Can You Kick Push an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are commonly known as powered scooters and are made to function by motors without manual effort. Although electric scooters can be pushed forward manually, the process is not very easy or a lot of fun, and the case is different from the usual conventional kick scooters. In fact, that is just not how electric scooters are built to function.

While kicking an electric scooter to ride it manually is possible in the literal sense, it requires a lot of leg power and might cause the bearings to strain over time. The motor friction and resistance make it harder to kick, push, and ride the scooter, along with the higher deck that needs you to exert extra force to propel forwards.

If you need an e-scooter that conveniently offers both electric and manual functioning, consider getting a hybrid one designed for safe, enjoyable rides, both powered and unpowered. Otherwise, it’s best if you stick to using an electric scooter the way you’re supposed to – turn the motor on and enjoy your ride!

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What Factors Make It Difficult to Kick Push an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are manufactured with different specs compared to kick scooters. The following factors together make it challenging to use a powered scooter manually:

Scooter Weight

E-scooters aren’t as lightweight as kick scooters, which may be as light as 8 lbs. Electric scooters often weigh anywhere from 25 to 35 lbs and hence require extra force if you want to ride them manually.

Deck Height

The larger wheels of electric scooters cause the deck to be farther from the ground than kick scooters. It’s OK to give a few kicks to get your e-scooter moving, but using it manually for more extended periods can strain your legs and knees very fast due to the extra effort required to propel it forwards.

Resistance to Manual Propulsion

While the above factors already resist the manual movement of electric scooters to some extent, a direct connection of the e-scooter motor to its tires adds to the challenge of manual riding. It’s not much of a problem for short distances, but long trips with an electric scooter switched off are often tedious.

What Should I Do if My Electric Scooter Battery Dies Mid-Ride?

You might feel like you have no other option than to ride your e-scooter manually when your battery dies during a ride. However, rather than kicking your electric scooter to propel it forwards, we recommend dismounting it and walking it beside yourself. This is a safer and more comfortable way than using your e-scooter as a kick scooter.

Can Riding an Electric Scooter Manually Save Battery Power?

Of course, if you ride your e-scooter without switching it on, it won’t drain your battery charge. In fact, some e-scooters have an interesting feature called regenerative braking. This feature recharges the e-scooter battery when you ride it manually. It can be convenient, especially for long distances.

Look for a brushed DC motor if you need an electric scooter with regenerative braking. Such engines are technically always on, using electromagnetic induction for power generation. This powers the battery while you kick-ride the scooter.

However, many people who have used these scooters say they aren’t worth the expense. Firstly, the battery recharge process is very slow. Secondly, the motor often creates drag when you propel them forwards.

What Are Hybrid Scooters?

Also called dual motor electric scooters, these are ideal for people who want both kinds of riding options in a single vehicle – powered and manual. These scooters have a mode that disconnects the wheels from the motor, freeing them for manual movement without straining the bearings or creating friction.

Being lighter and lower to the ground than conventional e-scooters, a dual motor scooter protects both its motor and your legs when you kick the ground to push it forwards. It’s a convenient kind of vehicle that avoids the extra leg work of kick scooters and also the inconvenience of having your battery die out during a ride.

What is the Difference between an Electric Scooter and a Kick Scooter?

The main difference between the two scooters is their working mechanism. Kick scooters require mechanical effort and need to be run on foot. On the other hand, electric scooters have motors and are operated automatically.

Electric scooters are designed for straphangers and travelers and have a more stable body with a broader deck than kick scooters. Electric scooters tend to be much heavier than kick scooters and are much faster as well. Electric scooters can generally travel farther and quicker, depending on their capacity, while kick scooters can only go as fast as they are pushed.

A significant difference between electric and kick scooters is the cost. Kick scooters are more affordable and also require less maintenance than electric motors do.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Electric Scooters?

An additional advantage of electric scooters is that they can don’t need to be pushed all the way to a destination. One does not have to do much work to ride them. Many electric scooters have kickstands to maintain balance and prevent one from falling off or losing balance while getting on or off or changing the controls.

Riding an electric scooter also allows one to have a stable and steady ride and to concentrate on one’s surroundings. They are also less expensive than automobiles and easier to operate, providing added comfort.

If you’re looking for an electric scooter, battery life and charging are essential factors to keep in mind. Since most use lithium-ion batteries, their capacity tends to reduce with every charge. This is a downside to many electric scooters since, with every usage, the original battery gets reduced to about half the capacity it had. Electric scooters also have a high risk of accidents.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Kick Scooters?

Kick or manual scooters only go as far as they are pushed. Moreover, they often consist of smaller rubbery wheels and hence are difficult to ride on rocky roads. In addition to this, brakes in a kick scooter are not ideal for slowing down a hill, and riding them might be dangerous on steep slopes.

On the other hand, kick scooters are much lighter than electric ones and are generally easier to carry. They are suitable for nature lovers since they are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and reduce dependency on motor vehicles.

Aside from mechanical advantages, kick scooters have numerous health benefits as well. Kick scooting is a low-intensity workout all by itself and helps lose weight, and is even claimed to be more beneficial than cycling or jogging. A kick scooter engages your back and belly muscles, stretches your lower body muscles, and meanwhile helps burn more calories. Kick scooters also promise affordability and low maintenance.

Are Electric Scooters Better or Kick Scooters?         

Although the answer lies in the user’s particular preferences, kick scooters are safer to ride than electric scooters, and fewer accidents are caused, provided that safety measures are taken, e.g., helmets and safety guards.

With a kick scooter, the rider is going a lot slower and is more in control and in tune with the surroundings as their own foot is being used. For someone who wants to travel short distances and has a low budget, a kick scooter is a viable option. Meanwhile, electric scooters provide speedy and stable rides offering an incredible experience.

Hybrid scooters are a good third option, offering the best of both worlds. You can use them for both powered and manual rides, according to your preference.


Electric scooters can be kick pushed manually, but it’s neither easy not very efficient to do so. We strongly recommend using an electric scooter with the motor on, and avoiding kick pushing them except for short distances.

If your e-scooter battery dies, walking it after dismounting can be far easier than trying to ride it manually. Consider going for a non-powered scooter if you want manual rides, or a hybrid scooter if you wish to keep your options open.

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