Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor E125 is a modified version of the Razor E100. Both of them offer quite similar features and specifications, but the E125 is more compatible for the baby girls. 

Unlike Razor E300S, Razor E125 electric scooter requires a manual kick off to 3 miles per hour before starting. The electric motor of this e-bike is fast and strong enough to have a fun ride. The battery takes maximum 8 hours to charge so that riders can ride up to 40 minutes.  

The handlebars of Razor E125 are foldable for easy storage. It features some great specs like an 8-inch pneumatic front tire and 4.9-inch polyurethane rear wheel, and a hand-operated front brake. 

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This e-bike is recommended for kids above 8 years old with the weight of 120 pounds. Moreover, it owns the pair of 12-volt batteries, a charger, and tools. Unfortunately, the 90-days warranty is a very short time it holds.


Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review -
Razor E125 Electric Scooter Rating: 8.7/10

Roam around the city with passion and great vigour without fearing to get uncomfortable with this e-bike. It is even equipped with chain-driven, high-torque motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle.

The E125 is the perfect rideable for pre-teens and teens urging for a get together or parties with their fellow friends.


Retractable Kickstand

It owns a spring loaded retractable kickstand for off and on the go riders. It keeps the unit upright when not in use.

Twist Grip Throttle Acceleration

You can control the speed with the twist grip throttle acceleration, coupled with the hand operated front brakes. The moment you see the bump or the cute little cat passing your ay you can immediately control your speed by applying the twist grip mechanism.

Specs and Features

  • Max Speed: 10 mph
  • Weight: 25.2 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Charge Time: 12 hours
  • Range (per charge): 3 miles
  • Age: 8+
  • Tires: 8 inch tires
  • Foldable or not: NO
  • Mobile APP: NO
  • Warranty: 3 MONTHS
  • Color: Black and Navy Blue

  • Owns a new chain driven motor
  • Twist grip throttle  
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Short warranty of 90 days
  • Charges take too long 12 hours
  • Running time in single charge is only 40 minutes


Razor E125 e-bike takes too long to charge and covers a very short distance with a single charge. E125 is best for 8-12 age group.

Clearly One of the Best Kid's E-Scooters
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Product Name: Razor E125 Electric Scooter

Product Description: Razor Electric Scooter, 10 mph max speed, 25.2 lbs net weight, 120 lbs charge time, 3 miles range

Offer price: $$$

Currency: US

Availability: InStock

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  • Appearance - 9.1/10
  • Durability - 8.8/10
  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Speed - 8.4/10
  • Weight - 8.1/10


The Razor E125 Electric Scooter is clearly one of the best scooters out there and boasting one of the best ratings on Amazon. it’s easy to see why kids love it so much. With over 120 all-positive reviews and boasting a 8.7 out of 10 rating from us we tend to agree. This e-scooter is built to last and comes with everything we as parents and out kids care about the most creating one of the most exhilarating e-scooters out there.

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