Kaabo Mantis V2 Review

Electric scooters have gained popularity in recent years for being an inexpensive, compact, and environmentally friendly means of transport. For these reasons, they have been widely adopted worldwide as a reliable way to travel around the city.

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Out of the many available brands, Kaboo has made its mark on the market by producing high-quality e-scooters at competitive prices; its Mantis line proved that affordable e-scooters could be high-performing. For example, the Kaboo Mantis V2 is an enticing choice for beginners and enthusiasts looking for a combination of quality and affordability.

But is it any good? We tried it out, and our detailed review will provide you with all the information you need before making your decision.

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Kaboo Mantis V2 Review: At A Glance

The Kaboo Mantis V2 sports dual sine-drive motors that operate at 1000W to deliver high-end performance at an affordable price. Paired with a 1092Wh battery that supports fast charging, it also guarantees an extended range of 27 miles on average between charges. 

This new iteration in the Mantis line brings about several improvements the 2020 Mantis fell short on, primarily focusing on enhancing the brakes and suspension. The Mantis V2 weighs 65lbs — it’s one of the lightest electric scooters in its class. Moreover, it can support up to 265lbs, making it ideal for almost everyone.


  • Light-weight for its class
  • Long range between charges
  • IPX5 waterproofing
  • Ultra-smooth throttle
  • Powerful yet silent dual motors
  • Great acceleration
  • Incredible hydraulic brakes
  • Customizable display


  • High-maintenance tires
  • The display can appear dim under some conditions
  • Finicky folding mechanism


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The Kaboo Mantis V2 sports dual 60V, 1000W sine-wave drive motors and allows complete control over their usage. These motors set the Mantis V2 apart from its square-wave drive competitors by being dead-silent, providing incredible starting acceleration and torque. They also consume electricity more efficiently.

And to economize your battery and guarantee maximum range, you can set your Mantis V2 to ECO and single-motor drive mode. But if you want top speed, you have an option for the dual-motor drive in TURBO mode, which is also great for hilly rides.

Acceleration & Speed

The Mantis V2 quickly achieves a top speed of 40mph with a weight load of 155lbs. Of course, results will significantly differ depending on driving conditions. Also, remember that a speed of around 35mph is typical for an e-scooter at this price range, so the V2 model outperforms its competitors to set a new standard!

Thanks to the powerful sine-wave motor controllers and ultra-smooth trigger throttles, the Mantis V2 ramps up its speed gradually and doesn’t jerk you back when you accelerate.


Reliable brakes are essential safety measures, and the Mantis V2 doesn’t skimp on them. It features dual disc hydraulic calipers using the Zoom braking system, which engages your Mantis’ brakes at the lever’s lightest touch. As a result, they’re super-sensitive yet mighty.

Moreover, since this iteration of the Mantis had its suspension enhanced to stop effectively without sliding forward when the brakes are engaged, braking at 15mph took us only 9.51 feet.

Range & Battery

The Mantis V2 features a 60V, 1092Wh battery that’s guaranteed to last you throughout an entire day of commuting. However, while the average range per charge is 27 miles, it can vary depending on driving conditions and mode. For example, keeping your dual-motor drive and TURBO mode always on could tax your Mantis’ battery.

A stock charger will take your Mantis between 10 to 12 hours to fully charge. Fortunately, you can buy an optional fast charger and reduce that period to about four hours. We recommend that you don’t fully drain your battery after every charge to guarantee its longevity!

Ride & Build Quality

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To make its e-scooter lighter, Kaboo built Mantis V2 out of aluminum and rubber. Its rubber deck measures 20 x 8.3’’ to allow maximum room for your comfort. In addition, the handlebars are raised 41’’ from it, so your arms won’t strain.

The sine-wave drive controllers and sleek throttles guarantee smooth acceleration and speed build-up; your neck won’t snap back when you accelerate. In addition, when you engage the enhanced hydraulic brakes, you’ll find that your Mantis V2 will smoothly transition into a stop, not screech into a halt.

The added IPX5 waterproofing, missing from many e-scooters in this price range, allows you to take your Mantis out on rainy days without worrying about internal damage. Additionally, the 5.5’’ ground clearance and mudguards are there to ascertain that you remain clean during your trips, but be wary of the driving conditions on rainy days!

The back fender is also excellent; it effectively stops water from getting onto the deck. However, the front fender isn’t; accidentally driving through a puddle will have the front of your deck soaked.

Kaboo has added a bright front headlight and front-and-back turn signals to its Mantis V2 for your safety. You also get LEDs on your handlebars that show which driving mode you’re in and which indicators are active.


Although the Mantis V2 is greatly praised for its portability, we believe it might not be portable enough for the average person for a few reasons.

Primarily, it measures 49 x 24 x 19 inches when folded and 49 x 24 x 50 inches when unfolded, which barely makes it fit into the average car trunk. In addition, the folding mechanism can be finicky. You need to unscrew a clamp and hook the stem while it wobbles to fold the Mantis. We’d have appreciated it if it were static.

Moreover, the Mantis V2 weighs 66lbs. So, while it’s one of the lightest scooters in its class, some people might still find carrying it around for long distances challenging. So, try to use elevators and your car trunk more often.


The LT1 display on the Mantis V2 provides a lot of information: current speed, gear, battery level, and mileage. You can also cycle between mileage and other meters by pressing the ’mode’ button. The other available meters are battery voltage, current time, and charging mode, where you can plug a USB to charge your phone.

Also, you can further customize the display to your preference by pressing both the ’power’ and ’mode’ buttons. But it’s dim under sunny conditions, so be careful while riding, as your speedometer and battery level won’t be clearly visible.


The Mantis V2 now comes with lock-on grips that don’t wiggle around on the handlebars to ensure that your grip remains firm and you have better control over your driving. However, the throttle and brake ergonomics could be further improved, as they require you to stretch your fingers uncomfortably to control both simultaneously.

Furthermore, while the Mantis V2 also added a horn, we noticed it wasn’t loud enough. So it might be tough for other drivers to notice you honking it at a busy intersection or when you’re traveling at fast speeds. 


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The Mantis V2 box comes with a toolkit inside to aid you with maintenance should you need it. But we recommend investing in your tools, as the ones you get with buying a Mantis can wear down with time.

Since the Mantis’ electronics follow a plug-and-play system, parts such as the display and lights are independently connected via wires to the e-scooter. As a result, whenever needed, you can buy a replacement and install it with minimal effort. In addition, major parts like the stem, wheels, and handlebars are readily available online. 

You should note that the wheels may require a high level of maintenance if you’re an aggressive driver. To make sure they serve you for a long time, avoid bumping into sidewalks and stray rocks!

Thankfully, the Mantis V2 comes with a lengthy warranty. If anything that’s covered by it breaks, Kaboo will send you a replacement part and a detailed guide on installing it yourself in case you don’t live near a partner repair center.

What’s in the Box?

When you buy a Kaboo Mantis V2, it’ll arrive in a box that also includes the following:

  • A power cord and a stock charger
  • A toolkit
  • An extended fender
  • A Kaboo badge

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Mantis V2 Come Fully Set Up?

No. For it to fit into a box, the handlebars are removed. So you need to install them before you can use your Mantis.

Does the Mantis V2 Come With a Warranty?

Yes. Depending on your region, your warranty could range from 18 months to two years. For example, Kaboo USA provides an 18-month warranty that covers construction and mechanical issues, while Kaboo UK guarantees a 2-year warranty on the main frame and one year on major components.

How Can I Fold My Mantis V2?

Unscrew the locking mechanism on the stem, raise it upward, fold the stem, and set it into the hook protruding by the rear fender. Then, screw the locking mechanism again.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its affordability, the Kaboo Mantis V2 stands out among other electric scooters of similar high-end performance. In addition, its impeccable ride quality, range, and powerful motors make it a reliable electric scooter for your daily trips and commutes.

Although it demonstrated a few minor shortcomings during our testing, its strong points compensate for them. If you’re adamant about getting an electric scooter, we’re confident the Kaboo Mantis V2 will quench your desire for an affordable yet reliable means of transport.

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