INOKIM Quick 4 Review

If you’re thinking about buying a high-quality electric scooter with an outstanding design that prioritizes performance and safety over fashion, then the INOKIM Quick 4 might just be the one for you! 

In this review, we’ll go through the impressive features of INOKIM Quick 4 to help you decide if you’d like to invest in this electric scooter.

INOKIM Quick 4 Review: At a Glance

For many years, INOKIM has been making a revolution in the world of electric scooters. And the new INOKIM Quick 4 electric scooter is no exception; it’s all of the powerful features that a pro rider requires. 

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The INOKIM Quick 4 is packed with numerous new features and upgrades that are hard to find in other scooters, beginning with a completely new, one-of-a-kind display, a top speed of 24 mph (miles per hour), and a stylish and elegant design. Basically, it’ll guarantee a comfortable ride around the city for almost anyone.


  • Easy to fold
  • Stable and robust frame
  • Works with a 600 Watt motor power
  • Has a long range of 43 miles when fully charged
  • Has Automatic light features
  • Features dual suspension


  • Sem isn’t adjustable
  • Is pretty heavy
  • Relatively pricey
  • The deck is relatively small
  • Battery life could be better 



The INOKIM Quick 4 commuter scooter has a powerful performance; the single 600-watt motor delivers a powerful boost. The engine’s highest speed is locked at 15.5 mph, which is acceptable for the 600-watt motor power but, you can easily unlock it with simple commands on your scooter.

Once unlocked, the INOKIM Quick electric scooter can hit a top speed of 24 mph on the supermodel. But as always, make sure you follow local laws in your area.

Depending on your riding style and the traffic situation, you can use the LCD Central Control Unit to activate cruise control and select your preferred speed setting from three options: Eco, Speed, and Turbo.

These modes are beneficial, especially in congested city traffic. The Eco mode is essentially a super-slow mode (around 3-4 mph), which is helpful for pedestrians nearby or if you want to start slowly before switching to the Sport or Turbo modes.

The Turbo mode is used to achieve the scooter’s top speed and has strong acceleration, which is why we found it helpful in some situations to begin with the Sport mode.

The handlebar’s +/- control buttons switch from one mode to another, making the transition totally seamless.


The INOKIM Quick 4 has remarkable acceleration; a test ride can get you up to speed in just under 4 seconds, which is pretty impressive. There will be no lurch when the acceleration comes in, and the traction remains consistent throughout.

Climbing up a hill is also exceptionally unique with the INOKIM Quick 4; although it doesn’t precisely hurtle to the top of an incline, the tremendous power easily handles your ordinary incline grade. Moreover, it allows you to take a smooth acceleration curve to the top without difficulty.

Shock Absorption

One of the INOKIM Quick 4’s strong points is its dual damper suspension, which provides excellent shock absorption for urban terrain. In addition, the dual suspension and the 10-inch air-filled tires result in a very smooth ride and an incredibly comfortable riding experience on grass.

The INOKIM Quick 4 further equips its riders with the necessary shock absorption capabilities, providing them with an overall sense of safety.


Thanks to the large 52V Samsung 16Ah rechargeable battery, the INOKIM Quick 4 can go a range of 30-35 miles per single charge. Samsung batteries are of excellent quality, and you can be confident in the battery’s efficiency. You can now take longer trips knowing that your INOKIM Quick will get you to work on time.

However, the 52V 16Ah battery included in the INOKIM Quick takes 7 hours to charge, which is typical for a battery of this size. And because the battery contains Samsung cells, meaning you’ll get peak performance for an increased number of charge cycles.



The INOKIM Quick 4’s deck is vast, so standing on the scooter with both feet facing forward should be no problem. Of course, if this isn’t your preferred riding style, you have some leeway in changing up your foot positioning, but not too much. 

While the INOKIM Quick board is vast, it also has a short deck. So, if you have large feet, you’ll need a longer deck, meaning you need to double-check if this scooter is right for you because you’d need a more extended deck to be stable while riding.


The INOKIM Quick 4’s 10-inch air-filled (pneumatic) tires perform admirably. These tires are mounted on split rims and have extra width to support any impact and keep the e-scooter steady while riding.

The main difference between pneumatics and airless tires is in wheel maintenance. Airless tires won’t get punctures, which is a plus for many because replacing tires on an electric scooter can be troublesome and pricey. 

However, we find that pneumatics perform better than their solid counterparts because they have a better grip, which means turns will be easier to handle, keeping you safe.

LED Lights

The INOKIM Quick is equipped with two deck lights and front and rear lights, two in the front and one in the back. In previous models, the thumb throttle was lined with a light sensor to turn the lights on and off. 

In the INOKIM Quick 4, however, the sensors are relocated to the display, and you’re able to adjust the light level at which the lights turn on, just like you can with newerINOKIM models.

Overall, the lighting is adequate. However, due to the low-mounted position of the front lights, they don’t cast enough light in front of you. So, if you intend to ride at night, attach an external light to the scooter’s front for increased visibility.


The INOKIM Quick 4 super is designed with great care and attention to detail. Indeed, this e-scooter design incorporates an innovation.

The cockpit of the INOKIM Quick is unique; the handlebars have advanced built-in LED display buttons to control power. In addition, there’s a powerful thumb throttle, textured handgrips, and controls for performance and lighting.

Everything is aligned correctly for ease of use, even when speeding down the road. The additional rubber covering on each handlebar and the brake levers ensure that your hands aren’t irritated.

Drum Brakes

The INOKIM Quick comes with rear drum brakes that provide a responsive feel when the brake levers are pulled. In addition, these drum brakes are entirely sealed, won’t slip in the rain, and are less likely to be damaged by stones.

Levers on the handlebars are controlling the brakes by stemming from the cockpit. The brakes are well-handled, with superb modulation, so you shouldn’t slide even while stopping at high speed. The brake wires are external, but they’ve been secured to the stem to prevent snagging and make folding easier.

Overall, the INOKIM Quick has a strong stopping performance, making it the more robust scooter with the best ride quality. A stronger scooter is also a safer scooter.


The INOKIM Quick comfort level alone is impressive. The suspension effectively absorbs shocks and provides a smooth riding experience. It has been road-tested and proven to be reliable and long-lasting in its performance. 

With its large LCD display, you’ll have a luxurious riding experience. Also, the carry handle is attached to the end of the deck, making it more comfortable and easier for you to fold. 

With the INOKIM Quick 4, you can reinvent your travel habits to be more convenient, comfortable and satisfying.


The INOKIM Quick 4 was designed with portability in mind; it features a smart folding mechanism for easier transporting. It has a telescopic, collapsible locking stem, foldable handlebars, and the carry handle can be attached to the rear fender, folding into a combat frame.

But despite this portability-focused folding mechanism, the scooter weight isn’t light. On the contrary, the INOKIM Quick is about 46 pounds heavy, and carrying can be too much for some riders, especially if it’s being carried up several flights of stairs.

Additional Features


If the INOKIM Quick is left idle for 30 seconds or more, it’ll automatically enter park mode and disable the throttle. So if you accidentally bump the thumb throttle, for instance, this feature prevents the scooter from running away from you.

You can exit park mode by tapping any scooter’s buttons or pulling on either brake lever before setting off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the INOKIM Quick 4 Waterproof?

The INOKIM Quick 4 is water-resistant and won’t be damaged by rain. However, any pools of water should be avoided while riding.

In other words, you should be fine as long as you don’t ride through puddles deeper than your deck.

What Is the Most Important Feature to Look For in an Electric Scooter?

With an increasing number of people interested in purchasing electric scooters, it’s critical to understand what to look for.

But overall, speed, size, weight, range, dependability, and cost are the most important factors to consider when making your decision.

What Is the Fastest Electric Scooter on the Market?

The Weped FS is, without a doubt. It’s a racing electric scooter similar to an F1 race car.

This hyper electric scooter has three modes to help you get to the grocery store, work, or even the bank in comfort. With its 30KW drivetrain, this scooter can propel you up to 90 mph, making it the pinnacle of WEPED electric scooter performance and possibly the apex predator in the scooter universe. 

The FS also has the largest 72V 50AH battery pack, ensuring that you’ll arrive whenever you wish to go with a smooth and satisfying ride.

Final Verdict

The INOKIM Quick 4 electric scooter is one of the best all-around commuters due to its ultra-premium design, satisfying acceleration, and best-in-class display. This electric scooter strikes an excellent balance of power, top speed, portability, and range.

The Quick 4 Super also has high water resistance, an advanced LED display, and a great design. It’s also extremely stable, and its build quality makes for a safe and comfortable ride across the streets. 

As it stands, the Quick 4 Super is one of the coolest looking, highest performing commuters have ever had in the e-scooter riding world.


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