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Segway Power sports is a minor of the Segway-Ninebot group. It has a big name in the industry of global smart mobility. With three significant business areas in Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe, its items are sold in above 100 countries and districts worldwide. Its products include self-balancing scooters, all-terrain vehicles, kick scooters, go-karts, and robotics.

ES1 and ES2 are among the most popular Segway scooters in 2021. Below we’ve reviewed each, followed by a head-to-head comparison.

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Segway ES1 vs. ES2: Specifications


ES1 (GEN2)


Speed 15.5 mph 15.5 mph
Distance 15.5 mi 15.5 mi
Power (Nominal) 300W 300W
Power (Max) 700W 700W
Battery 187 Wh 187
Net Weight 24.9 lbs 27.55 lbs
Shock Absorption Front Front plus rear
Mobile App Yes Yes
Visibility Built-in LED lights on the front Headlight plus rear light
Weight capacity 220 lbs  
Folding One-step folding system One-step folding system
Warranty 1-year limited warranty  

Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen 2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter

The ES1 Gen 2 kick scooter is the upgraded version of the original ES1. From its one-click folding system to its front-wheel shock absorbers and high-performance engineering, the new and improved ES1 scooter is made for smooth, comfortable rides.

It’s among the lightest e-scooters available, at 24.9 lbs, although customers still find it a bit heavy to carry if you aren’t very strong. Providing a good combination of precision and speed, it reaches a max speed of 15.5 mph and covers 15.5 miles on a single charge. The wide, durable tires are airless and low maintenance. It takes 3.5 hours to charge the battery fully and has built-in front LED lights for safe riding.

Along with the ability to handle 10-degree slopes, the ES1 rides well on concrete and asphalt. We also love how it features an LED display and connects to the ES1 mobile app. This app shows your riding stats, enables cruise control and firmware updates, and locks/unlocks the scooter.

  • Easy assembly
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • Superior technology with app connectivity
  • Front-wheel shock absorbers
  • Mechanical and electronic braking system
  • Front LED lights
  • The vibrations may cause the cruise control to turn
  • No customizable ambient lighting
  • You may receive the original ES1 instead of the Gen 2 scooter when ordering via Amazon

 Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway ES2 has everything we loved about the ES1 and some more. The customizable ambient lighting and dual front and back suspension system make for safer and more comfortable riding, albeit at a higher price point.

The speed limit and distance are the same as the ES1, at 15.5 mph and 15.5 miles, respectively. The 27.6 lbs. total weight, along with the one-click folding system, makes it a good travel companion. The digital LED displays the speed and battery level. Manual brakes can help in controlling speed, while electric anti-locking braking systems are built-in for additional safety.

This scooter also has an app you can use to manage your rides. It charges fast, taking 3 to 4 hours for a full battery. Overall, it’s a good option for teens and adults weighing under 220 lbs. We recommend getting the additional battery for even better performance.

  • Great speed and mileage
  • Good acceleration
  • Customizable ambient lighting
  • Front and back suspension system for better shock absorption
  • Connects to the ES2 app
  • Foldable
  • May cause functionality issues after heavy use

Segway ES1 vs. ES2: A Breakdown of Features

Let’s compare some of the main features of both the scooters:


Both ES1 and ES2 are identical in terms of power, with 300W nominal and 700W max power.


Both the scooters are foldable, with manageable weight. The ES1 weighs around 24.9 lbs, while the ES2 weighs 27.6 lbs.

Shock Absorption

In ES1 Gen 2, only the front wheel has heavy coil suspension. The Segway ES2 has double heavy coil suspension on the front wheel as well as under the platform.

LED Lights

The Segway ES1 has front-faced lights with 1.5 W brightness. The ES2 also has a tail light and running lights beneath the footpad. The color of the LED lights can be customized.


For both ES1 and ES2, there are mobile apps that help manage rides and customize your experience. The scooters have built-in Bluetooth to enable connectivity.


Segway ES1 and ES2 are both designed for age 14 or above. Weight capacity is 220 lbs. Height can range from 3’11 to 6’6.

Warranty and Customer Service

While both the scooters offer a limited 1-year warranty, customers have complained of poor after-sales service.


Both the ES1 and ES2 are good in terms of smooth and speedy rides. You can opt for ES1 Gen 2 if you prefer lightweight scooters, and cost-effectiveness is also a factor. You can go for ES2 if you intend to ride on bumpy roads since it has better shock absorption along with higher power.

The main differences between the Segway ES1 and ES2 are the lights and shock absorption, with the ES2 winning in both aspects, although at a higher price.

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