Hiboy S2 Review

Many budget electric scooters have tried, but few have been able to maintain a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. Top speed, smooth ride quality, range, and battery are just some of the many features scooter enthusiasts consider when appraising a scooter’s worth.

Enter the Hiboy S2, the latest commuter scooter taking on this challenge. So, how does it fare compared to similarly priced scooters? In this article, we’ll review the latest model from Hiboy’s stable of budget scooters to see whether it’s worth the purchase.

Hiboy S2 Review: At a Glance

The Hiboy S2 is an affordable electric scooter that knocks it out of the park when it comes to speed, power, and range. The Hiboy S2’s incredibly high speeds, durable aluminum body, and long-range provided by a 270-watt lithium-ion battery make this budget electric scooter an incredible value for money.

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However, this electric scooter fails to hit a home run due to its overall comfort being compromised by solid, narrow tires and a suspension that checks out on rough terrain. This may be a huge deal-breaker if you’re looking for a smooth riding experience. Also, the battery takes ages to charge, which can be a drag when you need to get going as soon as possible.


  • Great entry-level option for electric scooter lovers
  • Faster than other budget scooters 
  • Capable of reaching a top speed of 18.6 mph
  • Aluminum build makes it durable and lightweight


  • Only suitable for urban terrain
  • Ride quality suffers due to narrow tires and suspension

Acceleration & Top Speed 

If you happen to be an urban commuter with a need for speed, you’ll get a kick out of the Hiboy S2’s considerable acceleration curve. Officially this scooter’s top speed is 18.6 mph, which will take you about 6 – 7 seconds to reach, though some users have reported clocking slightly higher speeds when descending a slope.

This makes it among the fastest among budget options you’ll find and a joy to ride through urban terrain. Additionally, the Hiboy gives riders two-speed modes: “comfort mode” and “sport mode.” Switching between the two can conveniently be done with the tap of a button located on the scooter’s dashboard.

By default, this electric scooter is set to drive in comfort mode, so you’ll have to switch to sport mode to reach its 18.6 mph speed. Notably, you’re able to customize your speed limit using the scooter’s cruise control feature in one of two ways: either triple-tap a button below the LED dashboard or calibrate the settings of the Hiboy app.

Last, the electric scooter’s throttle does double-duty as a thumb-activated accelerator and a way to enter cruise control mode.

Controls & Display

The Hiboy’s controls are conveniently located on the scooter’s deck. So, riders won’t have issues reaching for the brake lever, kickstand, or gravity sensor. However, the scooter lacks a speed throttle and a horn, so you’ll have to make do with the bell to catch pedestrians’ attention.

In addition to well-placed controls, this electric scooter has a screen that displays its vitals. Through this screen, you’ll be able to monitor the status of the scooter’s battery, its current speed, and an indication of whether the scooter’s cruise control function is activated, among other things.

Battery Life & Range 

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is powered by a 270-watt lithium-ion battery, which provides a decent amount of range, 17 miles to be exact, on a single charge. Some users have also reported exceeding this range when using the scooter in power-saving mode.

However, reaching this max range of 17 miles will depend on a number of factors, including the rider’s weight, terrain type, and weather conditions.

In addition, the electric scooter has several features working together to preserve and extend its battery life. They include a built-in smart battery-management system, which prevents overcharging, and regenerative braking that keeps the battery charged when the scooter brakes or descends a slope.

With that said, one major drawback to having such a powerful battery is that the charging time is pretty long, at roughly six and a half hours. 

Motor Configuration and Power

The Hiboy S2’s motor can be found in the front hub of the vehicle. At 350 watts, this motor is a lot more powerful than what you’d find in most electric scooters in its price range. Luckily, it isn’t very loud and only produces a gentle hum when the scooter is on.

If your commute has hilly areas, you’ll be interested in knowing that this budget scooter’s unofficial climb angle is 10°. And some owners have reported higher, the highest angle being 15°. 

However, before you get excited, keep in mind that as the battery level drops when climbing uphill, so does the scooter’s ability to climb steep angles.

Aesthetics & Build

No doubt about it, the Hiboy S2 is one good-looking electric scooter. However, you’d be wrong to assume that this is a case of “all style no substance” because the main material used to build this scooter makes it a great purchase from a practical standpoint. How so? Well, aluminum is woven into the very fabric of this scooter’s body. 

The rear fenders are encased in aluminum, protecting the wires within. The fender bracket, which fixes the fender in place, is also made from aluminum. The scooter’s stem? You guessed it: aluminum. Aluminum is pretty much everywhere on this electric scooter. 

That’s deliberate, of course: unlike other metals, aluminum isn’t susceptible to rust. It’s also sturdy and lightweight. This makes this electric scooter sturdy, lightweight, and easy to clean.


The Hiboy S2 electric scooter comes fitted with dual rear shock absorbers on its rear wheel. These shocks, which contain two inside shock springs made of special alloy spring steel, work fine on urban roads. 

However, you won’t have the smoothest ride when riding over rougher terrain, as the rear spring suspension leaves a lot to be desired. 

Rougher terrain also seems to render the rear shock absorber on this electric scooter near useless. This puts an enormous dent in the scooter’s ride quality and comfort.


The S2 electric scooter has a double braking system, an electronic brake in the front wheel, and a disc brake in the rear. 

Riders can operate the disc brake using a run-of-the-mill brake lever while the regenerative brake is activated by a thumb-press (this brake is located near the scooter’s left throttle). When used in tandem, these dual brakes will stop the scooter instantly.

On that note, you shouldn’t rely on the electronic brake on its own. Unlike disc braking, electric braking can’t bring the scooter to a full stop. 

Rather, the electric brake’s functionality is closely tied to the scooter’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), which maintains the battery level when the brakes are pressed.

Finally, you’ll find the disc brake at the rear wheel of the electric scooter, while the electric brake is located at the front wheel.

Portability and Weight Limit

At 29.5 lbs, the S2 electric scooter weighs quite a bit. However, its heft is comparable to other scooters in its category. Moreover, despite the scooter’s weight, it’s still able to hit its max-speed just fine.

The Hiboy S2 is also better suited for heavier riders. At 264 lbs, its generous weight limit can carry adults who weigh up to 260lbs. However, being able to accommodate heavier weights comes at the expense of the scooter’s performance.

In terms of the portability of this electric scooter, its folding mechanism makes folding the scooter as simple as 3 steps:

  1. Loosen the stem’s folding lever
  2. Collapse the stem
  3. Using the latch, hook the handlebars to the rear fender. 

The entire process takes about three seconds from start to finish.

One thing to watch out for is that the handlebars on this electric scooter don’t fold. However, they aren’t so wide as to not fit comfortably into car trunks or on public transportation. Once collapsed, the dimensions on this electric scooter measure 45.7 x 16.5 x 19.3 inches.

Wheels and Tires

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter glides on a pair of 8.5-inch solid tires. Unlike pneumatic tires, which are air-filled and therefore likely to suffer from punctures, these solid rubber tires are perforated, making it next to impossible for you to get a flat. 

However, the tradeoff of using solid tires is that you shouldn’t expect the kind of comfortable riding experience you’d get with a pair of air tires.


The S2 electric scooter can be connected to your phone via the support of a purpose-built app available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Some of the things you can do with the app include:

  • Powering the scooter on and off
  • Checking the scooter’s current speed
  • Checking the scooter’s battery level
  • Locking the scooter
  • Enabling cruise control
  • Toggling the lights
  • Setting the scooter’s speed limit
  • Controlling the headlight

Of all the cool features that the app provides, being able to lock the scooter takes the cake. It provides a huge amount of security and will deter thieves from trying to steal this electric scooter. However, you’ll probably need to invest in a lock for the scooter to prevent it from being stolen.

Apps built for electric scooters don’t usually get great reviews, but the Hiboy app seems to be an exception. At the time of writing, it scores 3.5 stars out of 5 on the Google Play store, while on the iOs store, it’s rated 3.6 stars. For comparison, similar apps average at 2.5 stars.

The most frequent complaint made about scooter apps is their poor Bluetooth connectivity. Still, Hiboy’s app seems to fare better than its competitors.


Thanks to well-positioned handlebars and rubber grips, maneuvering the Hiboy S2 is smooth. So you won’t have to worry about your sweaty hands causing issues while riding.

The Hiboy S2’s throttle, which controls acceleration, is conveniently placed on the right handlebar, meaning it’s within reach whenever you feel the need to go faster. Meanwhile, if you need to slow down for pedestrians or catch their attention, you’ll find the brake lever and bell on the left handlebar.

The Hiboy S2’s dashboard is located in the center of the handlebar. It features a small LCD screen and a button that performs multiple functions.

Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the handlebar height, which is a disadvantage if you’re a taller rider.

Final Thoughts

The Hiboy S2 is an excellent electric scooter for beginners and scooter enthusiasts with modest budgets. This electric scooter delivers in many aspects, such as its reasonable speed, dual braking system, and rear suspension, making it a safe, beginner-friendly option and an ideal candidate as a first scooter. 

It rides really well in an urban setting, and its solid tires make it great for terrain that would puncture an air-filled tire in a heartbeat. A powerful motor and long-lasting battery are just some more features that make this commuter scooter a great buy. 


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