Top 7 Electric Scooters with Removable Battery

One of the main features limiting how far you can travel on an electric scooter is its battery capacity. Having an extra battery seems like a bright idea. That’s why we bring you the electric scooters with removable batteries.

So while on the go, you can swap a new battery and continue with your journey in seconds. Also, having two batteries means you can enjoy a ride while one recharges or extend your range considerably.

So find below some of the electric scooters with a removable battery that have attracted impressive feedback from past users.

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Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery

In case you have no time to go through the whole review, here are our best three picks;

Segway Ninebot E45 Electric Kick Scooter

Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter

Vibe Plus Electric Scooter

Quick Summary Table of the Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery

Model Range (Miles) Weight (lbs.) Speed (MPH) Motor Power (Watts)
Segway Ninebot E45 Electric Scooter 28 36.2 18.6 700
Vibe Plus Electric Scooter 20 32 18.6 350
Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter 17 30.8 19 350
Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter 26 37 18 350
Swagtron Swagger 7T Transport Electric Scooter 18.9 30 18 350
Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter 28 30.86 19 300 (nominal)
The Levy Electric Scooter 10 27 18 350

Segway Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter E45 with External Battery

A removable 368wh battery protected by a smart management system makes the Segway Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter E45 an engine to admire.
Besides, E45 scooter has a front shock absorber, elastic non-pneumatic tires and an easy-to-use mobile app. And to crown it all, it comes with dual lithium ion batteries.

Through the app, you can lock the scooter, access cruise control, and customize the speed limit. Depending on your present need, the scooter puts three riding modes at your disposal. That includes cruise mode, normal mode, and a sport mode for an enhanced experience.

Central to the engine is the upgraded powerful motor that delivers a maximum of 700watts power (300watts nominal power) and pairs with the external battery to deliver 18.6mph top speed (sports mode) and range of 28miles. Besides weighing 36.2lbs, it folds in one step and thus making it easy to transport.

The dual-density tires of 9 inches, mechanical brake, electric brake and the magnetic brake technology optimizes your safety. When in a poorly lit environment, its LED lights and bell boost your visibility and safety too.

When compared to the basic E22 model, E45 is a worthy upgrade. Beside removable external battery (that E22 lacks) it has high power motor, longer range and impressive maximum speed of 18.6mph.

What We Liked About It:
  • Improved shock absorption
  • IPx4 water-resistant rating
  • 36.2lbs lightweight, foldable, and thus very portable
  • Triple brake design
  • One year or180 days warranty ( depending on the scooter parts)
  • 20% hill grade ability
What We Didn't Like:
  • Occasionally the app registers inaccuracy when recording distance travelled

Vibe Plus Electric Scooter | 8.5 Inch Tubeless Pneumatic Tires | Top Speed of 18.6 MPH | Removable Battery| 20 Mile Range | Folding Commuter Adult Electric Scooter

A 460wh removable battery and 350watts brushless motor are the key features that define Vibe Plus Electric Scooter. And when unfolded, it has length of 41, width of 16.6 inches and height of 44.5â€. But in one step you can fold it to a size of 41″ L x 16.6″ W x 17.5″ H.

The 32lbs e-scooter has a maximum load capacity of 250lbs. On a single charge cycle, it enables you to cover 20 to 28miles depending on whether you are traveling at low or top speed. With that said, it offers three riding modes, cruise control ability and top speed of 18mph. Therefore you don’t have to stick to full power mode.

Its dual electric and mechanical brakes coupled to automatic rear brake lights offers you the safety you need while on the road. In dim lights, you can switch on the front LED lights and enjoy better visibility.

Plug it into the socket, and within 6 hours it has stored full power. Its hill grade ability of 15 percent equips it to go over ordinary hills effortlessly.

What We Liked About It:
  • High payload capacity
  • Three driving modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dual brake system
  • 8.5 in tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Easy to read LED display unit
What We Didn't Like:
  • It has no suspension

Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter, Upgraded Detachable Battery, 19 MPH & 17 Miles Range, Foldable Commuting Electric Scooter for Adults

Though the scooter has a sealed battery compartment, at the click of the key, you can access the battery, remove it, and swap it with another one. The 350watts brushless hub motor enables the scooter to attain 19mph speed.

On a full charge, the powerful battery gives it a 17 miles range. Then you can replace the depleted battery with another one. Its pair of 8.5-inch rubber solid tires is puncture-proof. Despite its 30.8lbs lightweight, it effortlessly bears up to a payload of 220lbs.

By combining the mechanical disc brakes and electronic assisted brakes of regenerative antilock system, Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter is highly dependable. Such a design also allows you to charge on the go. And during the night, its bright LED lights improve your visibility.

Owing to its 15% hill grade ability, you can climb most incline roads effortlessly. Its dashboard is easy to use. A single click turns the light on or off, two clicks changes riding mode while three clicks activate or deactivate the cruise control.

It comes with a Hiboy S2 App that is easy to pair with your Smartphone. And from the App, you can customize the acceleration or execute other functions.

What We Liked About It:
  • Sealed battery and water-proof
  • Regenerative braking and downhill system
  • Mobile app-enabled and allows you to customize different features
  • Large solid puncture-proof tires
  • LED display shows vital data
  • Easy to fold frame
What We Didn't Like:
  • It has no suspension

Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter Portable Long Range Electric Scooter With Removable Battery

The Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter uses the easy-to-swap lithium-ion battery of 34V, 10ah. The battery and a powerful 350watts brushless motor can push the e-scooter up to a top speed of 18mph.

When unfolded, the scooter measures 42.7 inches long, 16.6 inches wide and 46.70 inches in height. But when folded it measures 42.63 x 16.53 x 2.4 inches. Added to its 37lbs weight the equipment is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry by even a 14-year-old rider.

By tapping on a single collapsible mechanism, the Hover-1 folds in 3 seconds only. And from a single charge, it can run for 26miles. So when you swap another battery, the range doubles. Although it’s portable, it can support a load of 220lbs.

The front and rear wheel feature 10-inch self-healing pneumatic tires. Therefore on a bumpy and rough road, the large air-filled tires cushion the ride.

The Hover-1 Blackhawk has IP 54 water resistance. Hence you can use it outside in light rain. Besides, even dust particles of more than 1 mm won’t penetrate the delicate parts and components.

What We Like About It:
  • Multiple protection for the battery, including discharge, overcharging short circuit, and temperature protection
  • Quick to fold in 3 seconds
  • Available in different colors
  • Has LCD
  • Bright front light
  • It can display speed in either mph or km/h
What We Didn't Like:
  • It has multiple settings, many of which are hidden
  • Flimsy latching mechanism when folded

Swagtron Swagger 7T Transport Electric Scooter with Removable Battery, 3-Step Fold & Go Design

Swagtron Swagger 7T comes with a single removable battery that supports a range of 18.9miles. Therefore when you have a second battery, you can significantly extend its range. However, the exact mileage depends on the topography and the payload.

Its aircraft-grade aluminum frame supports a payload of 220lbs. Since it weighs 30lbs and folds in 3 simple steps, you can collapse the frame while on the go. Using the 350 watts motor the e-scooter can speed up to 18mph.

But for convenience, it has 3-speed modes that suit different circumstances. Moreover, using the cruise control and the kick to start setting, you can easily extend the battery life by 25 percent. A pair of 10-inch maintenance-free tires further supports such high speed.

From its LCD screen, you can read out the speed and distance covered. The bright front light and rear brake lights boost your safety.

What We Like About It:
  • IP 54 weather-resistant rating
  • Dependable disc brakes and auto guard
  • Easy to swap battery
  • Simple to fold in three steps
  • Long-range of 18.9miles
What We Didn't Like:
  • Slightly sluggish on uphill

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter with External Battery, Lightweight, and Foldable

Unlike many scooters with removable batteries, the Segway Ninebot ES4 is complete with two lithium-ion batteries. One is internal and another externally situated at the handle tube. For that purpose, it supports an extended range of 28mph.

At nominal, its motor gives out 300 watts but can deliver a peak power of 800watts. A combination of an efficient motor and a powerful battery propels the e-scooter at a top speed of 19mph.

But even at such high speed, its dual suspensions promise a smooth ride free from the discomfort of pebbles and the jerky vibration of rough road. But when you need to stop, the mechanical and electric antilock brakes prove reliable.

Although it weighs 30.86lbs, it can carry a load of 220lbs yet still boasting a 15% hill grade capacity. The textured grip handle promises you superior grip and easy controllability. In a single step, you can fold it and carry it in your car.

For more comfort and convenience, the Segway Ninebot ES4 has a mobile App and bluetooth enabled. So from the comfort of your Smartphone you can lock/unlock the scooter, engage the cruise control and read your riding statistics.

What We Like About It:
  • High power motor
  • A dual braking system makes it more dependable
  • Front and rear shock absorbers enabled
  • Bluetooth and mobile app-enabled
  • Customizable ambient light
  • Front and rear LED lights
What We Didn't Like:
  • You can’t recharge it in the folded position

The Levy Electric Scooter


Within seconds you can remove and put in a fresh battery in the Levy electric scooter. The 6.4ah swappable Panasonic battery equips the equipment to cover a 10-mile range from a single charge cycle.

Besides, the combination of the Panasonic battery and a 350watt front motor delivers a top speed of 18mph. However, you don’t have to drive at top speed all the time, thanks to the three driving modes. They include beginner, eco, and sport mode.

Although it has no suspensions, its 8.5-inch pneumatic tubeless tires absorb shocks significantly. Its regenerative front e-braking and mechanical rear brakes system deliver dependable stopping power.

What We Liked:
  • Bright front and rear LED lights
  • Quick swappable batteries
  • Available in tubeless and tubed tires
  • Dual brakes
  • Simple to use cruise control
  • Lightweight of 27lbs
What We Didn't Like:
  • Non-foldable handlebars

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Scooter with a Removable Battery

To reap the best services from your e-scooter, reflect on the following points;

Ease of Removing the Battery

The design of the electronic scooter should be such that it allows you to swap the battery with minimal struggle. Replacing the depleted battery with a fully charged one shouldn’t be a demanding exercise. Ideally, it should take seconds or few minutes.

Fixed in Place

Though an easy to remove battery is a necessity, it should stay put in place. Even at high speed, the immovability of the battery must shine out. Otherwise, a battery dropping while you are in motion brews disaster.

Battery Capacity

Choose the battery capacity that agrees with your day-to-day commuting demands. That is, the main and the spare battery combined should give you the range that satisfies your daily commuting demands.

Weight Factor

The weight of the battery matters as it influences the overall weight of the scooter. Also, a lightweight battery (for instance, lithium-ion) is easy to carry without weighing you down.


Having an electric scooter with a removable battery makes extending the range of your e-scooter simpler. Besides, all of the models reviewed above allows for quick swapping of batteries in seconds.

Instead of waiting for one battery to recharge and then commence your journey, a backup battery comes to your rescue.

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