How to Transport an Electric Scooter

Wondering how to transport your electric scooter? We’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’ll tell you the best ways to get your electric scooter from Point A to Point B. Whether you’re taking it on a road trip or just using it to run errands around town, our tips will make transportation a breeze.

Read on for all the details!

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Electric Scooters on Buses

Let’s start with a disclaimer. Electric scooters are still relatively new, so not all cities have established guidelines for taking them on mass transit.

Even if your city does allow it, you should always double-check before you take your e-scooter onto a bus. Ask employees who work at the station or call your local transportation authority to find out whether it’s okay to take your e-scooter on board.

If you can bring your scooter onto the bus, here’s what you need to make sure to do.

Fold Your Scooter and Turn It Off

Before getting on the bus, make sure you fold your e-scooter and turn it off.

If you try to ride your scooter onto a bus, transit workers may stop you until you can show that it’s turned off and folded up. If they let you on and then notice that it’s switched on and isn’t folded, they could ask you to get off the bus until you can show proof that it’s properly shut down.

Wipe/Cover the Scooter’s Wheels

Next, you’ll want to wipe off any dirt and grime from the scooter’s wheels. Alternatively, you can cover them with a plastic grocery bag or something similar.

This is just out of common courtesy because the wheels of your e-scooter could, in theory, cause problems for someone else if they slip on them. Not to mention, you could accidentally get your clothes (or other people’s) dirty if you/they’re sitting too close to the wheels.

Carefully Enter the Bus

When it’s time to get on the bus, make sure you enter carefully. A lot of potential bumps can happen when you’re carrying an electric scooter onto the bus.

First, make sure no one is standing in your way or sitting too close to where you’ll be coming in. If someone does happen to be blocking your path, politely ask them to move.

You may also need to push a button on the outside of the bus before you can open the door, so make sure you know how to do that beforehand. Then, once you’ve opened up the door and stepped in a little, carefully roll your e-scooter in front of you so that you can hold onto it.

Don’t Block the Aisles

Once you’re on the bus, make sure you don’t block any aisles. The best places to stow your e-scooter are either under your seat or in the overhead storage bins if they exist. In most cases, you should be able to fit your scooter easily into one of these areas without blocking anyone’s path.

You could also sit near the very front or end of the bus because your scooter won’t block any aisles or exits.

Be as Careful When You Exit the Bus

After that, it’s pretty simple! Just take a seat and enjoy your ride into town. But when it comes time to get off, make sure you’re careful about how you step off the bus and onto the sidewalk. Hold the scooter in front of you when you exit the bus, and then gently put it on the ground when you get off.

You should also be careful when unfolding your scooter after you’ve gotten off because people might be walking close by or vehicles might be passing by. Make sure you unfold it far away from the rushed sidewalk and the street to avoid any potential accidents or injuries.

Electric Scooters on Trains

Transportation for electric scooters is a little different when it comes to taking them on trains.

For instance, some train lines don’t allow bikes, scooters, or skateboards during peak hours. This is because they want to make sure commuters can stay seated without having their commute impeded by other people’s belongings. If you check the schedule before heading out for your trip, it’s probably a good idea to avoid commuting during peak hours.

Then, here’s what you should do.

Always Carry the Scooter in Stations

Firstly, make sure you always carry your scooter through the train station and up/down the stairs. The reason for this is simple: it’s to make sure other commuters can move around as easily as possible.

For that, make sure it’s turned off and closed up so that it’ll be as easy to carry as possible.

Steer Clear of Revolving Doors

As you’re making your way through the station, steer clear of revolving doors. This is because the scooter might get caught in them, which would definitely cause problems. Instead, use the side entrances of the revolving doors if you can, or use a different door/exit altogether.

Go For Either the First or Last Trains

You should also try and go for either the first or last train so that you’ll be able to carry your scooter onto the train easily. As mentioned earlier, the peak hours trains will be too crowded, and you might not even fit through all of those people.

So, it’s best to avoid those times and aim for either right as the day starts or right as it ends. That way, you’ll be able to easily take your electric scooter on the train and stow it away where there’s space.

Don’t Ever Use the Overhead Racks

Lastly, never use the overhead racks on trains to carry your electric scooter. The reason is that you don’t want it to fall and hit someone else, so please be cautious!

Electric Scooters On Planes

Before we wrap up, you’re probably wondering what you should do if you want to bring your e-scooter onto a plane.

Unfortunately, most airlines won’t let you bring your e-scooter on board, so you’ll usually need to check it with the rest of your luggage when flying internationally or cross-country. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll let you board with it, so make sure to call up your airline beforehand.

That’s because electric scooters come with large Lithium-ion batteries (higher than 100 Wh) that airlines won’t let you keep in the passenger cabin. If your battery catches fire on board, it might damage other people’s luggage or even catch the whole aircraft ablaze.

The only case in which you might be able to bring your scooter onto a plane is if it’s for purposes of mobility assistance.

General Electric Scooter Transportation Tips

Now, let’s just go over some general tips for taking an electric scooter with you to work/school/wherever else you might need it, regardless of the transportation method you’ll be using. 

  • Make sure the scooter isn’t turned on while you’re putting it into/getting it out of your car or onto public transportation. The main reason is to keep from hurting people or scaring them. All it takes is a sudden acceleration to really hurt someone, so please be careful!
  • When traveling on public transportation (buses, trains, and other vehicles.), definitely fold up your electric scooter before boarding. Only unfold it when you need to start riding.
  • Don’t leave your scooter in places where people might trip over it or otherwise hurt themselves.
  • When exiting public transportation, try to pick the road/sidewalk with the least number of people walking by. Since electric scooters tend to move fairly quickly, this is to make sure you don’t accidentally hit someone.
  • It’s a good idea to tie up your scooter and keep it close to you and not let it move around too much. This way, you can easily stop it or grip onto the handlebar if something happens – but only if you’re close to it!
  • One way to make transporting your scooter easier is to use accessories like backpacks, covers, nylon straps, and more. Some manufacturers might even have their own accessories that are made specifically to make transportation easier.
  • Lastly, please be considerate of others when transporting or using your scooter. The main thing you need to do is watch out for others and avoid bumping into or hurting people.

Ride Safe!

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight on how to take your electric scooter around town. From folding it up so it can fit in public transportation to watching out for other people, transporting an electric scooter isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it.

Of course, remember that you should adjust any of these rules based on where exactly you’re taking the scooter! Understanding local laws is key to having a safe and enjoyable time while riding.

Ride safe and have fun!


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