How Fast Does an Electric Scooter Go?

If you’re a beginner, you’re probably asking yourself how fast electric scooters can go. It turns out that it depends on the type of electric scooter and whether you’re riding on public roads, city streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, or any terrain. Either of these places has certain limits depending on the state where you live. 

So you don’t want to ride your vehicle on sidewalks at speeds over the maximum limit required by law. This is because you may end up scaring grannies and other pedestrians and probably crashing through things. And such situations may ruin your riding experience.

So, how fast do electric scooters go?

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Short Answer

An average electric scooter that’s suitable for adults is usually limited to a speed of 15 mph. However, it can move at a higher speed when you’re riding it privately. But in general, the speed depends on the type of scooter. 

For example, it can go up to 4 mph if it’s a toy electric scooter for kids. But if it’s an adult scooter used for transport, it can reach up to 15 mph. However, the top speeds could go up to 65-70 mph if it’s a custom electric scooter. 

Now that you know a brief about how fast these foldable vehicles can go, let’s get into more juicy details.

What Is the Maximum Speed of an Electric Scooter?

As we mentioned, the top speed varies significantly depending on the type. So, we’ll walk you through the main types of scooters and their approximate speed ranges.

Toy Electric Scooter

Toy scooters move at a low speed of up to 4 mph because of their little motor power. Kids can learn to balance on this vehicle as it’s built for them. It’s also an ideal ride for sidewalks.

Electric Scooter for Kids

These e-scooters are a little more powerful than their toy counterparts. Their maximum speed is usually between 7-10 mph. 

In addition, they usually have a motor power of less than 150 W, and the batteries are around 10-12 V. So, these vehicles are suitable for slightly older kids. Still, they can also be used as transport for adult beginners. 

Standard or Adult Electric Scooter

A standard or adult scooter can reach 15 mph without breaking a sweat! It usually has between 250-300 W of motor power.

Because you can ride it for long distances, most people buy this type of vehicle to move around the city. It has the perfect balance of weight and power. Also, it has a good braking distance, more powerful motors for climbing slopes, and a longer battery life to cover more miles.

High-Power Electric Scooter

This one is the fastest electric scooter out there, with more than 1000 W of motor power. Some are suitable for riding in public, but their speed must be limited to remain legal. They’re the beasts; heavy, large, and capable of reaching high speeds. 

Moreover, they’re ready to go off-road, compete, and do stunts. In addition, this electric scooter features interesting components such as pneumatic tires, brake lights, and a sophisticated braking system. 

Now, let’s see these electric scooters’ different powers and speeds.

1000 W Power

Depending on the configuration of the e-scooter, it’s possible to reach 25-30 mph. The 1000 W e-scooter usually requires between 40-50 V.

2000 W Power

This category of fast scooters can reach 30-35 mph. It also needs a powerful battery of 50-60 V.

3000 W Power

These great foldable vehicles truly exist and come with mind-blowing power. The 3000 W scooters can reach a maximum speed of 50-55 mph. These beasts require between 60-70 V.

4000 W Power

If you’re a top-speed lover, you can ride at an incredible 60 mph with these scooters. This 4000 W scooter is powered by a 70-80 V battery.

5000 W Power or More

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, you can ride one of these. The 5000 W scooters can reach higher speeds between 65-70 mph. However, it would be good to wear a motorcycle suit and good protective gear such as a helmet.

The only downside is that they’re probably not legal in many states for safety reasons. Although some can be registered as mopeds, the manufacturers suggest you’d have a better time in areas such as motocross and speed tracks.

How Are the Fastest Electric Scooters Different From Other Scooters?

There are certain signs to tell the difference between electric scooters that can move at high speeds and those that can’t. So let’s have a look at some features of top-speed e-scooters.

  • Dimensions. Riding to the limit requires careful preparation. Such scooters have a strong, elongated frame up to 140 cm and wide wheels from 10-11 inches. These dimensions offer sturdy construction, a stable ride, and space for a great battery. 
  • Number of Motors. One motor isn’t enough. Therefore, two electric motors are installed, giving 1600-5400 W. This is why impressive power is felt right from the start in the fastest scooters.
  • Battery Capacity. The battery capacity isn’t less than 1500-2100 W because a lot of energy is needed to supply two motors. On a single charge, you can do tens of miles, go out of town, and enjoy a smooth ride in the fresh air.
  • Weight Limit. Top speed electric scooters will briskly lift a person weighing 100-140 kg up steep hills or rough terrain. The slower ones will have gravity to contend with and will most likely lose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Scooters as Fast as Bikes?

Yes, they are. Even though most e-scooters can’t move at very high speeds, the high-power ones can go up to 70 mph and probably race with a bike. 

Is 20 mph Fast for an Electric Scooter?

To determine if 20 mph is a fast electric scooter speed depends on the user. For adult riders, it’s moderate as they can easily commute through a crowded terrain at such a speed. The same goes for older teens between the age of 16 and 19.

However, a scooter moving at 20 mph is way too fast for kids and first-time riders. So it’s recommended that parents buy scooters that don’t go too fast, say a speed between 7-10 mph.

Why Does the Maximum Electric Scooter Speed Vary?

The maximum speed of electric scooters varies because of the type of components that the foldable vehicle brings. Also, top speeds depend on the engine power, battery’s capacity, and quality of the components.

Final Thoughts

Electric scooters are a good option for riding around the city whenever heavy traffic poses a problem to cars and other vehicles. However, many riders of these nimble scooters wonder how fast they can be on the move with this vehicle.

A standard e-scooter may reach 15 mph, while other kids’ scooters have a limit of 10 mph. However, the best electric scooters with top speeds can reach 70 mph.


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