How Much is a Razor Electric Scooter – Razor E-Scooter Prices in 2021

Riding an electric scooter is fun either with friends or alone. Yet, at the same time, it is important to know how much is a Razor electric scooter.

I have selected 8 Razor e-scooters, each has many positive reviews on Amazon and is proved oneself with their high quality & long-lasting design.

Under $100

1. Razor E90

Razor E90 is a perfect electric scooter for kids between 5-10 years. The reason it is the best choice for kids is that it is safe has considerable speed and the scooter is specifically meant for kids to ride. It comes with all the needed specifications and features required for the kids. Moreover, it can accommodate riders up to 120 lbs.

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10 mph top speed
Powerful hub motor
Long-lasting battery
Hand-operated brake for safety
80 minutes continue run
Only 22 pounds of weight
No chain and chain tension
Tires give greater stability
Kickstand and push-button throttle


Not portable
Not a foldable scooter
The handlebar is short in height
Speed control is not variable
Short warranty period of 90 days

Between $100 – $200

1. Razor E100

The Razor E100 offers a smooth ride for younger kids. It is equipped with a front air tire that rolls smoother than the E90 that has a polyurethane front wheel, but not as smooth as the E200 which has a front and rear air tire.


Pneumatic front tires
Twist-grip throttle
The scooter’s retractable kickstand
The scooter is built with a high-quality steel frame
The easy-to-use left-hand front brakes
The product packaging includes accessories
The scooter has added safety features


It does not have adjustable handles
The height can not be adjusted
Not a foldable scooter
The battery takes 8 hours to charge but runs only 40 minutes
Heavy weight

2. Razor E125

The E125 is suitable for beginner kids. This scooter has a speed of 10 miles per hour or 16 kilometers per hour that is quite considerable for the kids. The product’s maximum weight capacity is 120 pounds or 54 kilograms, but making it good for teenagers as well.


Colorful look
Three color choices
Sturdy tires
Easy to handle
Safe for kids


Less load capacity
Less battery timing

3. Razor E200

The E200 has higher torque which gives it more power. Although it is a chain-driven scooter no-noise technology prevents that rustling chain noises. It is powered by a 24 volts battery and requires 12 hours to charge. . The battery lasts for 40 minutes and the speed of this scooter is greater than other scooters that can cover a maximum of 12 miles per hour or roughly 20-kilo meters per hour. But the speed varies depending upon rider weight, road conditions, climate et cetera, et cetera.


High power
More load capacity
Good for teenagers


Speed is unsafe for younger kids
More charging time
Less running time
Limited color choices

Between $200 – $300

1. Razor Pocket Mod

Razor Pocket Mod is one of the top-rated scooters for your kid that offers the best combination of style and comfort under an affordable price tag. The scooter can cover up to 10 kilometers until the next recharge process. It has a chain-driven electric device for offering the best power transfer to the bike.


Easy to handle
Great value for money


Poor battery timing
Heavy weight

2. Razor E325

It is equipped with a powerful motor that can cover up to 24 kilometers with a speed of 15 miles per hour or 24 kilometers per hour. Thereby, making it the best e-scooter for a teenager in view of max-speeds that the Razor e-scooters offer. A deck is wider than before so that the feet can easily be placed side by side. It has 10 inches of pneumatic wheels, making it a great choice for rough terrains. It is also equipped with shock absorbers to support rough rides.


Minimalistic design
Ultra-Quiet mode
Better speed
Long-lasting battery
Simple look
Large wheels
Smooth ride
Suitable for rough terrains


Not meant for young kids

3. Razor RX 200

The RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter is particularly meant for people residing in rural areas where there are no or fewer sidewalks. The product is preferable for the ones who enjoy the outdoors. RX 200 is designed for off-road terrains.


Easy to handle
The back braking system is hand-operated
The chain-driven motor has been built by a large gear ratio
Rechargeable battery power


Short running time
The unit needs assembling

Above $300

Razor EcoSmart Metro

It is a spectacular eco-friendly e-scooter that can assemble the scooter in a blink of an eye. Regardless of less hill power, and missing foldable handlebars, it’s an amazing bike for sure.


Ultra padded seatÂ
Has a detachable luggage rackÂ
Rear disc braking systemÂ
Environmental friendly
Powder-coated frame for emissions-free transportation


A short warranty period of only 90 days
Assembling might be difficult
The charging does not stay for long
It only has rear brakes

Wrapping Up

Razor is the most experienced brand on e-scooters and the prices of the Razor e-scooters are fair to purchase one. All you need selecting one and go with it. It will be the coolest gift to kids and teens for sure.

Razor has a versatile range of e-scooters mostly ranging from $100-$300. Even the minimum and most affordable rate of Razor e-scooters own the features like a premium scooters. It clealry reflects that Razor has not compromised on the quality of inexpensive range of its e-scooters.

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