What to Do Your Razor Electric Scooter is Not Working

Were you planning on an enjoyable, refreshing ride on your electric scooter but got faced with the fact that it isn’t working properly? If so, you’ll need us! Generally, Razor electric scooters are durable, but they’re prone to damage like any other electric device.

If you want to know the possible reasons your Razor electric scooter isn’t working, read on!

The Short Answer

Your Razor electric scooter might not be working for many reasons. The most common ones are an undercharged battery, a damaged charger, or a loose connection somewhere. Luckily, those are all easy to find out and fix.

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Now, after giving you a broad idea, it’s time to jump into more details!

Reasons Your Electric Scooter Isn’t Running

The most common problem people encounter with their Razor scooters is the vehicle failing to run. There are many reasons for this problem, and luckily, they all have easy fixes.

Here are all the points you should check once you notice your electric scooter isn’t functioning as it should.

Undercharged Battery

You won’t believe this, but most of the time, the only reason your electric scooter isn’t working is because of an undercharged battery. So before freaking out about the many possibilities, you should leave your battery to charge for at least three or four hours.

But this is only in case you’ve used your scooter many times before. If this is the first time, you should charge the battery for about 12 hours.

It’s also worth mentioning that you need to check that everything is in place once you leave your battery to charge. For example, you should check that there aren’t any loose wires and that the charger is plugged in properly.

Failing Battery Charger

Electric scooter charger

If you have a failing battery charger, your electric scooter will fail to run due to an uncharged battery. The first step you should take is to unplug your charger from its two ends and plug it back in. If it fails to work and the charger light doesn’t appear, you should connect it to a voltmeter to see whether the problem is in the charger itself or the scooter’s charger port.

If the port is fine and your charger appears to have an issue, you should contact any Razor Servicing Center near you and work on replacing it.

Loose Connections and Wires

Like any electric appliance, all of the wires on your electric scooter should be well connected for it to work. To confirm this, you should see if the motor engages or not. If it doesn’t engage, remove the underplate, inspect all the wires and connections, and see whether there are any loose ends.

If you find any, you should first connect them. If your motor fails to engage still, then you should take it to a service shop to have a look at it. You might need to either replace the power switch or the reset button.

Broken or Tripped Circuit Breaker

This issue is especially common with the Razor E1 series. The circuit breaker’s primary role in your scooter is to protect its parts from any power overload that may occur while riding it. In the case of an overload, your circuit breaker will disconnect; thus, your scooter will shut off automatically.

A broken circuit breaker will cause your electric scooter to run without an issue then stop out of nowhere, even if there isn’t an overload.

In the case that your electric scooter stops suddenly, you should wait for about a minute then reset your breaker. Also, you should get off it if you’ve exceeded the weight limit or rode on an extremely steep hill.

To know whether your breaker has an issue, you should check that all the connections and wires are in their proper places. If this is the case, then your circuit breaker is broken.

Old Battery Pack

Electric scooter battery

An old battery pack will cause your electric scooter to die quickly. For example, it might die after half an hour of charging it fully. This is when you’ll know that your battery needs replacement.

In general, electric scooters batteries have a life span of about two years. So, if your battery exceeds this duration, it’s a regular occurrence. After that, you can replace it with a new battery pack from any Razor Servicing Center.

Loose Power Switch

Although rare, your Razor electric scooter might fail to run because of a loose power switch. You should turn the switch on and off a few times to check for this. If it switches normally, then you’re good. But if it’s loose under your fingers, then you should take it to a professional to check it.

Faulty Rear Wheel or Chain

If your motor engages but the scooter doesn’t budge, you may have a faulty rear-wheel or chain. Of course, the first thing you check is that the chain is in its proper place. If this is the case, then the culprit is the wheel. Luckily, fixing this issue is pretty simple. All you have to do is replace the faulty wheel with another one and try your scooter again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Warranty for Razor Electric Scooters?

Yes. Razor guarantees a warranty for 90 days if any of its electric-powered products have manufacturing defects. But if your scooter has a usual defect due to riding it a lot, the warranty won’t work.

How Long Does a Razor Electric Scooter Charge Last?

It differs from one electric scooter to another. For example, the Razor E90 can run for up to 70 minutes. Meanwhile, the E100 holds a charge for only 60 minutes. Other models have a maximum of 40 minutes.

How Do I Maintain My Battery Pack?

First of all, you shouldn’t keep your electric scooter outside in freezing weather. When it gets too cold, you should remove your scooter from the garage and put it inside your warm house. Second, you should try as hard as you can to ride on smooth surfaces and avoid rocky terrains.

To Wrap Up

There are many reasons your Razor electric scooter isn’t running. For starters, you might have a faulty rear-wheel or chain, loose wires, loose connections, undercharged battery, or a damaged charger. Luckily, inspecting those errors is relatively easy and takes no time. So you can have your electric scooter running again after a short while.


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