How to Waterproof Your Electric Scooter: Essential Tricks and Tips

Most electric scooters have a certain degree of water resistance. The degree of the scooter’s water resistance is denoted by its IP rating (ingress protection rating).

Generally, a higher IP rating means a higher degree of water resistance. However, that doesn’t mean that the equipment is 100% waterproof.

That’s why the manufacturers advocate against riding e-scooters in the rain. Riding through the puddles and water pool with a battery-powered scooter isn’t safe for the engine and the rider.

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But the weather isn’t always predictable. Sometimes it can rain on you while you are riding back from work.

It’s thus essential to know how to waterproof your electric scooter.

Reasons to Waterproof Your E-Scooter

Water can damage the sensitive parts of the equipment. That includes electrical connections, display unit, throttle, and motor.

Besides, prolonged accumulation of moisture on the metal frame encourages corrosion. In the long run, continuous exposure to water reduces the lifespan of the equipment.

Tips and Tricks to Waterproofing Your E-Scooter

Invest In a Waterproof Cover

A heavy downpour can raid your mobility vehicle at the parking lot. So consider investing in a waterproof cover.

It may not appear beautiful in your eyes, but so long as it does its job it’s alright. Whenever you plan to leave the scooter outside, cover it.

Never Fold the Scooter If It’s Still Wet

A large number of scooters are foldable. That makes them easy to transport. But have you noted how most scooters fold?

In the folded state, the handlebar lies below the stem handlebar. So when you fold a wet scooter, water drips on the throttle and display.

And when water penetrates the delicate electronics parts, it causes problems. Therefore, a better idea is to dry it first before folding it.

Dry the Scooter After Use 

It’s a simple but essential tip. Before storing the scooter, wipe off moisture by using a microfiber or paper towel.

It isn’t a wise idea to use a hairdryer. The blower pushes air. So instead of drying off the water, it may force them into other holes and crevices.

Tape Up the Charging Port and Deck

Using duct tape is a fast and effective waterproofing tip for scooters. If you plan to go out in the rain, consider using professional weatherproof tape.

Check for the area around the deck. If there are any exposed wires, seal the gaps exposing the wires using adhesive tape.

Choose an adhesive tape whose color matches the scooter. The blend will produce a more professional appearance.

Another critical place to seal is the charging port. Some scooters have their charging port located closer to the ground. You can’t count on the protective cap solely.

Wrap the duct tape over the port. That way, water won’t penetrate it. Otherwise, it may later develop difficulty in charging.

Don’t forget about the display unit. It’s also sensitive to moisture. Therefore you can invest in a clear and watertight cover for it.

Most scooter throttles have waterproofing ability. However, some scooter brands possess throttle with a low IP rating. Such models register poor water resistance. The best solution for such cases is to replace the throttle with a higher-quality model.


Ring Seal for Battery Compartment Cover

A scooter can’t do without a battery. And every e-scooter has a battery area cover. However, make sure that water doesnâ’t seep through in the battery compartment. One way to do that is by investing in a ring seal cover.

Use it in conjunction with the usual battery cover plate. That way, water won’t splash and penetrate the battery section.

Waterproof the Electrical Connectors Too

The connectors also count among delicate parts of a battery-powered scooter. Before waterproofing, clean the connectors. Check for any accumulated dirt.

After cleaning, seal them such that moisture and air don’t go through. When you do that, you won’t worry about rusting or any oxidation.

There are several ways in which you can waterproof the connectors. You can use dielectric grease to keep off water and dirt. If you need only a small quantity, then the Permatex dielectric grease is a viable option.

At the same time, if you need a quick temporary fix, then petroleum jelly smudge also works. But in all cases, take caution when accessing into the deck.

When you have finished, allow the dielectric grease to dry for about 12 hours; or as the instructions direct.

Lengthen the Fender

When riding in the snow or rain, a mudguard becomes a necessity. But when it is extra short, it fails in its duty.

So take note of the length of the mudguard. You don’t want to arrive at the workplace in muddy trousers. Consider investing in a fender extension accessory.

In some cases, you may only require a slight increment in the fender length. In that case, duct tape will suffice.

If Need Be, Consider Using O-rings Around Holes and Non-Sealed Screws

Some scooter brands have holes that allow wires through. But unfortunately, water can seep through such openings too.

When preparing for snow or riding in the light rain, seal those openings with O-rings. However, that would mean opening the deck and disassembling some components.

So proceed with caution. Fix the O-rings around the wires and seal the openings. Then assemble back the scooter. You can seek help from the equipment’s manual to ensure every part falls back to its rightful place.

But note that some holes on the scooter have been purposefully left open. So take time to identify which holes to seal and the ones that play a vital role.


Some e-scooter waterproofing tips take only minutes to implement. Yet, they play a vital role in keeping off moisture from the e-scooter.

But even after waterproofing the personal mobility vehicle, keep off riding in the rain when you can. Especially during a heavy downpour.

And when riding in the rain, follow the vital tips and tricks. Your safety should come first.

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