Turboant X7 Pro Vs Xiaomi M365

Would you rather have an electric scooter with a high top speed or a steeper climb angle? Given a choice between longer range or the option of removing and replacing the battery, which would you go for? What’s more to your liking, a scooter with a high maximum weight, or a lighter scooter that’s portable?

If you answered “all of the above” to all these questions, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a hardcore scooter-head or a first-time buyer, it’s only natural to want a machine that offers the best of both worlds in terms of features. 

However, it isn’t always possible to find a scooter that ticks every single box; ditto for budget scooters. In this article, we compare two scooters that happen to be the antithesis of each other feature-wise. Let’s see how the Turboant X7 and the Xiaomi 365 compare, shall we?

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Why Is Turboant X7 Pro Better Than Xiaomi M365?

The Turboant X7 Pro boasts a higher top speed than Xiaomi’s M365. Moreover, riders are able to choose how fast the scooter can go simply by selecting from three modes: “Beginner,” “Eco,” and “Sport.” The M365 doesn’t have such a feature.

Additionally, a higher max weight of 275 lbs means the X7 Pro is more suitable for heavier riders than the M365. It also has a triple braking system, which is one more brake than the Xiaomi M365’s dual system. 

Finally, the scooter comes with removable batteries, which means that riders can double their scooter’s range simply by purchasing a spare battery and carrying it along on their journeys. 

Why Is Xiaomi M365 Better Than Turboant X7 Pro?

The Xiaomi M365 has a steeper climb degree than the Turboant X7 Pro, at almost 20-degrees, which is great if you live in an area with a lot of hills. It’s also not as heavy as the X7 Pro and is more portable as a result.

When you take the X7 Pro’s capability for removable batteries out of the equation, the Xiaomi M365 has a longer range at 17.5 miles.

Finally, Xiaomi’s M365 is covered by a 1-year warranty. In contrast, the X7 Pro only comes with a 6-month warranty with the option to extend it for an additional six months within a limited 7-day period. Customers who purchase this scooter also have more options in terms of post-purchase support.

Turboant X7 Pro Vs Xiaomi M365: Specifications Comparison

FeatureTurboant X7 ProXiaomi M365
Weight33 lbs27 lbs
Max Weight Load275 lbs220 lbs
Tire Size10 inches10 inches
Tire TypePneumatic (Air-filled)Pneumatic
Top Speed20 mph15.5 mph
Range16 miles17.5 miles
Max Incline15%25%
Battery Charge Duration6 hrs5 hrs
BrakesDisc, Electrical, FootDisc, Electrical

Acceleration and Top Speed

Speed lovers will go gaga for the Turboant X7 Pro’s 20 mph top speed, which is 5.5 miles faster than the Xiaomi Mi M365’s more modest top speed of 15.5 mph. However, speed isn’t all the X7 has over the M365: it also goes the extra mile by providing less-speed-inclined riders with a choice between three modes. 

These speed modes include “Beginner,” which caps the speed at 6 mph and is great for kids and scooter newbies alike; “Eco,” which kicks it up a notch, capping the speed at 12 mph while conserving the battery and extending the mileage; and “Sport,” which achieves the scooter’s top speed of 20 mph.


Both Turboant and Xiaomi list official max ranges for their scooters that don’t quite hold in real-world scenarios, with both scooter makers listing their scooters’ max range at 18.6 miles.

In reality, you can expect to get around 14-16 miles in range on the Turboant X7 Pro. However, you are able to extend the scooter’s range thanks to its easily replaceable batteries. You’ll have to buy a spare to have this option, but it’s worth it.

In comparison, Xiaomi’s M365 averages a range of 17.5 miles / 28 km, which is quite close to Xiaomi’s official numbers. Therefore, the M365 is the clear winner here.


Budget scooters don’t tend to come with batteries that can be easily removed and swapped out, so having this capability puts the Turboant X7 Pro in the lead in this race between the two budget scooters.

Removable batteries pretty much double an electric scooter’s range because they give you the option of carrying a spare along on your travels. So if you’re looking to really extend your range, it’s as simple as buying an extra 36 V lithium-ion battery for your X7 Pro.

Admittedly, the X7 Pro’s battery takes longer to charge than the M365’s battery (6 hours to the M365’s 5). However, in our humble opinion, that’s a small price to pay when you’re able to double your range.


Scaling steep inclines on an electric scooter is never easy. It’s an unwritten rule that the steeper the climb, the more speed and power the scooter will lose. Therefore, inclines of 11-15% or higher will likely slow an electric scooter to a crawl during ascent. 

In that regard, while both of these scooters are able to tackle inclines below 10%, the M365 fairs better than the Turboant X7 Pro at ascending slopes. 

Xiaomi’s official climb numbers for the M365 are 14° / 25%. However, those figures don’t really do the scooter justice, as riders have reported being able to climb hills with inclines of 20° / 36%. In contrast, the Turboant X7 Pro wasn’t built to tackle steep inclines, so expect some difficulty if you live in an area with inclines above 10%.


If the idea of lugging your scooter around when you’re not using it wears you down, then you probably won’t want a heavier scooter. In that regard, the Xiaomi M365 has the X7 beat.

Turboant’s X7 Pro weighs in at a hefty 33 lbs. That’s great news for heavier set riders, of course, as heavy scooters tend to have higher maximum load capacities. For lighter riders, though, not so much. 

In comparison, the Xiaomi M365 weighs a lighter-ish 27 lbs / 12 kg, making it easier to carry around and transport than the X7.

Additionally, the X7 Pro’s maximum weight capacity is one area of this showdown in which “bigger” is actually “better.” At 275 lbs, the scooter is capable of supporting the weight of much heavier riders. 

Although the rider’s weight is one of the factors that can significantly impact a scooter’s range, the Turboant X7 Pro is able to carry its max load without experiencing too drastic a drop.


As mentioned above, the Turboant X7 Pro is the heavier of the two scooters and so loses marks for portability. The M365 is much lighter in comparison and, when folded, takes up even less space at dimensions of 42.5 x 17 x 19 inches. Therefore, go for the Xiaomi M365 if you’d rather carry a lighter scooter around.


The Turboant X7 has a triple-brake system that forms a trinity of Electric brake, rear foot brake, and rear disc brake. All three brakes work seamlessly together to bring the scooter to a stop at a braking distance as short as 16.4ft.

In comparison, Xiaomi’s M365 has a double braking system: a brake lever for stopping the front tire and a disc brake for the rear tire. Therefore, the X7 wins this round for being extra safe.

Warranty and Post-Purchase Support

The Turboant X7 Pro has a 6-month warranty you can extend to 12 by registering your scooter on Turboant’s website. To qualify for this extension, you will need to complete the registration within 7 days of purchasing the scooter. You can also apply for a repair, replacement, or refund if the damage occurs within 7 days of the scooter’s delivery, so long as your warranty subsists.

In terms of post-purchase support, Turboant can be contacted via email. Members of its team will try to respond within 24 hours of contact.

On the other hand, Xiaomi’s M365 comes with a 1-year warranty right off the bat, unlike the 6-month warranty Turboant gives you for the X7 Pro. Moreover, redeeming the warranty is as simple as presenting the invoice or purchase order for the defective product.

Finally, to get support for a recent purchase, you can contact Xiaomi on its hotline, send them an email through their website, or chat with a customer support representative, which are a lot more options than you get with Turboant. The chat option is open from 8 am to 6 pm CST.

Which Takes the Prize?

Boy, oh boy, this was a close one, folks! Each of these scooters possesses cool features that the other lacks. However, if you narrow down the criteria to speed and range alone, then the Turboant X7 Pro is the clear choice.

Having the ability to double your scooter’s range by replacing its battery is pretty impressive, in our opinion. In fact, it’s so impressive that it cancels out one of the X7 Pro’s cons in comparison to the M365, which is the amount of time it takes to charge the battery.

All things considered, the Turboant X7 is our scooter of choice, and we can’t recommend it enough.


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