Hiboy S2 Pro vs. Ninebot Max

There are several scooter models to choose from, and the choice is determined by your requirements, affordability, and personal taste. The Hiboy S2 Pro and the Ninebot Max are two popular scooter models with similar functionalities that we’ll be looking at today. 

Since both scooters’ brands have been in the market for a long time, they’ve built a strong reputation for producing high-quality products that have established them as market stalwarts. 

While the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter has been a best-seller for a few years, the Ninebot Max is part of the company’s latest scooter lineup. So, in this article, we’ll compare these two models of e-scooters, and we’ll walk you through several features such as safety, top speed, range, power, brakes, maximum weight, and more. 

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Hiboy S2 Pro vs. Ninebot Max: Specifications

FeatureHiboy S2 ProNinebot Max
Speed19 mph18.6 mph
Braking SystemDisc, Electronic RegenerativeDrum, Foot
Weight36.3 lbs41.2 lbs
Max Load260 lbs220 lbs
Charge Time6 hours7.5 hours
SuspensionRear dual shock absorbersNone

What Makes the Hiboy S2 Pro Better Than the Ninebot Max?

The Hiboy S2 Pro is best suited as a weekend scooter for relaxed journeys. It’s a fantastic entrée into the scooting world for teens and adults. 

In addition, its battery can be charged in 6 hours only, while the Ninebot Max can be charged in 7.5 hours. As a result, charging the Hiboy is substantially faster than charging the Max.

Moreover, the Hiboy scooter has a max weight of about 260 lbs, which is much larger than the Ninebot Max’s max load of 220 lbs. Plus, it’s generally much less costly than the Ninebot, providing you with more bang for your buck.

The Hiboy also has rear twin shock absorber technology, resulting in exceptional absorption.

What Makes the Ninebot Max Better Than the Hiboy S2 Pro?

The Ninebot Max will be your go-to option if you want a scooter with better hill-climbing capabilities. This is because it can ascend to 20 % hill inclines, unlike Hiboy Pro’s 15% maximum incline.

In addition, the Hiboy S2 Pro’s brushless motor is 350 W, while the Ninebot Max’s is 700 W. Hence, the Max outperforms the S2 Pro.

Top Speed and Moto Power

For starters, both scooters have identical top speeds. The Hiboy S2 Pro has a top speed of around 19 mph; however, it can slow down dramatically when carrying a heavy rider. On the other hand, the Ninebot Max has a maximum speed of 18.6 mph, which is equivalent to the S2 Pro.

In addition, the Hiboy has a 350 W brushless motor, whereas the Max has a powerful 700 W motor. As a result, the Max has nearly twice the power of the Hiboy S2 Pro.

So despite having identical max speeds, the Max boasts a significantly more powerful engine with a quicker pick-up.

Hill Climbing

The hill-climbing ability is mostly determined by the scooter’s top speed and the motor’s power. The Hiboy S2 Pro’s peak hill-climbing capability is a 15% incline from flat. In contrast, the Ninebot Max can ascend to a 20 % incline from a flat surface.

This implies that if you ride your scooter all day and meet a lot of hills, you’ll need a scooter that can handle them without the battery depleting or the engine failing. In our case, the Ninebot Max wins.

Battery Life and Maximum Range

The battery life of electric scooters is also vital to consider. A longer battery life, especially if it’s a regenerative battery, might be beneficial because you won’t have to worry about the scooter dying on you.

As for the range, the Ninebot Max features space for an extra battery, which may expand the range to over 28 miles, allowing you to ride for longer periods and distances. On the other hand, the Hiboy S2 Pro has a battery that’ll get the rider around 25 miles. Keep in mind that the range of both scooters varies greatly depending on how they’re used.

Another crucial consideration is that the Ninebot Max takes 7.5 hours to charge, whereas the Hiboy S2 Pro takes 6 hours. As a result, charging the Hiboy is faster than charging the Max model.


So, how easy is it to carry these scooters from one location to another? The Hiboy S2 Pro weighs only 33 lbs, while the Ninebot Max is a bit heavier at 36.2 lbs. However, the latter has a unique thread locking system that makes it easy to carry.

Moreover, both scooters have a traditional folding design that makes them easy to transport from one location to another. You can then hold the scooter in one hand if you need to board a train or bus, making it easier for you to travel around. 

Plus, both scooters include an ultra-bright headlight that makes it simple to see what’s going on in front of you. 


Now, let’s consider the braking feature of each scooter. Generally, traditional double brakes are fantastic, but you want a shorter braking distance and a powerful braking force to save you from getting into an accident. So different braking levels among the rear wheels, in particular, might be beneficial.

The Hiboy S2 Pro has an electronic thumb brake as well as a manual handbrake that also functions as a rear disc brake. Even though this scooter has a short stopping distance, the electronic brake won’t be sufficient to bring you to a complete stop. So to bring it to a complete stop, you must always flex the manual brake.

On the other hand, the Ninebot Max has an electromechanical front brake, innovative magnetic brake technology in the back, and a foot brake on the rear fender.

With this triple braking technology, each brake works independently to create varied braking levels to enable you to tailor your driving experience. Also, it has regenerative anti-lock braking that makes sure you remain safe.

In short, both scooters have done a fantastic job in innovating techniques to keep you safe.


The Hiboy S2 Pro is equipped with 10-inch solid, sturdy tires that are significantly superior to standard solid tires. Conversely, the Max is equipped with 9-inch traction control tires. While the Hiboy’s tires are somewhat larger, the Max’s are more durable. 

In addition, the Hiboy has a rear twin shock absorber system that provides great shock absorption. As a result, the high level of stress absorption is outstanding.

Maximum Weight

When it comes to the maximum weight, the Hiboy scooter’s maximum weight is approximately 260 lbs, which is much more than Max’s maximum load of 220 pounds. 

Build Quality and Water Resistance

The Max has a durable metal frame produced using molding technology, resulting in a long-lasting design. However, while the Hiboy scooter has a good unit density, it’s not as robust as the dazzling Ninebot. 

In addition, both scooters are waterproof to a certain standard (IPX4).


It’s critical to examine the cost of each scooter. In our comparison here, the Ninebot Max is substantially more expensive than the S2 Pro scooter.

So even though the Max scooter has significant advantages, it might cost up to 50% more. As a result, the Hiboy scooter should provide better value for money.

Warranty and Post-Purchase Support

The Hiboy S2 Pro and the Ninebot Max come with a 12-month warranty that covers any defects you may find from the time you originally bought them. This is only covered when purchased directly from them, so double-check the warranty you’ll get if you buy from other places before you buy.

Besides the quality and reliability they’ve built, both these brands can be contacted anytime you need them. Both are available through email, and their extensive customer service representatives respond within 24 hours.

Hiboy S2 Pro – Pros & Cons:

Has flat-resistant tiresHas an option to attach a seatSleek frameQuick acceleration curveMobile appWater-resistant Has rear dual shock absorbersNot the best ride qualityThe app is quite difficult to use

Ninebot Max – Pros & Cons:

Has a battery management system for prolonged lifeCruise controlSelf-healing tiresLED displayAccess ride data via mobile appWater-resistantHas triple-braking technologyA bit heavierNo suspensionMore expensive

Hiboy S2 Pro vs. Ninebot Max: The Final Say

So that was the end of our comparison guide of both scooters. The Hiboy S2 Pro and the Ninebot Max scooters are famous and can fit your daily commuting routine. As a quick recap, you should opt for the Max if you plan on traveling a few miles further. However, if not, you can settle for the S2 Pro scooter instead. 

We hope that our comparison helps you select the best electric scooter for your commuting needs. Have a fun ride!


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