How to Dispose of Electric Scooter Responsibly

Electronic scooters are convenient personal vehicles. They make commuting to work or college much easier.

But like all other vehicles, they have their lifespans. Or it reaches a time when you no longer need its service.

In such cases, you have to choose the best disposal method for the e-scooter. A way that doesn’t contribute to the pollution of the environment, such as lakes and rivers.

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The Best Ways to Dispose of Electric Scooters

When choosing the right way to get rid of your e-scooter, here are viable ways to consider:

Resell it to Someone or an Online Buyer

Sometimes you may have upgraded to a better vehicle. And that means you no longer use the old personal mobility vehicle.

A scooter that’s in working condition is resalable. So consider selling it through online stores such as eBay.

Besides, you can also secure its market through social platforms. Thus contact your friends on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. The more people you reach, the higher the chances of securing a viable buyer.

Take close-up photos of the equipment. Draft accurate description of its current status. Post such data on the social network and eBay to increase your chance of selling it.

Donate to a Local Club or any Charity Organization

You may not need the scooter. But there is someone who wishes to own such a personal mobility vehicle.

Donating the scooter to a needy party is not only eco-friendly but a charitable act. Consider using the internet to meet organizations, local clubs, or NGOs that require such used scooters.

Besides, local clubs may require used e-scooters for training or recreational purposes for children. You’re most likely to meet a needy student wishing for such equipment.

Check if the Manufacturer Has an Exchange Policy

Some electronic companies do offer exchange programs for their products. That means you can send back the used battery-powered scooter to the manufacturer and buy a new one.

Furthermore, such companies with an exchange policy often offer a discount on the new scooter. Therefore contact your manufacturer and know if such a deal exists. If you are lucky, you may even get the nearest drop-off point for the product.

Consider Visiting Waste Recycling Centers and Junkyards

Another option is finding the nearest junkyard. That becomes the best option when the electric scooter isn’t functioning.

You don’t have to let the scooter lie idle in the garage. There are dedicated companies that recycle used electronic wastes. Quick research on the internet will reveal the nearest e-recyclers around you.

However, at times the recyclers may require you to pay a small amount of fee. But it’s better than getting stuck with a junk scooter that you no longer use.

Moreover, when you care about the environment, it’s the best path to follow. Also, when the e-scooter is still in a reasonable state, it may earn you dollars.

However, before you think of disposing of the equipment, take note of the following:

Precautions When Disposing of the E-Scooters

Hand Over Ownership

Before dishing out the equipment to a second party, it’s vital to deregister it from your name. That’s a wise idea since in case the scooter causes an accident, you won’t be held responsible. You can deregister it online.

Handle the Battery With Care

The batteries of the scooters comprise dangerous chemicals. Sometimes you may wish to dispose of the old battery but keep the e-scooter. Don’t throw it in the usual garbage can or trash.

Instead, search for dedicated battery recycling centers. Make Google your best friend in directing you to the nearest recycling point. For instance, Razor Scooter Company has designated points to collect their used batteries.

Don’t Dump them Into Lakes and Rivers

Some scooter owners have the habit of disposing of used e-scooters into lakes and rivers. Doing so endangers aquatic lives. The lubricating oil on the scooter and battery chemicals draining into lakes amounts to pollution. Pilling up used scooter frames into the lakes isn’t a wise act.

Keep the Scooter Out of Paths.

Even after deregistering the e-scooter, don’t dump it on paths. Otherwise, it will cause inconvenience to human traffic and bicycles.

Instead, look out for designated electronic recycling points. Sometimes you may find dedicated places for collecting used scooters labeled as “scootypods” or docking stations.


The way you dispose of used e-scooter counts. It shouldn’t cause discomfort to other people or aquatic lives. That’s why it’s vital to consider any of the highlighted ways to discard the scooter. When you have to dispose of an electric scooter, do it the correct way.

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