric skateboard could set you between $300 for the most basic model to more than $3,000 for the more advanced skateboard.

An electric scooter also has the same price range and it will depend on the materials used and the technology in the product.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with a mid-priced electric scooter or skateboard that has all the basic features that you need to ride safely. Once you’re better at riding your transporter, you can already start looking into more advanced models.


Finally, there’s always the question about rules and regulations regarding the use of electric scooters and skateboards. There are no specific laws in the United States and regulations depend on the state where you live.

But in general, electric scooters and skateboards are treated the same way as other non-vehicle transporters like bicycles and rollerblades.

A lot of cities and states will issue tickets for electric scooter or skateboard drivers who fail to follow proper traffic laws, especially when it comes to speed limits.

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