How To Ride An Electric Scooter

As the electric scooter becomes the latest technology in the scooter world, more people who have never ridden one are more eager to become e-scooter riders. 

So, if you’ve finally bought yourself a fun, fast, environmentally friendly, and lightweight e-scooter, you might be facing the dilemma of how to ride it.

Watching other people riding an electric scooter makes it appear fun and simple, which it is! However, some people, particularly beginners, may have a bit of a learning curve with it at first.

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Short Answer

Start practicing on pavement or an empty parking lot, raise your e-scooter kickstand, and place your strong foot on the scooter’s deck to balance yourself. Then, by pressing the throttles, start to move smoothly and turn around using the handlebars.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter for Beginners

1. Get Protective Gear

To ride an electric scooter is nearly as dangerous as bicycles; it has many of the same risks of falling off. So, the most important thing is to buy this safety equipment to protect yourself and become the professional rider you need to be. 

The safety gear required for an electric scooter is the same as that needed for a bicycle:

  1. A helmet to avoid head injuries
  2. Knee and elbow pads
  3. Protective clothing such as long-sleeve shirts and pants 
  4. Appropriate shoes like over-the-ankle boots made of leather
  5. A scooter bag

2. Check the Tires

If your scooter features pneumatic tires, it’s essential to check the air pressure in the front and back tires before riding. Also, check the treads regularly to see if they’re worn out, and make sure to replace them when needed.

3. Focus 

It’s easy to lose sight of your surroundings when you’re riding, especially as a beginner. So keep an eye out for people passing by, oncoming traffic, and other obstacles. To avoid accidents, you must exercise extreme caution. Follow the rules and regulations, stay off the path of people and away from congested areas.

4. Use Hand Signals

It’s critical to be aware of your surroundings. The hand signaling to passers-by is also a part of surrounding awareness. So always make hand signals when turning left, turning right, or stopping.

Before making a turn, look behind you to see if there are any passers. Also, keep in mind that there are types of e-scooters you won’t be able to operate with one hand to maneuver past passers and other vehicles easily. 

That’s why you shouldn’t speed up; always keep your eyes on passers and vehicles and keep your hands ready to press the brakes whenever needed.

5. Always Check the Battery Life

On a single charge, e-scooters can travel up to 15 miles. Battery life is your biggest concern if you’re going on a more extended trip. Make sure you’ve fully charged the battery and watch your mileage, so you don’t have to walk home if your electric scooter runs out of juice.

Getting Started

Before you take your electric scooter onto heavily-trafficked roads, you should practice how to ride an electric scooter in an area with plenty of open space like parking lots, preferably with a more experienced friend of yours.

There should be little pedestrian and vehicle traffic to avoid any possible accidents. So avoid bike lanes or paths, as well as any uneven surfaces that could trip you up as you learn to ride. Before you begin, turn on your electric scooter and make sure you understand where all of the controls are and how to use them. Ans always read the manual instructions.

Before you start riding your scooter, you should practice using your brakes and become familiar with them if you want to change to lower speeds or accelerate. The brakes can be sensitive, so take it easy at first until you practice well how to control your speeds. Practice driving with one hand so you can use hand signals when you exit the road.

How to Stand on the Electric Scooter

1. Position the Electric Scooter on a Flat Paved Road

You can practice the smooth movements and get the feel to ride confidently without worrying about passing over any bumps, hills, or any other obstacles.

2. Raise the Kickstand With One Foot

Raise the kickstand beneath or beside the scooter with either of your feet. It’ll lean after this, so make sure to hold on to it.

3. Use a Kick Scooter Stance

Don’t place both legs at once. Rather, place your weak leg on the scooter’s deck first, with only one foot forward to balance yourself. Then, lean forward and grab both handlebars with both of your hands.

4. Use Your Strong Leg and Place It on the Scooter’s Deck

Once you’re moving, place your strong leg behind your weak leg on the deck; you’ll be able to better maintain your balance.

5. Steadily Press the Throttle 

Every model of e-scooters has a particular type of throttles, but the technique is always the same. To get the scooter moving, begin with a slow, smooth motion. Then, use your strong leg to maintain balance as you start to move.

6. Use the handlebars to Turn 

When you turn the handlebars, the scooter will turn as well. The movements, like the throttle, should be slow and steady to keep the ride smooth.

7. Use the Brakes

Many high-end e-scooter models have brakes similar to those found on a motorcycle or a bicycle. To slow the scooter, pull on the brake lever. Don’t suddenly pull the brakes too hard, or you’ll be thrown off the scooter.

Electric Scooter Riding Conditions

You should avoid getting on your electric scooter in poor weather. For example, riding an electric scooter in the rain is never a good idea. If it starts to rain while you’re on the road, you should immediately turn off your electric scooter.

Generally, it would be best if you didn’t ride an electric scooter on sand or gravel. It’s designed to work best on flat-level pavement, so avoid bumpy bike paths, potholes on pavement, roads under construction or repair, and sharp inclines. 

Nonetheless, electric scooter manufacturers offer more powerful scooter models that can handle slopes up to 6 degrees and even up to 15 degrees.

Common Electric Scooter Riding Mistakes

Accelerating Too Fast

This happens when the rider has pushed the throttle too hard. You risk losing control of the scooter and falling off the deck if you do this. Also, you run the risk of damaging your scooter or injuring yourself. 

Also, remember that some electric scooters have multiple modes, so choose the slowest mode if you’re just starting out to avoid losing control.

Turning Too Far

You could fall off your scooter if you turn the handlebars too far. To keep the scooter upright, make sure to shift your weight. On an electric scooter, going slowly and steadily is the best way to go.

Braking Too Hard

Braking hard can damage your brakes and potentially throw you off the scooter. As a result, sudden braking should be used only in an emergency when you are about to collide with something or someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Legally Ride an Electric Scooter on the Road?

Yes, you can. However, you should thoroughly understand the laws governing driving an electric scooter in your city and state, including whether you can ride on the sidewalk or cross at intersections. You should also adhere to general traffic laws. For example, stop at all stop signs and red lights give people crossing by the right-of-way.

Is It Hard to Ride an Electric Scooter?

It’s easier than riding a manual scooter because it has a throttle, but it may take some getting used to. But there are various tips on how to ride an electric scooter smoothly.

Wrapping Up

You now understand the basics of how to ride an electric scooter. It’s not that difficult; most people can get started in about ten minutes and become good riders. Safety equipment like wearing knee and elbow pads and a helmet are also essential. 

Preferably, make your first ride at low speeds in an empty parking lot until you feel confident of hitting the streets at a higher speed. Also, make sure to check e-scooter general rules and laws in your area.


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