Xiaomi Mi M365 vs. Xiaomi M365 Pro

Since electric scooters found their way to the market, the streets have been buzzing with excited riders and adventurous souls. Now, everyone is ditching their kick scooters and looking for a mind-blowing upgrade. However, with the wide availability of electric scooters comes confusion.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight over one of the most famous battles between two competent models. So which will it be? Xiaomi Mi M365 or Xiaomi M365 Pro? Read on for the unveiling of our final answer.

Why Is the Xiaomi Mi M365 Better Than the Xiaomi M365 Pro?

To begin with, we’ll tell you what gives the Xiaomi Mi M365 an advantage over its peer, the Pro one. Many people assume the Pro scooter will excel in each category, as it’s an upgraded model. However, this isn’t always the case.

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For instance, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is four lbs lighter than Xiaomi M365 Pro. Now, lightweight scooters are a must if you take yours everywhere. So even a slight increase in the scooter’s weight will affect its portability. Luckily, the Xiaomi Mi M365 doesn’t disappoint.

More so, if you’re on a limited budget, you’ll appreciate what the Xiaomi Mi M365 has to offer. Compared with the Pro model, it’s much less expensive.

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi M365 has a compact design and slightly smaller body than the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro. As a result, you can fold and store it anywhere in your house or garage. We can’t say the same for the Xiaomi M365 Pro because its feature-packed nature caused it to have a sturdier and larger form.

Why Is the Xiaomi M365 Pro Better Than the Xiaomi Mi M365?

Now, it’s time to address the winning points for Xiaomi M365 Pro. First off, the Pro scooter comes with an astonishing battery capacity, even better than its predecessor. So if you like to ride your electric vehicle for a long while, you’ll be better off with the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

Moreover, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is better for people who live on steep terrains. This is because it has better hill-climbing capabilities than the Xiaomi Mi M365. As for people who live on flat grounds, the Pro model features a larger motor, therefore, has better acceleration.

Most importantly, the Xiaomi M365 Pro comes with a built-in information display. This gives you the chance to monitor your battery, speed, and more information. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi M365 isn’t that lucky in this category; it doesn’t come with an information display at all.

Now, after telling you where each model of the two shines, it’s time to dive into more details regarding features and specifications.


Starting with the Xiaomi Mi M365, it features a long-range battery that can last up to 30 kilometers. To enable you to travel this distance on a single charge, manufacturers provided the scooter with many high-capacity lithium batteries.

As for battery management, you can monitor your battery pack’s health via the electric scooter mobile application. After pairing your scooter’s Bluetooth to your phone, you’ll have access to a lot of information regarding your vehicle’s performance. And as a bonus point, the application will notify you whenever there are issues with your battery.

Going on to the Xiaomi M365 Pro, it features a long-range lithium battery that lasts for up to 45 kilometers. And for the better part, the smart power management system that comes with it gives you six protective measures to ensure the lack of accidents.


There are many points to consider regarding the performance of each scooter. We’ll go over each of them in detail, so bear with us!


The Xiaomi Mi M365 features a 250-watt DC motor with a peak power output of 500 watts. This gives it a breathtaking acceleration as it takes only 6.3 seconds to go from 0 to 24 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand, it takes the Xiaomi M365 Pro only 5.3 seconds to reach the same speed, making it the ruling scooter in this category.

Top Speed

The Xiaomi Mi M365 has a top speed of 26.9 kilometers per hour, which beats the 25.8 number of the Xiaomi M365 Pro. However, the improved acceleration of the Pro model gives users a more thrilling ride.

Hill Climbing

The Xiaomi Mi M365 offers moderate hill climbing performance to its users. It slows down considerably when on steep terrains, so you might have to do some manual work to get it up.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro shines here with advanced hill-climbing capabilities. Although it also slows down on hills, it still maintains a fast speed.


The Xiaomi Mi M365 features a regenerative anti-lock braking system and a disc braking one. This gives riders an advantage when braking at a short distance, like four meters. And to ensure road safety, the scooter comes with red taillights that warn other drivers when you’re braking.

As for the Xiaomi M365 Pro, it features a dual braking system that you can adjust via your mobile application. For instance, you can change the strength of your regenerative brake. The braking system here consists of two brakes, a rear mechanical disc brake, and a front regenerative one.

All in all, the Xiaomi M365 Pro has better performance than its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi M365.


The Xiaomi Mi M365 can be considered a lightweight scooter, and it offers maximum portability for users. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere, even up the stairs, if you want. You can also fold the handlebars down for more portability.

When you fold this electric scooter, it’ll be 107cm long and 43cm wide. Accordingly, it won’t require ample space to store. You can even fit it in your car’s trunk if it’s big enough or take it on public transportation.

That said, the Xiaomi M365 Pro doesn’t have the same advantages when it comes to portability. For example, it’ll become 112cm long and 43cm wide when folded. And while it’s only five cm longer than our other friend, it doesn’t feature foldable handlebars. But you can fold the entire scooter if you want, and it has the exact folding mechanism as the Mi M365.

Build Quality

Considering the price that the Mi M365 comes at, it has good build quality. So you can rest assured that you won’t hear any squeaks or rattles while driving. However, to ensure it stays lightweight, the Mi M365 is manufactured from materials that aren’t as durable as other scooters. So, in all honesty, the Mi M365 doesn’t stand out when it comes to its build quality.

But, we can’t say the same for the beastly Xiaomi M365 Pro. It has an excellent build quality that’ll reflect in its superb performance. Also, all surfaces enjoy elegant finishes, and all the parts are securely assembled to ensure your safety.

That said, the M365 Pro can also be considered a lightweight scooter, so it isn’t as durable as other models. In the end, the two scooters balance here in terms of build quality. Although they’ll perform exceptionally well with you, they won’t withstand misuse and abuse for long.


Here’s a comparison table to help you assess the specifications of each model.

Point of ComparisonXiaomi Mi M365Xiaomi M365 Pro
Weight27 lbs31 lbs
Battery280 Wh474 Wh
IP RatingIP54IP54
Hill Climb Time20.8 seconds15.6 seconds
Range14.6 miles25.1 miles
Motor250 W300 W
Max Rider Weight220 lbs220 lbs

Warranty and Post-Purchase Support

Since both products have the same manufacturer, they have the same warranty conditions. However, the Xiaomi warranty is for only one year. So if you find a defect during this period, they’ll be responsible for fixing, replacing, or refunding you for your electric scooter, whether the Xiaomi Mi M365 or the Xiaomi M 365 Pro.

However, Xiaomi isn’t responsible for defects that come from misuse. So, for example, if you get in an accident because of reckless driving, the warranty won’t apply. And kindly notice that those terms apply if you buy your scooter directly from Xiaomi only. Different merchants have their warranty terms, so you’ll have to check with whom you purchased it from.

Regarding post-purchase support, Xiaomi will let you contact their authorized service network, the seller who sold you the scooter, or a person from their authorized distributors if needed.

Xiaomi Mi M365 – Pros & Cons

Here’s a chart that shows the summarized pros and cons of the Xiaomi Mi M365.

Long-range batteryLightweight and foldableAnti-lock braking systemDecent accelerationFoldable handlebarsBluetooth connectivityDoesn’t feature an information displayPerforms poorly on hills

Xiaomi M365 Pro – Pros & Cons

Now, it’s time to address the pros and cons of the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

Excellent hill-climbing capabilitiesLong-range batteryLightweight and foldableDual braking systemInformation displaySturdy build qualitySuperb accelerationNon-foldable handlebarsLess portable than the Xiaomi Mi M365

To Wrap Up

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for; as a final say on comparing Xiaomi Mi M365 and Xiaomi M365 Pro, we have to say it depends on your needs.

If you’re on a tight budget and want a good-performance scooter that doesn’t tire you carrying it around, we recommend you go for the Mi M365. It has decent acceleration, acceptable hill climbing capabilities, and top-notch portability.

But if you can afford the M365 Pro and don’t mind the slightly heavier weight, then the M365 Pro is a solid choice. It features superb acceleration and performs well on steep terrains.


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