How to Reset Your Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is a good transport option for many reasons, such as easily navigating crowded streets. But it’ll be no surprise if your scooter starts acting up, like any other electronic gadget.

Your e-scooter might malfunction in several ways. One of the most common ways is refusing to start. If this happens, you might need to reset your e-scooter to resolve the issue. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the steps needed to reset your electric scooter. So let’s get to it.

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How Do I Reset My Electric Scooter?

Resetting an e-scooter isn’t difficult. Most scooters have a reset button that you can simply press. However, several people don’t know where the electric scooter’s reset button is. Usually, it’s fixed to the left of the battery compartment. That said, here’s how to use the power button to reset an electric scooter:

  1. First, make sure your electric scooter is on a flat, level surface
  2. Next, turn off the scooter
  3. Wait around 5 minutes after turning off the scooter
  4. Turn it back using the reset button by the battery compartment
  5. The power switch should be lit up, and your scooter is supposed to work properly

When Should I Reset My Scooter?

Most of the time, your electric scooter would require a restart when you exceed your weight restriction. That’s when the real problems arise. So, ideally, you should avoid transporting heavy items on your electric scooter to avoid such problems. 

After all, the increased load is a reason that triggers the shutdown. This is because your electric scooter can only withstand a specific capacity before it stops working. 

However, another issue stems from poor riding conditions. You should always bike on sturdy, dry roads. So, if your scooter acts up after using it on rough terrain, you’ll need to reset it.

How Long Does an Electric Scooter Last?

In general, you can use your electric scooter for an average of three years. Now, this corresponds to one-time charges daily. However, many other variables affect the service life of a scooter. 

Your scooter’s performance won’t drop significantly in the first two years. However, it’ll reduce dramatically in the third year, to about 80-90 percent when compared to a new one. Eventually, the efficiency will deteriorate. This entails a shorter cruising range, a change in momentum, and even more upkeep.

Other Common Electric Scooter Problems

There’s a slew of issues that can arise when you possess an electric scooter. We’ll go over a few and offer solutions you can try to fix them.

Loss of Battery Charge

If your scooter decelerates on level ground, you most likely have a battery problem. No worries; there’s a fix.

Simply replace the batteries to resolve the issue. You can also check the power pack’s charge and make sure you’ve charged the battery for at least eight hours. 

It’s also a good idea to inspect the tires. Generally, electric scooter speeds decrease with flat tires or low air pressure. So check to see if inflating or repairing the tires may crank your speed back up.

Engine Heating Up Quickly

Fortunately, many modern scooters fashion a safety mechanism that turns the scooter off to prevent further damage when it overheats. In any case, you’ll notice the heat when you’re near your engine. Also, a hot engine indicates an overheating battery, which reduces your battery’s lifespan.

If your engine overheats, just turn off your engine and allow it to cool down. After that, inspect the workings for any broken wire. 

The engine may still function despite damaged fuses or wiring issues. However, the battery would be subjected to excessive pressure, which could result in irreversible damage.

Final Words

When you take care of your electric scooter, you can expect it to provide you with trouble-free service. However, you can still have an inconvenient experience with any electronic device.

Meanwhile, you have a general understanding of how to reset your electric scooter. So, if your scooter breaks down, don’t just toss it away. Instead, you could try a do-it-yourself (DIY) option. But, if you’re unsure, it’s time to look for professional help.


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