Razor e300 vs e325 vs e300s: Which Electric Scooter Is Best?

Razor make some great options for electric scooters for all ages. In the electric scooter world, Razor is a reputable brand that you can trust and a market leader.

They have won multiple awards for their reliable and well-made products. But it isn’t always easy to determine which electric scooter is best for you.

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If you have done any kind of research on the Razor e300, e325 and the e300s models, you may be confused about the differences. You are not alone, so in this post, we are going to give you a definitive answer.

E300 vs E325 vs E300s: Comparison Chart

E300 E325 E300s
Max Speed 15 15 15
Battery Life 40 45 40
Ages 13 and up 13 and up 13 and up
Max Weight 220lbs (99.7kg) 220lbs (99.7kg) 220lbs (99.7kg)
Motor 250W 250W 250W
Handlebar Height 25″(647 mm), width 16″ (420 mm) Height 25″(647 mm), width 16″ (420 mm) Height 25″(647 mm), width 16″ (420 mm) With a seat
Throttle Twist-grip Twist-grip Twist-grip;
Brake Hand operated rear Hand operated rear Hand operated rear
Battery 24v rechargeable 24v rechargeable 24v rechargeable
Tires Large 9†(229 mm), pneumatic front and rear Large 9†(229 mm), pneumatic front and rear Large 9†(229 mm), pneumatic front and rear
Weight 42lbs (19kg) 42lbs (19kg) 42lbs (19kg)
Price View here View here View here

Razor e300 vs e325

The Razor e300 and e325 are electric scooters designed for teenagers and adults. They come in bright and more subtle colorways, to suit your preference.

These electric scooters are best for those that want to cruise around their local area, rather than using them as a way to commute.

Motor And Battery

First, let’s look at the motor. The E300 and E325, both have 250W of power that drives the back wheel via a chain. This gives both electric scooters enough muscle to haul 220lbs, up to 15mph.

But, when we compare the batteries of the two scooters, the E325 has 45 minutes of battery life, which is 5 minutes more than the E300, even though they both have two 12V rechargeable batteries.

This difference probably won’t make much difference to your enjoyment, but it is worth noting.

The Razor e300 and e325 have a range of 9-10 miles, in ideal conditions. This will be enough for most people to have fun with, as long as you are not planning on traveling long distances.

You need to be aware, that battery life may reduce slightly in cold weather, as with any electric scooter. This will also be the case if these scooters are ridden in particularly hilly areas, as the motor will have to work harder.

It takes 12 hours to fully recharge the batteries on both the e300 and e325. It is rec-ommended that you do this before using it for the first time, to make sure it is topped up.

Size and Weight

Your physical size is a factor that will determine which scooter you will buy. So, how do these scooters differ in size? The main things to look for are the deck size and the handlebar measure-ments.

Both the E300 and E325 have a deck size measuring 26.2†(666 mm) long and 8 “ (204 mm) wide. The handlebar measurements are 25†(647 mm) high and 16″(420 mm) wide. This makes their geometry identical and suitable for anyone aged 13 and over.

Once the battery has gone flat, these are not the easiest scooters to carry though. Both weigh in at 42lbs (19kg) and the handlebars don’t fold down as some scooters do.

But you can easily dismantle the handlebars for easy storage and transportation in a car. If folding handlebars is an essential fea-ture for you, you may want to look at other options.

What Are They Like To Ride?

You will find that both the Razor e300 and e325 are nimble electric scooters, that you will instantly start to enjoy weaving left and right around parks and streets. Twisting the throttle has a smooth feel that matches their acceleration.

The throttle is either on or off, with no in-between. Therefore, you can’t modulate your speed when accelerating. However, the rear brake is very effective and is pretty good at stopping you quickly and safely.

The torque of the motors aren’t great for climbing steep hills, but these scooters are great fun and in their element when used on flat surfaces.

As a side note, you may see in some product descriptions of these Razor scooters, that they have variable speed throttles. If you do, this information is out of date, as both have single-speed throt-tles on them.

Their big 10†tyres provide a smooth ride and are reasonably good at absorbing the shock from small bumps in the road.

These are much better than the polyurethane wheels you get on cheaper electric scooters, as they roll better and allow you to go faster.

Both the e300 and e325 have the same riding characteristics, thanks to the similar electrical compo-nents, geometry, brakes and wheels.

So, from what we have determined, the Razor e300 and e325 are the same electric scooter, apart for the slightly longer battery life stated for the e325. Razor has given a statement to say that the names were changed for different retailers.

The Razor e300 and e325 are very good mid-range electric scooters. They tick all the boxes an elec-tric scooter in this price range should. These are ideal for teenagers or adults that are looking for a reliable and fun first electric scooter.

When it comes to choosing between them, the main things that are going to influence your buying decision is if you can find a cheaper price, availability and the reputation of the online store you are buying from.

e300/e325 vs e300s

So, now we have established that there is no real difference between the Razor e300 and e325, what about the e300s? The Razor e300s has the same specifications, but is a little more versatile, as it comes with a detachable seat.

Who would benefit from the e300s?

The deciding factor to choose the e300s over the other two electric scooters will be the detachable seat. A seat on an electric scooter gives the rider a more relaxed experience.

This makes them popu-lar with adults, but there are a few other people that would benefit from choosing the e300s, over the other two.

The e300s is a good option for those that want a fun and low-cost alternative to buying an e-bike, which can be very expensive and difficult to store.

Other people that find seats on electric scooters advantageous are those that may not be particularly fit, or have a condition that doesn’t allow them to stand up for long periods. The seat allows them to join in with others and easily transport them-selves to where all the fun is happening.

The addition of a detachable seat allows the rider to experience their electric scooter differently. With the seat removed, they can enjoy the scooter’s nimble handling, but with the seat attached, they can ride it in a whole new way.

Price Difference

On the Razor website, the prices of both the e300 and e325 are the same, while the e300s is available for just $20 more.

Choosing between the e300 and e325 shouldn’t trouble you too much. But deciding between them and the e300s depends on your needs and budget. If you have no intention of using the seat, go for an e300 or e325.

If you can spend the extra money on something a little more versatile with a seat, the e300s is worth paying for.

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