Turboant X7 Pro vs. Hiboy S2 Pro

Turboant and Hiboy are two well-known budget electric scooter manufacturers, so you know you’re in for a reckoning when their products go head-to-head! 

This article compares Turboant’s X7 Pro to Hiboy’s S2 Pro to see how the two scooters stack up and which one reigns supreme. We’re basing the outcome of this showdown on scooter features such as range, top speed, and max-weight, so you’ll want to stick around if you’re very particular about the specs you want out of your electric scooter. So, let’s get into it!

Why Is the Turboant X7 Pro Better Than the Hiboy S2 Pro?

The Turboant X7 Pro is the better electric scooter because of its longer 30-mile range compared to the S2 Pro’s 25 miles. Also, the X7 Pro provides a safer ride, thanks to its triple-braking system of a disc, electrical, and foot brake, giving it a braking distance of 16.4 feet.

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Moreover, the X7 Pro is lighter than the S2, weighing 33 lbs compared to 36.3 lbs, and also has a higher 275 lbs max load (compared to the S2’s 220 lbs). Finally, its battery is detachable, meaning you can double its range to 60 miles.

Why Is the Hiboy S2 Pro Better Than the Turboant X7 Pro?

The Hiboy S2 Pro beats the Turboant X7 Pro with its more powerful 500 W motor (the X7 Pro’s motor is 350 W). It also has suspension (dual), something the X7 Pro lacks entirely, providing a smooth ride quality.

Additionally, the S2 Pro has regenerative braking technology, which helps to replenish the scooter’s battery. It also provides more additional features, like connectivity to a dedicated app and the option to install a seat for a more comfortable ride.

Turboant X7 Pro vs. Hiboy S2 Pro: Specifications 

FeatureTurboant X7 ProHiboy S2 Pro
Weight33 lbs36.3 lbs
Max Weight Load275 lbs220 lbs
Tire Size (inches)10 10 
Tire TypePneumatic (Air-filled)Solid (Rubber)
Top Speed (mph)2019
Range (miles)3025
Max Incline15%15%
Battery DetachableYesNo
Battery Charge Duration6 hrs4 – 6 hrs
BrakesTriple braking system (Disc, electrical, and foot)Double braking system (Disc and electrical. Brakes are regenerative)
Ride Modes32
Water Resistance RatingIPX4I5P4

Top Speed & Motor

The X7 Pro provides a higher top speed than the S2 Pro, albeit not very much. It’s capable of hitting speeds of up to 20 mph when ridden in sport mode, which is the highest of the three riding modes available to you when riding the X7 Pro (the other two are “Eco” and “Comfort” modes). In comparison, the S2 Pro only offers two riding modes.

In comparison, the S2 Pro can reach a top speed of 19 mph, so the X7 Pro doesn’t necessarily leave it in the dust. What’s curious about the S2 Pro’s slightly slower top speed is that it has got a more powerful motor (500 W to the X7 Pro’s 350 W). Nevertheless, the X7 Pro is our pick in terms of top speed.


Scooter range is another feature where the X7 Pro has the Hiboy S2 Pro beat as it offers a longer 30-mile range than the S2 Pro’s 25 miles. 

However, those specifications are manufacturers’ claims. Under real-world conditions, factors like your weight and the quality of the terrain you usually commute on will impact your range, so take those figures with a grain of salt. 

Moreover, you’ll only be able to come close to the X7 Pro’s max range by riding in “Comfort Mode.” Where the X7 Pro shines in terms of real-world range is in its battery, which we’ll talk about in more detail below.


Both scooters come with a lithium-ion battery, which takes 6 hours to charge. The S2 Pro’s 11.6 Ah battery has a slightly higher capacity than the X7 Pro’s 10 Ah one, while both require a maximum charging voltage of DC 42 V.

However, unlike the S2 Pro, the X7 Pro’s battery is detachable, meaning you can double your scooter’s range by swapping out a depleted battery for a fully-charged one. When it comes to picking electric scooters, more range can only be a good thing, so the X7 Pro wins this round.


Turboant and Hiboy market their respective scooters as having the capacity to scale 15-degree inclines. Both the X7 Pro and S2 Pro have powerful motors propelling them, so you’d be forgiven for taking these numbers at face value. 

However, under testing, we discovered that the S2 Pro could only manage 8-degree inclines while the X7 Pro struggled with 6-degree inclines and higher. We weren’t too surprised by these developments, given that scooter and rider weight directly impact the scooter’s hill-climbing ability.

Weight & Portability

If you loathe the idea of struggling to carry your scooter up a flight of stairs, you’ll probably want to stay away from a heavy one. The Turboant X7 Pro is the clear winner in the weight department as it’s much lighter than the S2 Pro. While it weighs 33 lbs, the S2 Pro weighs 36.3 lbs. 

Both scooters have folding mechanisms that make them highly portable, and you can fold them in three steps. However, the X7 Pro wins again in terms of portability: its fold dimensions are smaller at 42.6″ x 16.5″ x 18.1″ when compared to the S2 Pro’s 45.7″ x 17″ x 19.3″.

Max Weight Capacity

The Hiboy S2 Pro can bear weights of up to 220 lbs, which isn’t bad for a scooter in its category. However, the X7 Pro is the superior scooter regarding the weight limit and should be the clear choice for heavier riders. Its maximum load is 275 lbs. 

If you know anything about choosing electric scooters, you’ll know that maximum weight directly determines how much range you’ll get from your electric scooter, so the higher the max weight, the better.


The Turboant X7 boasts a triple-braking system consisting of an electric brake, a foot brake, and a disc brake at the rear. The three brakes stop the scooter in its tracks at a 16.4 ft braking distance.

In comparison, Hiboy’s S2 Pro comes with a dual braking system, namely a brake lever that controls the front tire and a disc brake responsible for the rear tire. Although the S2 Pro earns points for having regenerative braking capabilities that replenish the scooter’s battery when it comes to a halt, unfortunately, that’s not enough to win it this round.

Therefore, the X7 comes out on top for being the safer option braking-wise.

Suspension & Tires

Hiboy’s S2 Pro comes with a dual suspension system and two rear spring shock absorbers, which unfortunately aren’t very effective in absorbing cracks and bumps in the ground. We blame the scooter’s solid tires, which effectively render the scooter’s shock-absorbers and suspension useless.

Meanwhile, the X7 Pro doesn’t have suspension. Still, a lack of suspension doesn’t significantly impact its ride quality due to its pneumatic tires, which ironically fare better on more rugged terrain despite being prone to punctures.


Electric scooters that offer lots of legroom are more comfortable, so the two scooters are in close competition in terms of their deck dimensions. 

On the one hand, you have the S2 Pro’s deck, which is 17.5 inches long, and 6 inches wide. Its dimensions make it ideal for riders with a wider foot span. On the other hand, the X7 Pro’s longer 18-inch length but narrower 5.7-inch width makes it an excellent choice for riders with bigger feet. 

The scooter you choose will depend on which of the above two riders you happen to be.


Hiboy’s S2 Pro does a better job attracting attention on nighttime commutes. In addition to a bright headlight, it also has a tail light and sidelights.

Extra Features

The Hiboy S2 Pro wins the day with extra features that make your ride more comfortable and convenient. The first of these features is connectivity to a dedicated app. You can pair your scooter to your phone over a Bluetooth connection and lock it, set cruise control, turn the lights off or on, and switch between the scooter’s riding modes.

Additionally, the S2 Pro lets you install a seat (sold separately), raising the level of comfort you can get out of the scooter.

The X7 Pro doesn’t offer such additional features, losing this round. 

Warranty and Post-Purchase Support

Turboant provides a 6-month warranty on the X7 Pro. You can extend it to 12 months if you register your scooter on the Turboant website within seven days of purchase. Also, you can apply to repair, replace, or get a refund on the scooter if damage occurs within seven days of its delivery.

For post-purchase support, you can contact Turboant via email and get a response from its team members within 24 hours.

In comparison, Hiboy’s S2 Pro comes with a far more generous 12-month warranty, covering all scooter defects that date back to its initial purchase.

Although Hiboy claims to respond to emails within 24 hours, you might not be able to speak to a member of its team that quickly so manage expectations. However, you can email the company at support@hiboy.com or ebike@hiboy.com.

Turboant X7 Pro vs. Hiboy S2 Pro: The Final Verdict

Now that you’re aware of how these two scooters fare when pitted against each other, you’ll have an easier time choosing between them.

You should choose the X7 Pro if you’re a heavy rider since it’s got a higher maximum load capacity. Also, the X7 Pro weighs less than the S2 Pro, making it more portable, and its detachable battery is a feature you wouldn’t want to miss out on if the range is super important to you. 

As such, the X7 Pro wins by a large margin. We highly recommend it.


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