Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter/E-Scooter


There was a time when manual operated toys such as bicycles, skateboards, trikes and skates were the way to go, but over the years technology changed the way we enjoy out time outdoors. Integrating some of our favorite toys gave way to new products which soon became a new generation of ride-ons. Kick scooters soon became a growing trend with kids that soon turned in to more efficient, safer, entertaining ride called e-scooters bringing in a new generation of riders.

Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter/E-Scooter

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E-scooters are some of the most popular ride-ons that takes enjoying the great outdoors to a whole new level. These versatile ride-ons are not just for entertainment as modern technology revolutionized them into being daily commuters for some. E-scooters are a newer trend that no longer just for kids, as larger, more robust models have brought in a new breed of users.

Introducing the Electric Scooter/E-Scooter

Razor kicked it all off with the original kick scooter back in 2000, and over the years we’ve seen huge transformations. Starting off as manual, kick powered scooters which soon turned into more efficient, battery-operated electronic scooters which have significantly increased in popularity. The original Razor scooters appealed to younger children and teens, but have since become more versatile and appealing to everyone.

Still today, Razor is one of the biggest name in the business and have introduced well over 20 kick and electric scooters making them the largest manufacturer out there. Varying in size, price, and features which appeal to a wide array of users, their lineup of e-scooters is always mentioned among the best. Other names such as NANROBOT, Xiaomi, Segway, GOTRAX, Glion, and TopMate have since introduced their rendition of the e-scooter with their own unique outlook on what they were really meant to be.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter

Below, we take a much closer look at things to consider if you’re considering a new e-scooter such as the size, speed, distance, style, type of use, price and much more.

1. Size

When looking to buy an electric scooter for the first time, always stick with the manufacturers recommendations such as age and weight. Most will have a minimum age and max weight limit and provide ample safety and build metrics to support each rider within that range.

Manufacturers have done a great job introducing a specific model best suited for a subset of users such as kids, teens, and adults. Be sure to choose something you or your child won’t grow out of anytime soon as you’ll want to get your money’s worth instead of looking for an upgrade months later.

2. Speed and Range

Top 10 Electric Scooters for Adults in 2019

E-scooters offer different power and battery options which has everything to do with the speed and maximum distance on a single charge. Who wants a scooter which moves as fast as one walks, and what parents want their kids to own something that moves to fast. For teens and adults, a 12 – 15 mph max speed is just enough as it provides plenty of speed for entertainment, but not too fast where it becomes too difficult to control.

For adults looking for a daily commuter, NANROBOT introduced an amazing lithium-ion powered electric scooter that can be legalized for the road in most states. Giving riders speeds to 40 mph and a range of 45 miles.

The range of an e-scooter depends on many factors such as the battery, weight of the rider, and riding condition. Most models for kids give you a run time of about 40 minutes on a full charge with some doubling the juice to 80 minutes of continuous use.

While some models feature a non-removable battery, others have a rechargeable battery that can be removed. One with a removable battery is always the best option for those looking to maximize their distance which can be upgraded much cheaper than buying a higher-end e-scooter.

3. Brakes

electric scooter brake

What good is speed if you don’t have a way to stop it. Brakes are not only a good option, but a necessary feature for any battery-operated product. Most seated and upright e-scooters have disc brakes on the front while larger, faster models feature both a front and rear disc brake.

Aside from the brakes itself, there are many factors that should be considered for optimal stopping distance such as size of the rider, riding conditions such a wet road, tire size, and size of the scooter itself. For more, you can check out <this video> which does a great job demonstrating scooter test stops.

4. Style

Electric Scooter for Kids

Some models feature the typical stand-up design that we’ve come to expect. For those looking for something other than traditional, there are other models of electric scooters with a seat that offer you the ability to sit and ride in style while maximizing comfort.  For those looking for the best of both worlds, there are plenty of models out with a seat that can be removed for stand-up scooting as well as comfort riding.

Some models feature the typical stand-up design that we’ve come to expect. For those looking for something other than traditional, there are other models of electric scooters with a seat that offer you the ability to sit and ride in style while maximizing comfort.  For those looking for the best of both worlds, there are plenty of models out with a seat that can be removed for stand-up scooting as well as comfort riding.

Some models such as Razor’s EcoSmart Metro is one of the most versatile e-scooters out there and boasts a seat and a rear suspension which has become extremely popular for daily commuters. The thicker seat adds a dimension of comfort for longer commutes and is perfect for students and those looking for a more efficient way to work.

5. Tires and Suspension

The tires and suspension on the scooter have everything to do with control and stability while influencing rider comfort. For the most part, scooters are introduced to ride on harder surfaces such as the street and sidewalks and do not provide a lot of traction and support for off-road terrain. Tires are typically 8 – 10 inches as thinner tires are best suited for children while wider, thicker tires improve stability and are best suited for adult riders.

A suspension is something you don’t see in most models, but it’s highly recommended for those looking for the best in comfort. Kids don’t typically spend a lot of continuous-time riding so it may be safe to say these scooters do not need a suspension. On the other hand, adults looking for a daily commuter to and from work may consider a rear suspension as it helps absorb much of the impact typically seen with riding on pavement and asphalt.

2-wheeled models are what people think of first, but some manufacturers have introduced their rendition of battery operated tricycles. The TopMate is hands-down the best 3-wheeled electric scooter that offers the perfect balance of power, convenience, portability and comfort. The folding concept is where this model stands out as it conveniently folds and fits into something as small as a suitcase and can be taken with you, anywhere.

6. Terrain

German Made Electric Scooter

E-scooters typically come standard with 8 or 10-inch pneumatic tires. These tires are best suited for on-road riding and provide optimal stability and control for recommended riders. Larger tires can handle different types of terrain as they offer more surface area which remain in constant contact with the riding surface itself.

There are some models such as the Rugged 1000W fat tire which let you drive on any type of terrain. Rugged fat tire e-scooter makes trail riding a thing of the past which is highlighted by extra-wide tires for superior control. The higher torque capacity and chain drive motor make it possible to move through all types of terrain and handles like all the rest while moving through city streets.

7. Price

This is where it gets tricky as battery operated e-scooters have a wide range of prices. Some of the cheapest come in below $500 and are perfect for kids, beginners and adults. This price range will get you a traditional model and there are plenty of models and brands to choose from. This is easily the widest range that most would consider as toys, but you’ll find a few daily commuters as well.

Some of the higher end models can be found in the $500 – $1000 range with a couple topping out over the $1000 mark. These high-performance models are typically reserved for adult or kids serious about outdoor recreation which are built to last and include modern upgrades like USB charging, long range, high torque and mobile app for remote control.

If you’re considering spending this much then it’s time to leave the car at home. For those looking to get regular use, you can expect to save some money over-time as these performance models do not require expensive ongoing maintenance and trips to the gas station. For daily commuting, you may even get your money back over-time and the added fun-filled excitement will only be an added bonus.

Electric Scooters for Kids

Unique Electric Scooters for Adults

This is where it all started as electric scooters for kids are easily one of the best forms of recreation. Perfect for children looking for a fun, efficient and stable ride through the neighborhood and perfect for parents who are safety conscious. Manufacturers such as Glion Dolly, Razor, UberScoot, TopMate and Segway have done a great job appealing to kids and parents alike.

Modern day battery-operated ride-ons provide a large enough base with most offering stable grip such as a non-slip surface. This assures rider stability and provides more control with easy-to-use model’s simple enough to learn for any age group. With features such as a twist grip throttle and hand operated brake, they’re easy and safe enough for younger users.

Electric Scooters for Adults

No longer are e-scooters just for children as more advanced, robust and compact models have been introduced. Razor expanded their reach with other age groups, but others such as NANROBOT, Xiaomi, GOTRAX, Glion, Segway and TopMate introduced models targeted for adults looking for an alternative, cheaper mode of transportation.

These models can be as simple as the Glion Dolly which is perfect for teens and adults or more advanced models such as the NANROBOT D4+ e-scooter which gives you max speeds up to 40 mph. While resembling a traditional gas-powered transportation, electric scooters offer an eco-friendly, maintenance free, and cheaper way to get to and from work.

In-Depth Electric Scooter Reviews

Electric scooters, or more commonly known as e-scooters have increased in popularity among kids and adults alike and have replaced kick scooters as being a more advanced option. Hopefully this buying guide answered all your questions, and if not, feel free to drop us a comment at the bottom of this page.

While it’s true there are many models to choose from that will may meet most of your expectations, there may only be one that perfectly matches everything you’re looking for. We’ve done all of the hard-work for you and broken down by category for all types of riders which can be seen in the in-depth electric scooter reviews seen below.